Monday, January 30, 2017

First Impressions + Chatty GRWM || Revlon Eyes, Lips + Cheeks Palette || All-In-One Drugstore Palette

Hope you guys enjoy this chatty GRWM / first impressions on the Revlon Eyes, Lips + Cheeks palette in Romantic nudes! These seem like such a cool thing with the eyeshadows, lip products, and a blush all in one little palette, and from the drugstore too! Let me know if you've tried any of these, and if you think they are worth it!

Also, I hope you guys like the new little title animations. I learned a new thing and decided to give it a go. I really like how it turned out, and I'm hoping it makes my videos look a little more pro. Let me know if you noticed, and if you liked it. =)

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Friday, January 27, 2017

GRWM || Smokey Duochrome Eyes + Vampy Lips

Hey guys! Here's a deep, vampy look for you guys today. I'm sorry the duochrome in the eyeshadow I use doesn't pop right on my eyes on camera, but I swear it looked cool in real life!

Also, I was planning to record a voiceover for this video, but it turned out quite short so I didn't feel it was necessary. I put in some titles for anything I did want to point out, but otherwise, I hope you enjoy this as a GRWM. Let me know if you want to see me do more voiceovers, though!

As always, if you have similar colours from other brands, you do not need the ones I use here, but all the same, the products I used will be listed in the video's description.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Products I Want Despite the Price

Hey guys! Today's post is just for fun, so I hope you enjoy it. Recently I was thinking about some of the crazy expensive things I want even though the price seems extreme. I'm not including anything that's less than $500, though there could be some things that are less than that seem overpriced for what they are. I'm going with things that are pretty out there for someone of my and my family's income level. I'd love to know some of the crazy expensive things you dream about buying in the comments, so be sure to share those with me in the comments!

I'm going to start with the cheapest product and amp it up from there, so that more expensive products don't diminish the price of slightly more inexpensive things. Soooo, let's just get into it.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera - $1200 CAD

Image from

The most reasonable and possible thing on this list, the Rebel t6i is an awesome DSLR camera that takes gorgeous pictures and video, and would be a huge upgrade for my current Canon ELPH point-and-shoot that I currently take all my video and photos on. It's an upgrade from the older T5i, that most people I've heard talk about cameras seem to use for Youtube, so I think it would be a great choice. It's usually about a thousand dollars, but can be bought on sale for more like eight- or nine-hundred. It allows more control over how things are shot, which would be more helpful than the odd presets my camera has, and also has NFC and WIFI capabilities, which would be awesome for quickly sending photos to my phone to post to my instagram. It also has the option of using an external mic, and it has a flippy screen so I could see what's in the frame when filming and taking selfies without a series of mirrors. Overall, it would be a pretty logical, if extravagant purchase that could ultimately greatly improve my video and photo quality.

2. Alexander Wang Rocco bag in black - ~$1300 CAD

Image from

I'm actually pretty worried that this has been discontinued, because all the logical places to buy this bag seem to be sold out and not stocking it. The Rockie and Rockie mini are still around, which are both smaller versions of the Rocco, but I never loved them as much. I fell in love with this beautiful bag online, but even more deeply when I got to meet one in person at Nordstroms. The leather is soft, the studded feet are shiny and so OTT.

Image from

Yes, the feet make it a very heavy bag, but it's gorgeous and luxurious and so me. Plus the Rocco size is really big, so you can carry lots of stuff if you need to! I'm hoping it isn't gone for good. I always considered this something I would buy myself as a huge reward when I one day had the disposable income to do so. I'm not even too bothered about the hardware colour. I love(d) the silver, rose gold, gold, brass... pretty much everything but the all black.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with black type cover - $1,620 CAD

Image from

You can get this cheaper than I quoted above straight from Microsoft, but since this post is about extravagance, I thought I would go for one of the higher end models, because why settle for the cheapest one if you can get the best?

Also, I know I could easily get a cheaper, comparable laptop, but I love the versatility and uniqueness of the Surface. Basically, it's a tablet, and the typecover is sold separately, but then attached, it's a super thin laptop. It also comes with the Surface pen, which you can write and draw with on the screen, and which can be used to quickly launch applications. I like that becasue it's windows, it would run full windows programs and have access to the full internet experience, unlike an android tablet which would sometimes pop into mobile versions of sites. But you could still use this as a tablet! I dunno, maybe it's silly, maybe I don't need one but I want it!

4. Tesla Model 3 electric car (preferably in blue) - $35,000+ USD

Image from

Here we're jumping up the price points A LOT! To be honest, this isn't on any of my wishlists, because it is so far out of my price range, but I can dream. If I were in the market for a new car (which technically I should be; my car needs to be replaced!), ideally I'd love to buy electric. Yes, they're more expensive, but you never have to buy gas, and it's way better for the environment, especially here, where our electricity is generated so cleanly. And of course, Tesla's are the luxury cars of the electric car market. They're gorgeous, fancy, innovative, and fascinating! There are fancier ones, of course, since the Model 3 is meant to be the affordable addition to the Tesla line up, but to be completely honest, I think it's the best looking car they've put out yet!

I love cute, small cars, and this little guy is compact, but still sleek and pretty sexy. It kinda spans the gap between cute and sexy, in my opinion. The lack of front grill weirds me out a little, since it looks so wrong, but it just isn't necessary on an electric car, and it does look pretty fun and futuristic and just different, when you think about it. So yeah, this is one of my dream luxury products.

5. A long-ass trip to England

Image of Hampton Court Palace from

This is much harder to price out or picture for you, but I've wanted to go to England for as long as I can remember wanting to travel. I vaguely say "long ass trip" because I don't even know how long I'd want to go for! There are so many things I want to do and see in England, Scotland, and Wales, and so many places to go... I can barely start to conceive of how long I would need to do all the things, or how much money it would cost to get there and back, stay at hotels, eat food, and have money for castles, historical sites, museums, transportation, and shopping. I put this below the Tesla for that reason, but also because I imagine I could easily create an awesome trip if I had the luxury of forty thousand dollars to spend on a trip.

Of course, I'll be happy if I get to spend a week in England and do only a fraction of the things I want to do and see a fraction of the things I want to see, but ideally, I'd have pools of time and money to spend on the ultimate UK trip.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

TUTORIAL || Wintery Work or School Makeup || + First Impressions of Maybelline Big Shot Mascara

Hey guys! Looking for a new makeup look to wear to work or school? Maybe something a little deeper and winter-appropriate, but also still soft and workplace safe? Today's tutorial is soft, wearable, and appropriate for just about anywhere, unless you work or go to school somewhere makeup is banned. This look isn't fully matte, but the shimmer is soft, not over-the-top. I used a slightly deeper bronze on the outer corner and paired it with a deeper nude lip, which I think works well to make it feel more wintery, while still being very basic. Hope you like it!

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

TAG || Rapid Fire Book Tag

Hey guys! Just a quick, fun book tag. I'm hoping to read more and thus have more books to review for you this year, so let me know if you enjoy that kind of thing!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW || RaspberryMint Lip Care Products || New Canadian Brand Review + Discount Code

Hey Guys! Today's post is going to be a quick little review of two Canadian-made lip care products from new Canadian brand: RaspberryMint! I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of products to test out and review, but as always, all opinions expressed in this blog post are my own and completely honest. And as a heads up, if the brand or anything I mention in this post interests you, RaspberryMint was nice enough to give me a 50% off code to give you, so you'll want to make it to the bottom of this post.

title image

RaspberryMint is cruelty free, Canadian made, and was started by a registered nurse who is committed to hand making products in small batches using natural, organic ingredients and no parabens. If you want to read more about the brand, you can do so by clicking here. Now let's take a look at what I tested out myself.

Diva Night Repair for Lips

diva night repair for lips

This stuff smells so good! It's a strong cherry candy scent, and maybe it won't be for everyone, but I love it! It smells like Cherry Nibs, or maybe the cherry scented markers...? Anyways, I'm obsessed! It's also great how basic and nourishing the ingredients sound: coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, flavour, argan oil, vitamin E, and hemp seed oil. Only the flavour is a little vague, but I'm not bothered. When I first got this, it sat in a cold car for a while before I got around to opening, and it was really, really hard, but with a little warming up, and the warmth of your fingers, it melts quickly and easily and glides easily on to the lips.

diva night repai product

As the name suggests, it is mainly intended for nighttime lip conditioning, since it is basically an oil, even if it does start off as a solid; the heat of your fingers and lips practically liquify it, but it does also sink in quite quickly, depending how thick you apply it. Of course, you could always carry this in your bag and apply any time of the day, there's nothing stopping you from using this anytime, aside from the prospect of of oily fingertips.

Also, this product is HUGE! I don't know what I was expecting, but it was definitely smaller than this! The tin this comes in looks more like the packaging for a hand cream or something, rather than a lip product. Here's what it looks like sitting on my hand, for scale:

hand for scale

All in all, I quite like this stuff as an at-home lip moisturizer, where I can easily find a way to get it off my fingers without making a mess. It smells great, feels great, and really does moisturize. I was skeptical that it could last through the night, since it is more slippery than thick or sticky, but if you apply generously it does keep your lips soft and comfortable through the night and into the morning. I'd happily recommend it if you are interested. It sells for $14 CAD, which is pretty good for how much you get, but don't forget about the discount code at the end of this post. You can find the Diva Night Repair for Lips here.

Strawberry Hemp Lips Oil

strawberyy hemp lips

While I was testing this, I thought it was also from RaspberryMint, but with a little searching, and clue from some coupon cards included in my package, I found this lip oil was actually from another site belonging to Cherish, the nurse who started RaspberryMint, and this site is It seems a little weird that she runs two sites with very similar products, but I've tested the products and written most of this review already, so I'll continue. Also, while I couldn't find the strawberry scent on SteviaDrops, there were several other scents available.

hemp lips rollerball

This "lipgloss" product is basically a liquid oil blend containing "coconut oil, grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, and natural flavour oils" and it comes in a little roller ball, like essential oil blends sometimes do. A liquid oil product is a bit of a wierd choice for a lip product, in my opinion, but the rollerball application does make it work pretty well. You're never going to get a super accurate application, of course, but it does work to condition your lips. As an oil, it feels really light on the lips, but without completely soaking into the lips right away. You could work around this a little by dabbing less oil onto the lips and rubbing it in with a finger, though. It soaks into the skin quite quickly when blended. The strawberry scent is a little fake, but still more natural than the cherry of the Diva Night Repair. Overall, this is never going to be a favourite product, but it is nice, and I kinda like that it could be used on random dry patches of skin around your body because of the way it absorbs so quickly into the skin.

These sell for $5 CAD, and you can find all the available scents here, on


As I mentioned, gave me a code for you to get 50% off your purchase from now until March 31, 2017. The code is GRAND50. So if these products, or anything else on the site, interested you, you can give them a go for a nice discount now!

You can also use the code OFF20 to get $20 a purchase of $50 on, if anything there interests you.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Haul || A Mini Fashion & Beauty Haul

Just a quick little haul today of some clothes and makeup I've picked up very recently that I thought I would share with you!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Tutorial || Blue Lower Liner Wing & Neutral Eyes

Today's video is a pretty neutral look, but with a pop of colour under the eyes in the form of this cool lower-liner wing! Hope you like the look, you could easily use this method with whatever colours you want to make it yours!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review || Sole Patches Adhesive Shoe Pads

Hey Guys!

6 Sole Patches

Today I have a quick review for you of these little adhesive shoe insert pads called Sole Patches, thanks to Brandbacker. I was sent a pack of Sole Patches in exchange for a review, but of course, the reviews on this blog are always completely honest and my own.

Sole Patches

I recieved these in a pack of 6 (so 3 pairs), and they are little flower-shaped adhesive pads that you stick to either the inside of your less-comfy shoes (like many other brands), or alternatively, you can stick these right to your feet where you know your shows cause you pain, so you know they'll be in the right place. This is what originally interested me in this product, since I hadn't heard of a pad that sticks right to your foot before. Of course, if you use them this way, they're basically one use, but Sole Patches claims the medical grade adhesive will stick for skin for up to 24 hours, which is pretty reassuring if they work for you.

Sole Patches Back

As it describes on Brandbacker: "The cushioning is made of Poron by Rogers Corporation, a special material that's shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, anti-odor, and has moisture-repelling properties," so if you are using these more long-term by sticking them right into your shoes, you don't need to work too much about weird smells or bacteria growing on the insert.

Sole Patches Box Side
Sole Patches on foot

Since I found it the most interesting, I tested these first right on my feet. You'll want to make sure feet are clean and dry before application, to make sure they stick well and stay on. They can go on your heel or the ball of the foot, wherever your shoes cause pain. I went for the balls of my feet, since that's where heeled shoes are most likely to hurt me. They're pretty comfortable on, and manage to stick to the curved surface of my feet pretty well, which I was somewhat worried about. For science, I also peeled one back off to see if you've completely fucked up if you place them wrong the first time... While it's best to get it right the first time, on second try, the adhesive did still stick nearly as well. The third try was less optimal, but again still sticky. I wouldn't push them further than that, though!

After trying them centred on the ball of my foot as well as centred across the front, I found that the shape and size of these could be better, but over the ball (to one side) was more comfortable to me. In the centre, I felt like my foot bent funny, and I could feel my feet pinching around the edges on both sides, where there was no pad under my foot. Under the ball is still slightly awkward, though, as it doesn't fully cushion your foot, and it's weird to have your toes sitting about half a centimetre lower to the ground. Do-able, though, I'd say.

I would mostly only recommend using these directly on your skin, though, if you find that inserts never sit in the right place to cushion your foot, otherwise, it will be much more cost effective to apply these to the insides of uncomfortable shoes, since they won't be one-wear that way. I also like that doing it this way means the pad can sit far enough forward to be under the toes and ball of the foot, though I still wish the pad was wider to sit under the whole front of my foot.

If you are interested in trying these for yourself, you can find them at for $9.95 (I'm guessing in USD) for a pack of 6 pads. Unfortunately, it looks like International shipping, including to Canada, is $20 USD... so unless you're buying a few packs, I'm not sure they're worth buying online unless they sound amazing to you, or you live in the states.

Let me know if you've tried Sole Patches before and what you thought, as well as what your favourite brand of shoe inserts is for uncomfortable shoes!

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

TAG || Winter Wonderland Tag

Hey guys! New tag for you today... this was filmed a while ago, before Christmas, if you were wondering about where my fancy new hair went. If you weren't, move along! =P But anyway, it's still winter for another month and a bit, so this still seemed pretty fitting. Enjoy, and feel free to post this tag yourself if you have a channel or blog, and remember to let me know in the comments, so I can go see your answers!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

BOOK CHAT || New Year, New Books! || 7 Books I Want to Read in 2017 + Round up of 2016's reads

Hi Guys! I've been mostly doing these posts as videos, but it's been a long time since I updated on the books I've been reading, so I didn't want to wait to film. What I want to do in this post is quickly go over the books I've read since my last Book Chat video (spoilers: there aren't many), as well as show you 7 books I'd like to read this year!

You may remember that I did something similar last year, with 6 books I wanted to read in 2016, so I thought it would be fun to do a similar post this year, since one of my resolutions this year is to work on reading more, since I miss it when I am not reading. If you want to see the rest of my 2017 Resolutions, make sure you check out that blog post!

What I've read since Sept 2016:

1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

2. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

3. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

I told you there weren't many! I didn't even make it to 10 books last year! I'm pretty disappointed, but I'm really happy that I managed to reread the Twilight series, because I really loved it in highschool, but was worried it wouldn't stand up to a reread so many years later... but I loved it all over again! It's such a quick easy read with (I think) really interesting characters and quick plot. I wish Meyer would stop writing other books I don't care about and give me some more of her vampires, but alas, that seems unlikely. She's probably told all the stories she had to tell there... I didn't include Breaking Dawn, because I'm currently still reading it, I didn't manage to finish it before the new year, but it will certainly be included in my next round up!

MY 7 Books To Read in 2017

1. The World of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

This one was on my list for last year, but obviously I didn't get there, though I still really want to! This is basically a history book slash encyclopaedia of the Game of Thrones world written by a maester, and full of beautiful art depicting famous people, events, and places in the World of Ice and Fire.

2. Tale of the Body Theif by Anne Rice

Another book that I didn't get to last year, though it was on the list. This is the fourth book in the Vampire Chronicles series from Anne Rice, and I loved the first 3, and I love Vampire novels, so hopefully the Twilight series will have helped me spring back into this series this year!

3. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This one has been pretty big lately, I think, and aside from that Rothfuss seems pretty active in the nerd communities, which is fun. It feels a bit like Game of Thrones, and maybe it's riding on the coat tails of ASoIaF, but it's just a big fantasy series, and I love me some big-ass fantasy novels. Aside from that, I've opened it up before in stores and read the prologue or first chapter, and the writing style is just beautiful. I'm hopeful that the writing will help to launch me into this world, because I love in depth fantasies, and I love series.

4. This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I read The Great Gatsby for the first time a few years ago now, and I fell head over heels in love with Fitzgerald's style. I'm not even sure the novel itself was all that compelling, but the style with which Fitzgerald shares his ideas, and the way he strings his thoughts together was mesmerizing to me. Immediately afterwards, I bought my own copy of Gatsby, as well as a book containing This Side of Paradise, as well as The Beautiful and Damned, and I want to get through at least one of those novels this year, so I can feel better about claiming Fitzgerald as one of my favourite authors.

5. Beowulf by J.R.R. Tolkien

I actually have read Beowulf before multiple times for different classes in University and high school. I actually really love the story, and wish there was more to it. I'm a huge fan of medieval writing, and Beowulf is obviously one of the oldest written examples of such. This particular book is a translation by J.R.R. Tolkien, not a retelling or anything original, but as I am a huge Tolkien fangirl, as well as a fan of Beowulf as a story, when this came out I found it super compelling and asked for it for Christmas. However, I haven't even tried to get into it yet! It's quite short, so I really should, so I'm hoping this will be the year. There is also Tolkien's attempt at a retelling included in this book as well, though: the Sellic Spell.

6. The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

For a long time I have had no interest in reading this particular novel, after managing to avoid it somehow in middle school. It did not interest me, despite how much it seemed to have affected even some of the less bookish types in my classes. However, it is a very short novel, and often pops up in other things, since the story is such a part of our collective consciousness. Also, my sister really enjoyed it, and although she is sometimes a reader, she doesn't often make recommendations, but she adored this story and has insisted I should read it. So here it is, on this list.

7. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Finally, a bit of a weird one, which is a huge part, I'm sure, of why I've always wanted to read this one. It's been such a controversial but popular novel, and I've heard that Nabokov's writing style is really beautiful, even when the subject matter in this book is a little... creepy? Also, this one was written in English, though Nabokov was Russian, so it's nice to know you're reading the author's words, not the interpretation of a translator. Or maybe that's only something I worry about as an English student?


There are lots more books I want to read, of course, as my extensive GoodReads to-read list will show, but these are just 7 I would really love to get through this year. As I mentioned in my resolutions, my goal this year is 15 books, so if I read them all, these will be only about half of my 2017 books!

Let me know in the comments the best book you read last year, and one (or some) you want to read in 2017! Oh, and also let me know if you prefer book content like this, or in video form!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

GRWM || My New Year's Eve Makeup || #goodbye2016

Hey guys! I know I posted 2 other NYE looks already, but this is the one I actually wore on the day myself! I really love how it turned out, so I'm happy to share it with you all. I hope you like it too. I think it could be great for any type of party or clubbing makeup, and you could easily change up the look with a wing, falsies, or a different lip, if you like!

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My 6 Favourite Neutral Lipsticks || Nudes, Browns, Greiges, and Greys

Hey guys! Here is the final installment (for now) in my Favourite Lipsticks videos! Today I bring you the best I own in nudes, browns, greige, and grey lipsticks, in my personal opinion. Let me know your favourites in the comments!

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Resolutions for 2017 || 2016's Resolutions Revisited

Hi Guys! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve, no matter how you celebrated, or if you went to bed early and slept through the change. Either way, this is always a great time to look at what you accomplished in the last year, and make goals for the year ahead. Of course, it's always a good time to make goals and put them into action, so never let the time of year stop you from making good life changes! But it is such a clean break and new beginning at the change of the years, so that's why so many of us think about setting resolutions. I thought I would share my look back at last year's resolutions here with you guys, as well as setting some new goals for 2017.

Last year I did my New Year's Resolutions post as a video, but I feel like text is a better vehicle for this type of content. Let me know if you disagree, and I can do a video again for next year. But until then, let's start by taking a look at how I did on last year's resolutions:

  1. Drinking more water, more consistently — I think overall I've done pretty well on that this year. It's still something I'm working on, and I'm never perfect, but I would say that I get to the 6-8 cup mark more often than not. Something I do think has helped is an app I downloaded a while ago, which is Hydro Coach PRO. There is a free version, but the paid one has more features. Of course, for basic tracking, the free app would work just as well, and I love that it lets you input different amounts of water, as well as set the length of your day to get good reminder notifications... whether your day runs from 8 am to 12 am, or more like 12 pm to 4 am... like mine.
  2. Read More — I did horribly on this one. I did not even end up finishing 10 books in the year. Granted, many of the books I chose over the last year were big chunky things with at least 500 pages, so maybe it evens out, but still, I feel I let myself down a little here, no where near my goal of 26 books.
  3. Post more pictures — I think I did really well on this one in particular. I did do a 365 day challenge, where I tried to post a picture a day, and while I was not strict with that, I did complete my goal within the year, and even had some days where I posted more than one picture.
  4. Being more positive — Granted, this is nearly impossible to actually quantify, I do think I've made some progress here. I think for the most part this year I've been happier, not necessarily because anything so great has happened, but I've just not gotten as down about little things I couldn't change or beaten myself up over my failings. Interestingly, I've also taken some chances I would have been more scared of in the past, and maybe those have helped as well. These have actually all been in the last 6 months or so, and include getting my septum piercing, getting my first tattoo, and dying my hair. Maybe those are silly reasons to be happier, but it's kinda like doing things I want just for me, and that feels pretty good.
  5. Move more; I think I've done alright here in some ways, but also kinda failed in others. For example, I've actually changed my focus on exercise in the last little while to more weight and floor exercises, versus cardio, which is easier for me to do with where I am and what I have, rather than trying to make myself go out for a walk or whatever every other day. I just don't want to go outside all the time, alright? So that's been good, though I've also had a car in the last year, so places that I would normally have walked and bussed, frequently I will end up driving, which is obviously not helpful for moving more. Still, I think I'm in a place where I'm improving at the moment, so I won't be too hard on myself.

So that was last year. Could have been better, but definitely could have been worse! Now that we've taken a quick look at those goals, let's set some new ones. Here are some of my goals for 2017:

  1. Read more for realz — You probably saw this coming, but since I failed this one so hard last year, I really feel like I need to give it another go this year. Last year's gold was 26 books, and while I still feel like that should be reasonable and achievable, I'm going to make this year's goal 15 books. That should give me more than 3 weeks per book, which sounds acceptable. I'm setting the bar lower than ever before this time, and I'd love if I could surpass this goal, but maybe this is all I can do at the moment.
  2. Get tidier — you probably have no idea how messy of a person I am. In some part, I don't think I'm as bad as I used to be, but I used to be way worse, and since I've never got my shit under control and really tidied the fuck up, I feel no reason to act tidier now. I'd like to try to take more control of my mess and get it to a more acceptable and managable level. Part of my problem is I just have too much shit, and part is that I don't have enough storage for the stuff I have and love or the new stuff I like to buy. So yeah, organization, tidying, decluttering... hopefully all of that I can manage to find the time and willpower to work on this year.
  3. Become a better cook — don't get me wrong, I'm already a pretty good cook, but I'm largely unpracticed, since I still live at home, where my mom generally cooks, or else I go out with my family or with friends. You may have seen some of the food pictures on instagram though (you can follow me as @glitterOCD), using the hastag: #KristyandDavidsCookingAdventures, which is how I share our home cooking adventures. And we're good, but I want to be better. I want to have more things I just know how to make without having to bust out a recipe. I am pretty good at figuring out what flavours are needed or lacking in something like chilli, but I want to get good at all types of food, especially Chinese and Italian, and I need to learn to make good Persian and Indian food, since they make some of my favourite dishes!
  4. Stay on schedule — This wasn't really an issue in the earlier half of the year, but more recently I've been getting more lazy about filming, editing, and writing, and the regularity of my blog and YouTube have suffered when I just don't have content ready to go up on time. This is really frustrating for me, because this is something I love doing, and I really want to get back on track if I can. I've taken a look and think that the best schedule moving forward will be a M-W-F schedule, with videos going up on Mondays and Fridays, and blog posts on Wednesdays, at 6 am PST. After posting one at that time a few weeks ago, I've realised it seemt to be a good time for traffic. I'm going to try to keep a small pre-filmed bank, and edit and schedule my videos as quickly as I can, instead of filming the bare minimum so it's easy to run out and procrastinating on editing until the last minute.

And I think that's everything! I have other ongoing goals, but nothing I feel is interesting to put up here. Let me know some of your 2017 goals with me in the comments, or let me know why if you've chosen not to set any!

Thanks for reading!


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