Sunday, December 29, 2013

Boxing Day(s) Haul!

On Boxing Day, I ventured out to the mall for what may have been the first time ever! I’ve been to other stores downtown on Boxing Day, but nothing as normal and insane as a mall, so you could say it was a bit of an adventure.

Anyways, I started out at Target, which mostly let me down... there were lots of great sales on clothes, but nothing that really caught my eye. And the only thing I really wanted—a rose gold-esque watch—wasn’t on sale at all, so I skipped it. For now.

I also checked out Sephora, which was insane, but none of their deals really enticed me. I wanted to look in American Eagle, since I had my gift card, but it was so busy I couldn’t walk, so I skipped it and went to Bath and Body Works, where I spent the first of my money. I also spent some money at London Drugs and Claire’s, and my boyfriend paid for me to get a pair of shoes at Spring.


London Drugs:

I only got one thing of any interest at LD, but it was nearly half off, so I had to pick it up:


This is just a replacement for my current brow pencil (the same one), which has less than a centimetre of product left. This was $3.99 before tax.


Claire’s had 75% off all of their holiday/Christmas items, as well as a sale on their clearance items, so I had to pick up a couple things.


This giant pack of candy-flavoured lip balms was originally $12, so I got it for $3... I may never need lipbalm again. Even if I only ever use the vanilla, caramel, and chocolate ones, this won’t be a waste.


I also got these adorable snowman earrings, which were impossible to photograph nicely. They were originally a ridiculous $5, but were down to $1.25 thanks to the sale!



This was on clearance for about $3.50, and I thought it was adorable... probably because I love anything studded and shiny. I was hoping that it could act as a clutch, but only if I don’t want to carry anything that isn’t cards. I’d definitely need pockets to use this as a clutch, for my phone and maybe my lipstick. Still, it’ll be a good back-up wallet if all else fails.

Bath and Body Works:


I was really sad when I didn’t manage to get one of the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candles before the winter candles came in this year, so imagine my pleasant surprise when i found these there on Boxing Day. They had the mason jar size as well, but I wasn’t sure how much of a sale they were on, so I only got the mini-size candle. Mmm!!


I already have one of this candle, but I’ve been too scared to burn it thus far, since I didn’t want to use it up, so I was really happy to find a stack of them on 50% off, and almost bought two more, but managed to reign myself back to one.




These beautiful things were a boxing day present from David. It’s a bit of a tradition almost for him to get me something pretty during the sales, and even though he was sleeping/working at the time, I ventured out on my own to get these wonderful sparkly heels. I was wearing them for an hour or so the other night to start breaking them in a bit, and I literally kept getting distracted by how gorgeous they are! I also love that they aren’t 4 inches high, so I can actually walk in them without hating them 5 minutes later! These were originally $40, but ended up coming to $32 after taxes! They are absolutely going to be my New Years shoes, and I may try to wear they as often as i can get away with it.

Look at them sparkle under my Christmas lights, though!



Day Two

On the 27th, I went out with my friend Brit for a few hours so she could shop what was left of the sales, and so I could get a start on my American Eagle gift card! (Also, I hadn’t seen her since about a week before Chrsitmas, I think, so it was nice to see her again as well!)


I only got a couple of things at Chapters, since they were super discounted. One of which I needed more than the other.


This adorable little pouch was onlty $2.50, so I couldn’t really pass it up. It should probably be a pencil or makeup bag, but I have a strong urge to use it as a quirky clutch... We shall see.


My computer has 4 usb ports already, but I have a lot of stuff to plug in: mouse, speakers, charging cables for my phone, tablet, ipod, and sometimes my DS, as well as my SD card reader... which you may have noticed is more than 4 things. This was only $5, down from almost $13, so I thought it was a good deal, and also pretty adorable and minimalistic.


I did also pick up a couple of things from American Eagle while out with Brit, but I want to do a separate post for my American Eagle haul, since I haven’t used up the whole gift card yet. That will be up a bit later. My next post, however, will probably be either my “2013 Favourites” or my “New Year’s Eve Makeup.”

Thanks for reading!

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