Saturday, August 8, 2015

Review || Conair Infiniti Pro "The Ultimate Brush"

Hello again! I'm so sorry that I've failed so hard at the book series that I wanted to start. I do want to get to it, but I think it will be a lot more sporadic than I had hoped... that stated, for today's post I would like to do a quick review of one of the products I got from the London Drugs event a couple months ago. I don't think I have enough to say to warrant a whole video, but I did have some thoughts I wanted to share. If you haven't seen my haul, click here to go take a look. If you have, or if you just want my review of this brush, keep reading!

The product I'm reviewing, which you probably know if you read the title, or if you did a Google search on this product looking for reviews, is "The Ultimate Brush" by Conair Infiniti Pro. At least, I think that's the name, the packaging wasn't super clear on that, in my opinion...

Anyways, I'll leave some pictures below of the packaging so you can take a look at all the claims that the brush makes to sell itself, but basically, it is just a regular brush, except that it takes 2 AAA batteries, which are used to power that ion generator. The ions that this brush sends towards your hair are supposed to cancel out the opposite charged ions that make your hair all staticky and frizzy. This is a super awesome concept, and one I'm sure that everyone who has heard of this brush hopes really works. Who doesn't want un-frizzy hair just by brushing it out?! But does it work?

At the event, they were doing a great, quick demo of this product where they took a blown up balloon, rubbed it all over the model's hair, and then brushed it through with this brush while it was turned on. If you've ever tried to brush your hair after making it stand on end with a balloon, you probably know that just brushing is NOT going to make it lie flat! But this brush totally worked on her hair, and that was pretty exciting, and so I had high hopes for it working on everyday frizz in my own hair.

Unfortunately, however, I don't find that this brush does anything spectacular for my hair. This is probably true for a variety of reasons. I'll start by pointing out that my hair is somewhere between extremely wavy and loosely curly, and also very thick and long. Usually, I only brush my hair while it is still damp, because brushing my dry hair causes horrible poofing because it breaks up my natural curls and causes a mess even when I'm not frizzy!

Brushing while wet is surely one of the main reasons this does nothing to stop static in my hair most of the time. However, even when I did test it on my dry hair, I found no change in frizziness whether I brushed with this ionic brush or a regular one. I'm pretty sure this is because my hair is so naturally textured and doesn't lay flat, so my hair will go whatever direction it wants whether it's staticky or not! I'm sure that this works wonders on straight hair, and I've heard good things from some Asian bloggers, who clearly have very different hair than me, so I'm not saying that this brush won't work for anyone, just that it won't work for everyone

Finally, I had a complaint, which may just be a defect in my brush, or it might be a problem with other ones as well, I'm not sure, as I've only ever used my own. However, the crease between the handle and the brush head on my brush has just enough space that EVERY SINGLE TIME I brush my hair with it, my hairs will get stuck in that crack and snap! This is a terrible thing for a hairbrush to do! I hope this is just my own unit, but yeah, it's not good, I tried for a while holding it high up so my hand covered the crack and protected my hair from breakage, but that makes this brush so terribly awkward that I've now completely stopped bothering to use it! (see image below to see the area of the brush I mean)

TL;DR: (that means "too long; didn't read," for those unfamiliar with the term) I do think that this brush works well for those with straighter hair. I do not think it will work for curly-haired girls, or possibly anyone with lots of breakage. I'm really disappointed with the construction of the brush itself in my unit, but this may just be a product defect.

So now it's up to you to decide if this product is worth your time! =P Let me know if you've used this brush and how you liked it! Or let me know if you've been thinking of getting it, I always love to hear from you guys. =)

Thanks for reading!


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