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What I got for Christmas!

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day. I just wanted to show you what I got this year from my boyfriend, friends, and family this year for Christmas, so I hope you all enjoy these types of posts as much as I do.

Let’s start with my presents from my boyfriend…

This year I didn’t get surprise presents from him, but I did get some pretty great (and expensive) presents from him this year.

1. Canon PowerShot Elph 330 HS digital camera:

2013-12-28 00.07.36

I already have a digital camera, but this one is supposed to be really good for filming, and does full 1080p videos. My boyfriend wanted to get this for me because I guess I frequently talk about how I would like to do YouTube videos… So now I kinda have to! The plan is to do my filming at his house, since my room is so amazingly dark and cramped. I’m not sure when I’m going to start making my videos, but yes… It should be coming.

2.Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 36:

2013-12-06 23.58.12

2013-12-06 23.58.32

2013-12-06 23.58.49

2013-12-07 00.02.08

This insanely bright pink lipstick is just amazing! It smells really strongly of the classic lipstick scent, but it is really pigmented and lasts a pretty good time. Also, its identical to a colour from the Urban Decay Revolutions lipsticks, and 3 dollars less money.

3. Naked Basics Palette





To begin with, I wanted the Lorac Pro Palette, but it sold out yet again by the time I got around to trying to get it, but then I realised, with David’s help, that if what I really wanted was matte colours, then this was actually more like what I needed. Also, this palette is really nice, especially for how boring it looks. Its super useful either mixed with some sparkly shadows, or for a full matte look.

And then two of my friends also got me presents. From my friend Brittany got me a bulldog puppy calendar, since they’re my absolute favourite dog breed:



And also a small sized Evergreen candle from Bath and Body Works, which smells exactly like a Christmas tree! So good.


My other friend, Jeff, got me a couple of nail polishes from Forever 21. I’m not sure if he knew these ones were textured polishes, or if he just got them because someone told him they were made in teh same place as a big expensive brand, but either way, polishes are always welcome. These ones are very spring colours, and a topcoat mostly de-texturizes the polishes:



2013-12-25 19.45.56

And now onto my presents from my family! Here’s an overview:


From my little sister, I got a Game of Thrones blanket that I’ve been wanting for a while:


And here’s a look at the blanket’s pattern. Sorry for the terrible picture quality, but low-light and my phone camera doesn’t play nice:

2013-12-25 17.06.55

From my parents I got this shawl thing. It’s sooo soft and warm. Not sure I’ll ever get myself out of the house in it, but I love it for inside at least!


I didn’t really take individual pictures of everything else, just some close-ups. I figured photographing and posting every single thing individually would take ages and just be wayyyy too long!


1. The Little Mermaid DVD – The Little Mermaid was my favourite movie as a little kid, and my VHS version is so destroyed that it skips and has lines in it, and its faded… and since this was rereleased recently I wanted to make sure that I got a fresh copy that would last me much longer than my poor VHS.

2. Scratch tickets – I really need to remember to cash this in. I only won 2 bucks, but still!

3. American Eagle gift card – I got a $100 gift card, as well as a couple $10 off $30 coupons, so I’m splitting up my purchases a little bit to get the most out of this card!

4. brush/comb set

5. hair ties – I swear I never need to buy hair ties, since I always get seem to get some for Christmas!


1. trouser socks – basically dark-coloured nylon-esque socks. Odd, but still useful.

2. Kahlua chocolate – perfection in chocolate form.

3. bailey’s chocolate – not quite as good…

4. cotton pads – always useful!

5. eos lipbalm – my first one. This is the pomegranate raspberry one. I really like the formula, but I wish it was in an easier to use shape… like the conventional tube.

6. pure acetone – like the cotton pads, always useful.

7. LA Splach nail polish set – who doesn’t need more nail polishes? This is a really nice set of shimmers and glitters. Most of these are really thick and have nice coverage. Some could easily be worn in one coat (all the swatches below are one coat), but are perfectly opaque in two.

And here’s the swatches for the LA Splash polishes (and the forever 21 polish I mention later):

2013-12-25 19.45.56


1. Peppermint Mocha Via – these are literally perfect. You have to make them with hot milk instead of water, but it tastes exactly like the store-bought version.

2. Pumpkin Spice Via – not as good as the in store version, but still a very tasty cinnamon-y coffee.

3. PC Candy Cane hot chocolate – I had this last year too, but this stuff is so fantastic!

4. Baken-ets – these are the weirdest things. Basically, they’re pork rinds with the fat somehow mostly baked (fried?) out of them. They are not pork/bacon flavoured… no, they are literally pork rinds. And unfortunately really tasty. As unclassy as they sound…

5. Mint Lindor – Not a massive fan of dark chocolate, but these are still really good.

6. Russell Stovers S’mores

7. Two boxes of Stash decaf Pumpkin Spice tea – this and the next one are two of the most amazing things in the world. I’ve been getting them for Christmas for a few years now, and I nurse the box through the whole year. This year my mom got two of each, so I can drink it even more! xD

8. Two boxes of Stash Holiday Chai tea – also, these are only available during the holiday season… laaaaame.

9. Pot of Gold chocolates – who doesn’t love these?


1. Vanilla body spray – classic and wonderful. Looks like a fake of the B&BW one, but this is way better than their warm vanilla sugar, or whatever it’s called.

2. Secret deodorant

3. Batiste dry shampoo – I’ve actually wanted to try this out for a while now, and this little mini bottle will be perfect to give it a go. This is the tropical scent, if you’re wondering, and basically smells like Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen.

4. umbrella – a necessity especially around here.

5. Forever 21 grey polish with glitter and a clear topcoat – the glitter one is really pretty. See the swatch above with the LA Splash swatches, if you didn’t notice it before.

6. three tanktops – basic, thin, comfortable, and perfect for layering.


And that’s everything! If there’s anything you want me to talk more about let me know in the comments,a and also tell me some of the cool stuff you got for Christmas (or link me to your own blogpost/video). I will be posting—eventually—my collective haul of what I got with my $100 gift card to American Eagle, as well. That’ll probably be in the New Year, however, since I have a few more posts to go up first.

Thanks for reading, and check back soon for my Boxing Day haul!

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