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Welcome to My Glittery Obsessions!

I'm a 20-something Canadian girl (Vancouver, BC! =D), and I love to buy, play with, and talk about makeup and skincare, books, and sometimes nails and hair stuff as well. I love blogging, filming, editing, and making connections with other bloggers and YouTubers. I also love reading, tv, movies, fantasy stories, coffee, tea, and dogs. And food. I love a lot of things, really.

I started this blog September 2011. I had no idea if I was going to do well or continue to have anything to blog about. Here we are approximately 5 years later, and success is relative, but I still have no trouble finding topics to write about and—since February 2013—also to sit in front of a camera and ramble about!

These days much of my content is in video format, but I still post the occasional blog post. I try to put up a one of these posts about once a week, and usually they're based around product reviews, or anything I want to make sure has plenty of high-quality pictures, though sometimes I do fun posts too. =)

My main mission with my blog and channel: I want to have fun doing it. If I ever don't want to post or record... I won't do it. And I hope that my passion shows in my content!

I always love hearing from you, and I will always read all posted comments. However, if you have a request, want me to review a product, or have a comment or suggestion you'd rather send privately, below is a list of ways to reach me.

If you are a company that would like me to review your products on my blog or in a video, I would be happy to test your product out and post an honest review for my followers. Feel free to contact me through any of the following links:

YouTube: Kristy || My Glittery Obsessions || Email: myglitteryobsessions@gmail.com

Instagram: glitterOCD || Twitter: @glitterOCD || Facebook: MyGlitteryObsessions || Pinterest: glitterOCD

Thanks so much for reading!

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