Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tutorial: My Signature Makeup Look (Video)

Hello again! I just posted a new tutorial yesterday morning on my YouTube channel. If you're interested in seeing my bronze eyes and bright lips tutorial, click here to view on YouTube in HD

Thanks! Let me know what you think and if there are any types of videos you'd like to see from me!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Top 10 Favourite Products Under $10

Sorry about the lateness of this post, I meant to have it up yesterday the same time as my video, but broken internet and school work got in my way, and I never got around to writing it up. But here it is!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can either watch my video below, or click here for the HD version as usual.

Anyways, let's get onto the products, in no particular order. . .

1) Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze:

In case you don't know about these things yet, they are cream eyeshadows that set quickly and then don't move or crease all day. They are so easy to wear, and there are a few ways to use them. You can use them on their own, either for a sheer wash of colour, or build it up to be more opaque. They also make excellent bases for other shadows, though that's not how I personally use them most of the time, because this shadow is so good on its own. I picked this colour because I think it is the prettiest and most versatile. Probably my favourite way to wear these is to put a somewhat sheer coat over my lid to about the crease, and then build up more on the outer corner, or outer third. This makes it look like I've put on way more products than I actually have!

2) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder:

I have gone through several of these powders, and I think they are excellent, and certainly the best I've found so far. They have a few colours, but they are all fairly pale. I've used about 4 different colours, and there isn't too much difference to them, so if you aren't pale, then they might not have a colour that will work for you, unfortunately. Anyways, this is another versatile product for me, I like to use it both on its own or to set foundation. Some powders I've used get cakey over foundation, but this one works really really nicely, and it really seems to help my makeup stay all day.

3) Wet'n'Wild H20 Proof Liquid Liner in Black:

I've never had a problem with this, aside from a little bit of transferring to my upper lids if I'm not wearing eyeshadow, though I have very oily eyelids. That said, it's never happened when I was wearing shadow, so I don't really think it's something to complain about. It lasts a really long time, and it doesn't crease,smudge, or crack like some liners I've tried. I also love that it has a felt-tip point instead of a pointed brush since those are the liners I get along with best.

4) ELF Studio Powder Brush:


I see no reason to spend lots of money on brushes, when ELF’s Studio line is so soft and lovely on their own! I like to use this one for applying powders, like the name suggests it is for, and I find that it applies product really nicely. This brush would also be great for applying liquid foundations, though, as well.

5) NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe:

A simple, but good product. This is just a mechanical eyebrow pencil. It does have a slightly different shape from your average round pencil, the colour is in a slightly oblong shape, which allows you to more naturally draw on/fill in your brows. I find that they lasting power is really good, even without a brow gel, and I've never had any problems with smudging or fading.

6) Essence I <3 Stage Eyeshadow Base:


I like this at least as much as Urban Decay's Primer Potion, and far more than the ELF shadow bases. This primer has a slight tint, which I like, since it helps to cover up the veins that are very visible sometimes on my pale lids. The product is great for holding colour and amping up the pigmentation of not-so-great shadows, and I've never had any problems with creasing or fading while wearing this primer!

7) St. Ives Green Tea Scrub:


It's a little odd for me to fall in love with a face product, but I really love how this makes my skin feel. It makes my skin feel smooth, but without the tightness that some products make my face feel. It's also not too harsh and scratchy, and has salicylic acid in it to help fight acne, which I do think it does pretty well.

8) Essie Millionails Nail Treatment:

This product is only just within the price range, but it is well worth it's $9.99 price tag. It's basically Essie's version of OPI's Nail Envy, and it is just as good, exactly the same size, but maybe half the price! It makes my nails strong and the grow so much better when I'm using this as a base coat for my manicures. I strongly recommend this for anyone whose nails need some help!

9) CoverGirl EyeEnhancers Shadow in 710 Champagne:



This individual shadow was the eye shadow that taught me that eyeshadow could be pretty, and I still really love it. I used to use it all over the lid, and that's still pretty for a very subtle look, but my favourite way to wear this now is as a highlight, both on the browbone or on my inner corners.

10) Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Vivid Rose:



This is the only shade I've tried of this line, but it is gorgeous, bright, pigmented, and longwearing! What's not to love? There are lots more colours in the line, as well, and they are all bright in their own way (as you might expect from a line called "Vivids"). I'd love to try more. These are definitely my favourite lipsticks from the drugstore. They almost, but only almost, rival MAC Amplified lipsticks for quality... and I really like MAC Amplified lipsticks...


So that's everything! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to let me know, either here or on my video, what your favourite products under $10 are!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Naked 3 & Dark Lips GRWM Video

Just to make sure you all know it’s up, I wanted to post quickly and link you all to my latest video. If you aren’t subscribed yet, make sure you do to be updated whenever I post a video. You can also find out about new videos by following me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or Instagram, all of which are linked in the “Contact Me” tab above!

I’ve embedded the video below, but you can also click here to watch in HD on Youtube!

Also, it took me a while to notice that my link and embedded video for my February Favourites was incorrect before, but they have been fixed now, so if you missed that, you should try again if you’re still interested (here’s the link again)!

Thanks for watching! I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 2014 Favourites!

Once again it’s that time of the month: Favourites time! Before we get into it, though, I just wanted to point out that, if you’re interested in watching my favourites for the first time ever, I will embed the video below (or click here to watch in HD on Youtube):

Here’s a quick peek at everything:


1. Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette:

This probably isn’t too much of a surprise if you’ve seen my reviews of this both on here on my blog and on YouTube, but this has certainly been a favourite this month! I just really feel like these colours are super versatile and beautiful. I constantly turn to this palette whether I want a more neutral or more smoky look, it’s just awesome.

2. Dior Pure Poison eau de parfum:

This perfume is wonderful, especially if you like the smell of jasmine (or jasmine green tea, which is what I was looking for when I discovered this fantastic scent!). It’s a fairly light floral perfume, without being either too childish or too old or overpowering. I’m definitely in love with this scent and think it will be excellent for spring and summer!

3. Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Split-End Bandage:

Another product that I’ve mentioned recently already, but this one product in particular from the Damage Eraser line has stood out for me as something that really gets along well with my hair. It manages to combat—if not fix completely—my often frizzy hair, and just makes it feel super soft without weighing it down or making it feel like anything but soft, clean hair! Definite love. (Here’s my review on the Damage Eraser line).

4. Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray:

I can’t believe that I’ve never mentioned this in a favourites post before! I bought this way back when I was in Seattle for PAX 2012, and I’ve used it constantly and been super happy with it ever since. I guess, since it’s such a quick, invisible step it manages to slip my mind each month when I do my favourites posts? I’m still pretty disappointed with myself for never mentioning it though. Also, as I mentioned, I’ve had this for almost 2 years now, and I’m only about half-way through this bottle! A little goes a very long way. And it may seem like a silly step if you haven’t tried it out, but I really do feel like it helps to make my makeup last even longer than it would without the setting spray. I use it pretty much every single time I do a full face of makeup (unless I forget). As I mentioned in the video, this is much more of an All-Time favourite than just a monthly favourite.

Non-Beauty Favourites:

1. Rose Gold Watch from American Eagle

I’ve been wearing this constantly since getting it… even though I never really use it for its intended purpose (aka: telling time). I think it’s really simple and cute, though, and I love it!

2. Bagels & Cream Cheese

Image from cccuisine.ca

Yum. My favourites are everything bagels with cream cheese. I’ve had a lot of bagels this past month, since they are a yummy, filling, healthier-than-some-options breakfast or snack food. And super easy to throw together, toss in a ziploc bag, and rush out the door. The JalapeƱo Asiago bagels from Tim Horton's and the Everything with Cheese bagels from Starbucks are also fantastic with cream cheese. =)

3. Gossip Girl

Image from digitalspy.ca

I finally finished, after however many years it’s been since this show ended, and I’m so glad I made it to the end finally without ever hearing who Gossip Girl was! I forgot how much I missed this gorgeous, wonderful show, and I know that one day I’ll go back and start it from the beginning again, to relive the fantastic characters! If you have never seen Gossip Girl (where have you been?!), you need it. It’s wonderful.
And that’s everything! Let me know either here or on my video what your favourites this past month were, as well as what you think about any of the products mentioned above. Thanks for reading! =)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

HAUL: What I got with my $100 American Eagle Giftcard

Hello again! I do have a video up on Youtube about this same topic, so you should go watch that as well, but I wanted to do a quick blog post to show off some better pictures of the stuff that I got. If you haven’t yet seen the video, click here to watch it in HD on YouTube, or watch below:

If you just want to see what I got, here are the pictures, as well as the prices of each item (full prices, not necessarily the prices I paid):

1. Sunglasses – $15.99


I love the shape of these glasses, and I think they work really well on my face. (I try them on in the video.) I’m really glad I have some sunglasses now that don’t look silly with dark winter/fall fashion!

2. Rose Gold(esque) Watch – $29.95



The colour of the metal doesn’t show up quite right in either the video or these pictures, but it is a really pale rose gold colour. I love it.

3. Two Simple Grey T-Shirts – ~$15 each (these were buy one, get one half off)


My video is probably the better place to look to get an idea of what these shirts look like, since I’m wearing one. I really wish American Eagle would get over themselves and offer more normal basic options for their female customers as well as for men.

4. Artist Jeans – $49.99


It’s hard to see, but these are just a simple flared/bellbottom type jean. Probably not bellbottom exactly, since they aren’t that wide, but they are wider than what American Eagle calls their flared jeans. Their exceptionally comfortable and look great on, just like almost every other pair of AE jeans.

5. Pullover Logo Sweatshirt – $39.99 (?)


Soft. Basic. Comfortable. But somehow slightly classier looking than a regular hoodie. I really like this hoodie paired with a big scarf, and with or without my leather jacket.

6. Trio of Midi Rings – $9.99



Just as a side note to the video: I have since re-found the copper ring pictured above. Somehow it had made its way into my bedroom. We don’t question, we just accept the fact that some inanimate objects are capable of independent movement…


Anyways, that’s everything. Also, if you were wondering, it looks like I managed to get about $163.00 worth of products with my $100 dollar giftcard thanks to a variety of sales and coupons. (Though I did go $2 over on my last trip. Which means I personally paid a grand total of $2 for all this awesome stuff! I think I did really well!)

Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out my video if you haven’t already!


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