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November 2013 Favourites!

As you may have guessed, considering it’s the end of the first week of December, it’s about time for me to post my favourites from the last month! Just like last year, this will be the last normal monthly favourites post, and at the end of December I will be posting my All-Time Favourites of 2013! But for now, let’s get onto this year’s November Favourites!

1. Scarves

2013-10-25 14.58.30

I loooove scarves! I wait all year for it to be cold enough to wear them. I just think they are so cute, especially with a leather jacket. Pretty much any outfit can look fabulous and put together with a scarf and a leather jacket. That said, I don’t like wool or most other kinds of knitted scarves, I just usually find them scratchy and irritating.

So that’s a bit of a staple in my wardrobe at the moment. That, and my next thing:

2. Lipstick

2013-11-21 18.08.34

2013-12-05 15.00.29

Recently, lipstick is a part of just about every single one of my outfits. I know this is similar to one of my favourites last month, when I said “bold lips,” but I have to be honest. I haven’t even really had dry lips, despite the cold weather setting in, since my lips have pretty constantly been coated in gorgeous, comfortable lipsticks! (Oddly enough, both of those pictures are me… not sure why one is so white and the other so much more tan…)

3. Out the Door Topcoat

2013-11-26 13.48.28

This has already been a favourite in the past, but after trying a few different ones, I have to say that this is still the best one I’ve ever used. It’s shiny, doesn’t smell terrible, dries fast, doesn’t shrink, and lasts a looong time! Also, a massive bottle, like I showed in my last haul, cost me only $22 dollars, which is ~$3 for a regular-sized bottle. All things considered, it’s basically perfect!

4. Eyebrows

2013-11-13 12.04.21

Not only do I love clean, well-shaped, and filled-in brows, but they’ve become a regular part of my daily makeup. As I proved to myself just the other day, when I somehow forgot to fill mine in, I just feel like my entire look is messy and unfinished without my brows done! It doesn’t matter how perfectly covered my skin is, how much I blend my eye shadow, or how well my mascara turns out, I have to do my eyebrows now!

My Non-Beauty Favourites:

1. Glee

Image from

I started watching Glee about the middle of October, I think, but I am completely in love and I have been speeding through the episodes since then. I’m currently, at the time of posting, only three episodes from the season finale for Season 4, so I’m almost caught up! Which is actually a little depressing, because that means I won’t be able to watch episode after episode anymore! Anyways, if you, like I had, have been living under a rock up until now, and you like music, dancing, and/or musicals… definitely give Glee a try. I’m betting you’ll be totally hooked.

2. Reading

2013-11-11 18.09.57-1

Surely I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I just finished two different teen, dystopian series, and am going back to Harry Potter, since GoodReads kept reminding me I only got halfway through Goblet of Fire last time I restarted the series! (The pictured quote is from “Allegiant” by Veronia Roth, which is the final book in the Divergent trilogy. If you haven’t read it, you should. And there’s a movie coming out in a few months or so.)

3. Marshmallow Fireside Candle from Bath and Body Works

2013-11-21 00.36.25

I almost put this as a beauty favourite, but I’m not sure how a candle could possibly have anything to do with beauty, aside from the fact that it’s from a bath store and all the beauty bloggers love to talk about B&BW… but anyways. At the moment this is my absolute favourite candle. It smells all warm and smoky and comforting, but also a bit sweet and tasty. Mmm… If I didn’t have so many Christmas presents to buy, I’d probably pick up one or two more of this scent.


And that’s everything from last month! Thanks for reading, and make sure to comment and let me know what your favourites were for November!

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