Saturday, March 1, 2014

HAUL: What I got with my $100 American Eagle Giftcard

Hello again! I do have a video up on Youtube about this same topic, so you should go watch that as well, but I wanted to do a quick blog post to show off some better pictures of the stuff that I got. If you haven’t yet seen the video, click here to watch it in HD on YouTube, or watch below:

If you just want to see what I got, here are the pictures, as well as the prices of each item (full prices, not necessarily the prices I paid):

1. Sunglasses – $15.99


I love the shape of these glasses, and I think they work really well on my face. (I try them on in the video.) I’m really glad I have some sunglasses now that don’t look silly with dark winter/fall fashion!

2. Rose Gold(esque) Watch – $29.95



The colour of the metal doesn’t show up quite right in either the video or these pictures, but it is a really pale rose gold colour. I love it.

3. Two Simple Grey T-Shirts – ~$15 each (these were buy one, get one half off)


My video is probably the better place to look to get an idea of what these shirts look like, since I’m wearing one. I really wish American Eagle would get over themselves and offer more normal basic options for their female customers as well as for men.

4. Artist Jeans – $49.99


It’s hard to see, but these are just a simple flared/bellbottom type jean. Probably not bellbottom exactly, since they aren’t that wide, but they are wider than what American Eagle calls their flared jeans. Their exceptionally comfortable and look great on, just like almost every other pair of AE jeans.

5. Pullover Logo Sweatshirt – $39.99 (?)


Soft. Basic. Comfortable. But somehow slightly classier looking than a regular hoodie. I really like this hoodie paired with a big scarf, and with or without my leather jacket.

6. Trio of Midi Rings – $9.99



Just as a side note to the video: I have since re-found the copper ring pictured above. Somehow it had made its way into my bedroom. We don’t question, we just accept the fact that some inanimate objects are capable of independent movement…


Anyways, that’s everything. Also, if you were wondering, it looks like I managed to get about $163.00 worth of products with my $100 dollar giftcard thanks to a variety of sales and coupons. (Though I did go $2 over on my last trip. Which means I personally paid a grand total of $2 for all this awesome stuff! I think I did really well!)

Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out my video if you haven’t already!

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