Saturday, June 30, 2012

LA Fresh and Spa Rituals Reviews

Hello again! Before I start reviewing these products, I just wanted to mention that I’ve finally reached 25 followers! Yay! Now, I do want to do a giveaway for you guys, but I’m guessing that unless you’ve voted in the poll, you aren’t likely to enter the contest either, so I’m going to wait until several more people have voted before going shopping for the prize! If you haven’t voted yet, you’re helping hold up the contest!

Anyway, I was going to review these two products separately, but then I realised that would make for two rather short posts, when I could just combine them to create a larger one.

The first is the LA Fresh Acetone-Free Remover pads that I received in my June Glymm box:


These pads claim that they can remove the polish from all ten nails, as well as being conditioning. Since there were two, I kind of torture tested the first one with glitter polish, and I probably should have taken a picture of the poor pad after I was done, since only two glittery nails left it ripped to shreds. For my second test, though, I thought I’d give it a fair chance, so when my pretty Mint Sorbet (Sally Hansen) nails chipped, I decided it was time to test it out again.




I didn’t take a before picture of both hands, but that was the only polish chip.





I was actually surprise when it took the polish off so many nails, though it became progressively more and more work, requiring me to really scrub at my nails after the first hand. As you can see, the pad separated into layers, and is completely covered in polish. Also, no matter how much I scrubbed, it didn’t remove all the polish from my last nail, so I had to use acetone remover anyways.

This product, though it did do a lot better than I had expected, is definitely not better than an acetone remover. Although it smells really good, one pad can’t remove all my polish, whereas I only need one cotton pad and a few splashes of remover. Also, the conditioners in this product made my nails and fingers feel greasy and sticky, so that I ended up using my regular remover on all of my nails, just to feel clean.

Also, just to be clear, I do use a polish remover that contains acetone, but I do not use pure acetone. I am, however, considering purchasing a bottle to use when I wear glitter polishes. I am currently using Truly Strengthening Nail Polish Remover, from Zellers.

Verdict: So not worth it.

Second, I wanted to show you some more pictures of the Spa Rituals polish that I showed you in my (very) Mini Haul:


The following pictures actually show this polish over top of a flat blue base, because this polish is actually very translucent. Three or four coats still won’t make it completely even, so I decided to use two coats over another blue. This also helped the purple in the glitter to show up more obviously in some lights, but I was still unable to capture it, unfortunately.





These pictures were taken after a couple days wear, so please excuse the slight tip wear. That said, though, this polish has really good staying power! I was surprised that it lasted so long, since anything I usually mix with my Fascino (cheap) polishes, doesn’t last more than a day or two without starting to chip!

Verdict: I definitely like, I just wish it was more opaque. I will probably purchase this brand again.

Now go vote on the poll! I’m off to do some Canada Day nails on myself for tomorrow. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian followers!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

So just over a week ago Morgan from Beauty Matrix left me a comment letting me know that she’d nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, and I’m finally getting around to doing it.


What you do? State 7 facts about yourself and then nominate 15 other blogs for this award!

Seven Facts About Me:

  1. I currently have 73 bottles of nail polish, including my top an base coats.
  2. My actual favourite magazine is UK Cosmo, but I can’t get a subscription since it would cost more than buying each issue as they come out.
  3. Apparently I have a harder time staying on track if I only have one class for a semester, rather than my usual three.
  4. I’m currently 6 books behind on my GoodReads 2012 challenge.
  5. The hairdresser cut my hair a lot shorter than I apparently wanted. This is probably my fault, but I swear I’ve asked for it the same way before, an I like it more afterwards. Not that it’s bad now, but I feel like its a lot of work to make it wearable, and I’m so used to just washing and letting it air dry.
  6. For someone who doesn’t usually like lip products all that much, I’ve bought and received a large number of them in the last little while, and there are still more that I want to acquire.
  7. I currently have a stack of John Green books sitting beside me which I haven’t looked at since getting them out of the library, since if I’m reading, I should be reading for class, so instead I end up not reading anything besides blog posts an Reddit comments.

Fifteen Blogs:

  1. GretalRabbit Writes
  2. Stylish and Literate
  3. Starless Fashion
  4. Cosmetic Proof
  5. Faces by Jeanine
  6. Art Evolve
  7. Glitta Gloves
  8. Natalie's Nail Obsession
  9. Polish All the Nails
  10. Guilt/Lust
  11. Miranda's Makeup and More
  12. Secrets of a Wannabe Charlotte
  13. Everyday is Like Sunday
  14. All That is Gorgeous
  15. See Sarah Swatch

Just a heads up, but, while I would love to do a 25 follower giveaway, or something of the sort, I probably won’t do it just yet if I don’t think most of my followers will enter. This is what it looks like so far, since I only have 6 votes on the poll in the sidebar =(, so don’t forget to voice your opinions!

Also, while we’re on the topic of opinions, would any of you be interested in seeing posts about stuff other thank beauty products, such as books, movies, games, etc, or should I stick with what I’m doing now?

Thanks so much for reading!

Friday, June 22, 2012

June Glymm Bag!

Ahh!! I just noticed that this is my 100th post!! I feel like this is some kind of special landmark, and I’m going to have celebratory chocolate! =D

It feels so weird calling it a Glymm bag…! But first, I am SO frustrated with Canada Post this month. I mean, this is my eighth box, I haven’t moved… nothing is different and I’ve never had a problem before… But for some reason, they had an issue finding my house this month? I saw it was out for delivery at 10 am on Tuesday, but by 1, instead of being at my house, I saw that the site said that it was being held until my address could be verified…! It’s on the box isn’t it? I called customer service to see if there was anything I could do to help the process, but the guy said there wasn’t but that it might be figured out and still delivered that night, since apparently they deliver as late as 8 pm. But it didn’t. It finally arrived the next day, and honestly, I can’t tell you what the hold up was!! Ugh.

But I have it now, and this is in no way Glymm’s fault, so I will stop ranting. I just hope that Canada Post remembers how to read an address for next month. Let’s get to the bag, shall we?


I didn't take a picture of the outer box this month, because you’ve probably seen it enough by now, however I did realize later that the box is a little smaller now, which was proven by my friend who lives in an apartment and used to have to go to the post office to pick her box up, since it wouldn’t fit in her box, but now it does! So that’s convenient!

Also, I really love the colour of this month’s bag, of course, since its basically TARDIS blue! I’ve been using the pink one as my makeup bag in my purse, but I’m thinking of switching to this one, since its even prettier. Anyways, this month’s box was really light, which is always a little scary, but here’s a first look inside:


Also, you might notice my background it different, since I actually got my bag the morning before I was going to the mall with my boyfriend and while he had lunch, I took my pictures =P.


Since the bags are meant to reduce the waste from all the packaging, Glymm took another step towards being greener, this month, by ditching the product information card. I’m not sure what I think about this. At first, it seemed like a good idea, however, unless you’re opening your bag in front of a computer, it’s a little disappointing not to be able to check out what the products are supposed to do, and their prices and full-sizes. All that information is still available, however, and you don’t need to be logged in to see it, so if you want to check it out as well, the URL is on the card above.

Vitamine & Sea Perfect Skin Solution:




Full Size: 45 ml for $68.00
Sample Size: 2 ml (estimate)
Approx. Sample Value: $3.00

So I was actually kind of scared of this product when I first pulled it out and read the ingredient list, since it’s entirely composed of different essential oils. However, after reading the blurb on the back, which explains the purposes of all the different oils, I decided I actually would give this a try. What I found most interesting about the ingredients were the carrot seed oil which is supposed to “fight acne”, and the jojoba oil which is supposed to “correct your skin’s PH balance and prevent oily skin by reducing excess sebum production.”

Since getting my bag, I’ve used this once, after my Clinique Acne Solutions toner just a little while before going to bed. I put a little too much on, since this says 2-4 drops, and rubbed it into my skin. In the morning, I was surprised to find that my skin wasn’t oily, and looked soft and even. I’m pretty impressed and will definitely use of the rest of my sample, however I probably wouldn’t repurchase this product, since its pretty pricey.

La Fresh Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads:



Full Size: 18 pads for $9.99
Sample Size: 2 pads
Approx. Sample Value: $1.11

Okay, I basically laughed when I pulled these out. I had absolutely no faith that these would do anything, especially against glitter nail polishes, like the one I was wearing which you can see in the pictures (its Nerd Lacquer’s Home of the Untempered Schism, if you’re interested). Since there are two of them, I decided to be cruel and try to take off glitter polish with one of these pads the other day, and, as expected, by the second nail, the pad was pretty much destroyed. I gave up, took off the polish, and used what was left of the moisture in the pad as a nail conditioner, however, since it says its good for that, and also because these smell really good.

The second one I’m saving for next time I have a non-glittery polish on my nails, so I can give this product a fair attempt to impress me, but I still don’t have much hope for them. Even if they do work, I wouldn’t purchase this product because $10 to remove my polish only 18 times is a little ridiculous, when a package of 100 cotton pads is maybe $4, and about the same for a good bottle of polish remover with acetone!

Clark’s Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask:




Full Size: 50 ml for $72.00
Sample Size: 10 ml (estimate)
Approx. Sample Value: $14.40

If I estimated the size of this product fairly, then this product is stupidly expensive. I haven’t used this product yet, but I can’t image it it being worth almost $1.50 per ml!! Anyways, this is a fairly simple looking white clay mask, with little to no scent. In the product description, Glymm promises that this mask will “deliver an instantly brighter-looking complexion that's visibly smoother and more luminous,” and that it even works well with combination, problematic, or aging skin. One interesting thing about this brand is that a portion of the sales goes to the Christopher Reeve Foundation.

Salvador Dali ItIsDream Perfume Spray:


Full Size: 60 ml for $54.00
Sample Size: 2 ml (estimate)
Approx. Sample Value: $1.80

My first thought: “Salvador Dali…? Isn’t he a painter?”

I’m not sure what this has to do with the famous painter, or if it is simply using his name, but I suppose that isn’t the point. This perfume seemed really light and citrus-y when I first sprayed it, but as it settled on my skin it got progressively stronger, and the floral and musky notes overpowered the citrus. So whereas I thought I liked this perfume at first, I actually really dislike it. Disappointing.

Harmony by Belvada Lipstick/Lip Balm Duo:









Full Size: 2 x 3.4g for $20
Sample Size: 2 x 3.4g (Full Size!)
Approx. Sample Value: $20.00

My final product of the month is this lipstick duo in the very cool packaging! Its a really cute dual ended tube, and, in case you haven’t seen anyone opening it on glymm unboxing videos, you push on one end to get the other out. This took me a minute to figure out, and I think it was an accident when I finally did, but I love the idea now!

I think this is a great idea, especially since red lipsticks can be very unforgiving to the imperfections in your lips, and dry lips just aren’t going to look right in red lipstick. There isn’t really anything too special in the balm, which is transparent and relatively scentless,  but I suppose it does what it is supposed to do. The colour I got on the other side, as you saw in the pictures, is Intense Red. For some reason, swatching it on my hand it looks way more pink than red, but on my lips it definitely turns up red. I really like the formula, and it almost smells a little like chocolate on the lips.

Although Glymm says this lipstick is supposed to be long-lasting, it really is no more long lasting than any other basic lipstick: if you eat or drink, this colour is going right on to whatever your lips touch! But I’m still happy with the product, and I’m glad I got this colour, instead of the pink that a lot of other bloggers seem to have received.

Total Approximate Value: $40.31

On the product listing page, Glymm also includes the makeup bag itself as one of the products, since they sell the in the Glymm store for $12, however, I don’t count that as part of the overall value of the bag, especially since I can’t imagine anyone spending $12 on one of these bags. However, if you were to count that, the total would become $52.31. But ignore that.

For the most part I’m pretty happy with this month’s bag. As usual, there was a full-sized product, thankfully a make-up product. Sadly that was the only make-up product included, but there was a pretty good mix of things in the bag this month, and luckily no foil packets of shampoo! My favourite product is probably the lipstick duo, though I am pretty happy with the face serum as well.

And if you want to sign up for Glymm, it’s now $12 a month, or $120/year if you pay for it all at once, which is like getting 2 boxes free! Here’s my referral link, in case you’re interested:

Thanks for reading! <3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mini Haul (+ my kitty)

So, I found about $30 in coins in a box, and I decided that i could use part of it to reward myself for being so good lately. Basically I allowed myself $20 to spend on makeup. My original plan was to get myself a cream blush and the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain. However, I couldn’t find any blushes that I liked the look and feel of, and it would seem that Canada doesn’t have that particular Revlon lip product.

Anyways, London Drugs had the Maybelline Baby Lips on sale for $4.99, and since I’ve been wanting to compare it to the Revlon Lip Butters, I picked one up. And I am so glad that I did! I’m completely in love; it is smooth and silky, it has SPF, the colour is gorgeous, and it smells like JUICE!! >_> Honestly, it kinda makes me thirstier if I put it on when I’m already thirsty… Anyways, yes, in love.




It’s so pink! It reminds me of Barbie! Also, in case I didn’t mention it, this one is called Pink Punch. Here’s a swatch (the picture almost looks shimmery, but it’s not, just really shiny!):


For the rest of my money, since I’d allotted myself $20, I had almost $15 left, so I decided I could splurge on a new nail polish! With Sephora’s new nail bar thing, there’s now even more gorgeous polishes to lust after, from even more brands. Since I’ve never tried Spa Ritual, it’s only 50 cents more expensive than the Sephora by OPI, and because this duochrome is completely gorgeous, I got this one. It’s Meditate On This:


100_1139I’ve cropped these two really close because they are basically the only ones that even try to show the purple shimmer! I wish it was easier to catch a picture of…


And swatches! Again, I simply couldn’t find an angle that captured the purple in this polish, which really makes me sad. Next time I paint my nails, I’ll be using this polish, and I’ll try to post a picture in natural light, in case it shows up better that way. Until then, here’s what it looks like on a Nail Wheel:



And, as an added bonus, Kovu, my kitty, was sitting with me allllll day Sunday while I worked on an essay. Here’s a picture of him curled into a ball on my quilt, so dead asleep that taking three pictures with the flash on didn’t wake him:


P.S. I just noticed I am at 22 followers!! I’m probably wayyyy too excited about this, but such is life! Thanks so much for following, it means a lot. This definitely means that everyone should make sure to vote on the poll for the giveaway prize and let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thanks for reading! <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pink & Holo Glitter Gradient

Hello everyone! If you notice the time stamp on this post, you might wonder why I am awake at 5 in the morning, and I can tell you that the answer is not that I woke up early, but that I have not yet gone to bed, because I was trying to finish an essay. I’m not done, but I have given up for the night.

Anyways, while I would love to go to bed, first I thought I would write up this quick post while my hair dries a little bit, since I just washed it (if I left my hair to do in the morning, I’d just skip it… yuck).

So, for your viewing pleasure today, as the title suggests, I have a pink and holographic glitter gradient mani! This is two coats of Julep in Cameron, and the holo glitter is L.A. Colors Color Craze in Star Lite. I put the glitter on in three consecutively shorter sections, and topped with Seche Vite, which I’m sure is the only reason that my nails finally dried, since, including top and base coat, that means there are 7 coats of polish on my nail tips!




I really love the outcome of this manicure, however, the thick polish on the tips really bugged me. Unfortunately, by about 2/3 through today, I’d peeled these off in thick sheets, so all my hard work didn’t last more than 24 hours! Sad smile

Oh well, it looked good. I’m sure this would last much longer on someone who doesn’t care so much that the tip of their nail is almost half a centimetre thick! O_o Haha! Now I’m wearing my Nerd Lacquer in Home of the Untempered Schism, which is super glittery and pretty. I probably already have swatches on here, if you click through to “Nerd Lacquers” in the topics on the side bar, but if you can’t find them and want them, leave me a comment.

Also, my lovely followers, please don’t forget to follow, preferably on GFC, but I also have Hellocotton and Blog Lovin’. And don’t forget to vote on my poll in the right sidebar!

Thanks for reading <3

Friday, June 15, 2012

Neon Nails :)

Just a quick post to show you my current mani! Its nothing too special, but I’m just so in love with it that I wanted to show it off.

I’m wearing two coats of OPI Did It On ‘Em, topped off with one coat of Icing’s What Planet Are You On? which is a great neon green glitter. However, the application of the Icing polish is terrible if you try for more than one coat, which is why I opted to paint it over the OPI. I love the clear glitter in this polish, it’s almost like a flakey!


However, even just one coat of this polish is very lumpy, and I could probably used an extra coat of Seche Vite to even it out. However, I am both lazy and cheap, so I stuck with one coat.

Also, you might notice that my nails have gotten a little shorter, especially my pinky, which is because I was picking off my polish (I know… I shouldn’t…), but there was a bit of a ding in my pinky nail, and instead of polish, I ripped almost the entire tip off the nail!! I was really depressed, but I cut the rest of my nails down a bit to match. They’ll grow back though.

Another contest for you!

There are so many great contests going on right now! Here’s one from Miranda at Miranda’s Makeup & More, for her 800 Follower Giveaway:

She’s giving away a bunch of great polishes, Julep nail stickers, Revlon and NYC makeup, and Express press on nails, as well as a lipgloss not included in the picture above.

I’m really hoping I win this one, so you’re all lucky that I’m sharing it with you guys! Haha! Anyways, this is open until July 4th, so make sure to get your entries in, and head over to:


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet contest for some Nail-Venturous polishes!

I’ve a pretty great contest to share with you guys today, thanks to the wonderful Kayla over at Nails by Kayla Shevonne. She’s doing a 3000 follower giveaway, and is giving away some very cool Nail-Venturous polishes! Take a look:

That’s right, one of the polishes is the beloved Floam! So gorgeous, along with Pinkerbell, and Flying Blue Jay, which looks amazing! You’ve only got until July 4th (I think) to enter, so head on over and enter:
Good luck!

Oh, and don't forget to vote in the poll I put in the right side-bar! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I finally tried out the stamping plate that I won a while back in my last mani. This wasn’t technically my first attempt, as I have practised on my toes, but it was the first mani I ever used the plates with. With that in mind, I’m very happy with the outcome, though I definitely need to work on my placement.

I used Ocean in Getting Reddy as my basecoat, and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Platinum for the design:




Also, in case you were wondering, it was intentional that some of the designs are one way, and others appear upside down. However, I do need to work on making sure the plate is clean and to scrape the excess polish off properly between stamps. The most obvious example in these pictures if probably looking at my thumb, but my left ring finger had weird stripes around the edges of the pattern, as well.

Have you ever tried stamping? Are you addicted? Did you find it too much work? Let me know!


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