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Review || Sole Patches Adhesive Shoe Pads

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6 Sole Patches

Today I have a quick review for you of these little adhesive shoe insert pads called Sole Patches, thanks to Brandbacker. I was sent a pack of Sole Patches in exchange for a review, but of course, the reviews on this blog are always completely honest and my own.

Sole Patches

I recieved these in a pack of 6 (so 3 pairs), and they are little flower-shaped adhesive pads that you stick to either the inside of your less-comfy shoes (like many other brands), or alternatively, you can stick these right to your feet where you know your shows cause you pain, so you know they'll be in the right place. This is what originally interested me in this product, since I hadn't heard of a pad that sticks right to your foot before. Of course, if you use them this way, they're basically one use, but Sole Patches claims the medical grade adhesive will stick for skin for up to 24 hours, which is pretty reassuring if they work for you.

Sole Patches Back

As it describes on Brandbacker: "The cushioning is made of Poron by Rogers Corporation, a special material that's shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, anti-odor, and has moisture-repelling properties," so if you are using these more long-term by sticking them right into your shoes, you don't need to work too much about weird smells or bacteria growing on the insert.

Sole Patches Box Side
Sole Patches on foot

Since I found it the most interesting, I tested these first right on my feet. You'll want to make sure feet are clean and dry before application, to make sure they stick well and stay on. They can go on your heel or the ball of the foot, wherever your shoes cause pain. I went for the balls of my feet, since that's where heeled shoes are most likely to hurt me. They're pretty comfortable on, and manage to stick to the curved surface of my feet pretty well, which I was somewhat worried about. For science, I also peeled one back off to see if you've completely fucked up if you place them wrong the first time... While it's best to get it right the first time, on second try, the adhesive did still stick nearly as well. The third try was less optimal, but again still sticky. I wouldn't push them further than that, though!

After trying them centred on the ball of my foot as well as centred across the front, I found that the shape and size of these could be better, but over the ball (to one side) was more comfortable to me. In the centre, I felt like my foot bent funny, and I could feel my feet pinching around the edges on both sides, where there was no pad under my foot. Under the ball is still slightly awkward, though, as it doesn't fully cushion your foot, and it's weird to have your toes sitting about half a centimetre lower to the ground. Do-able, though, I'd say.

I would mostly only recommend using these directly on your skin, though, if you find that inserts never sit in the right place to cushion your foot, otherwise, it will be much more cost effective to apply these to the insides of uncomfortable shoes, since they won't be one-wear that way. I also like that doing it this way means the pad can sit far enough forward to be under the toes and ball of the foot, though I still wish the pad was wider to sit under the whole front of my foot.

If you are interested in trying these for yourself, you can find them at for $9.95 (I'm guessing in USD) for a pack of 6 pads. Unfortunately, it looks like International shipping, including to Canada, is $20 USD... so unless you're buying a few packs, I'm not sure they're worth buying online unless they sound amazing to you, or you live in the states.

Let me know if you've tried Sole Patches before and what you thought, as well as what your favourite brand of shoe inserts is for uncomfortable shoes!

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