Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shiro Fatality Finishing Powder Review

Hello again!

I got this in the mail a while ago, and decided to use it out a bit so I could talk about it, rather than just giving you my first impressions.

I bought this powder because I wanted to find a cheaper replacement for my now-empty Make Up Forever setting powder. I was looking at a couple: the ELF one, Fyrrinae has a couple, and this one from Shiro. I decided on this one because ELF charges too much for shipping (that said, I have an ELF haul coming up >_>), and I couldn’t decide between the Fyrinnae options. Also, Shiro has pretty good shipping to Canada. Oh, and it’s a finishing powder, and it’s called Fatality… I thought that was hilarious, and I hope some of you do, too.


In the package, she also sent me a little sample of one of her eyeshadows, and a Reese's peanut butter cup. I was pretty happy to get this particular colour, since I was considering getting it to try out, partially because it’s called Extermination (if you don’t get it, watch some Doctor Who), and also because it’s this pretty, shiny gold colour.

I also thought it was super cute that she wrote that little thank you on my order print-out.

Anyways, first, let’s take a look at what I actually spent money on, the Fatality Finishing [Move] Powder:




This powder is a pretty good size. I was surprised with the small-ish size of the package, but I got over it when I realised to was packed to the top with product. Also, it’s a great size for my powder brushes to dip into.

The powder itself isn’t the same as the MUFE powder; it has a little bit of grittiness to it, while the MUFE is perfectly smooth and oddly glide-y… I’m sure you know what I mean if you’ve ever tried it. It’s not uncomfortable however, and it still goes on invisible, doesn’t get cakey, and looks great over my foundation or BB Cream, which is what I use it for. It doesn’t smell like anything, and is great for mattifying.  I would definitely suggest this for anyone looking for a new, affordable setting powder.



As you can see above, the colour on this shadow is pretty neutral, though I think it has pretty good pigmentation. It does also have a fair bit of microglitter in it as well, though, so it can be a little fall-out-y. I find though, if I use an eye primer, and make sure to press the shadow onto my eyelid, rather than swiping, I manage to get away more sparkle-free, if not completely. It is possible, also, that I’m just not skilled with glittery powder, or loose shadows. All that said, though, I really like this colour, and would love to try out more of Shiro’s shadows.

Let me know if you’ve tried this powder or any of Shiro’s powders. I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts on Fyrinnae’s eyeshadows, if you have tried those. Thanks for reading! =)

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  1. want to try it just a bit not the whle thing, to see how it can work on the face


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