Saturday, June 30, 2012

LA Fresh and Spa Rituals Reviews

Hello again! Before I start reviewing these products, I just wanted to mention that I’ve finally reached 25 followers! Yay! Now, I do want to do a giveaway for you guys, but I’m guessing that unless you’ve voted in the poll, you aren’t likely to enter the contest either, so I’m going to wait until several more people have voted before going shopping for the prize! If you haven’t voted yet, you’re helping hold up the contest!

Anyway, I was going to review these two products separately, but then I realised that would make for two rather short posts, when I could just combine them to create a larger one.

The first is the LA Fresh Acetone-Free Remover pads that I received in my June Glymm box:


These pads claim that they can remove the polish from all ten nails, as well as being conditioning. Since there were two, I kind of torture tested the first one with glitter polish, and I probably should have taken a picture of the poor pad after I was done, since only two glittery nails left it ripped to shreds. For my second test, though, I thought I’d give it a fair chance, so when my pretty Mint Sorbet (Sally Hansen) nails chipped, I decided it was time to test it out again.




I didn’t take a before picture of both hands, but that was the only polish chip.





I was actually surprise when it took the polish off so many nails, though it became progressively more and more work, requiring me to really scrub at my nails after the first hand. As you can see, the pad separated into layers, and is completely covered in polish. Also, no matter how much I scrubbed, it didn’t remove all the polish from my last nail, so I had to use acetone remover anyways.

This product, though it did do a lot better than I had expected, is definitely not better than an acetone remover. Although it smells really good, one pad can’t remove all my polish, whereas I only need one cotton pad and a few splashes of remover. Also, the conditioners in this product made my nails and fingers feel greasy and sticky, so that I ended up using my regular remover on all of my nails, just to feel clean.

Also, just to be clear, I do use a polish remover that contains acetone, but I do not use pure acetone. I am, however, considering purchasing a bottle to use when I wear glitter polishes. I am currently using Truly Strengthening Nail Polish Remover, from Zellers.

Verdict: So not worth it.

Second, I wanted to show you some more pictures of the Spa Rituals polish that I showed you in my (very) Mini Haul:


The following pictures actually show this polish over top of a flat blue base, because this polish is actually very translucent. Three or four coats still won’t make it completely even, so I decided to use two coats over another blue. This also helped the purple in the glitter to show up more obviously in some lights, but I was still unable to capture it, unfortunately.





These pictures were taken after a couple days wear, so please excuse the slight tip wear. That said, though, this polish has really good staying power! I was surprised that it lasted so long, since anything I usually mix with my Fascino (cheap) polishes, doesn’t last more than a day or two without starting to chip!

Verdict: I definitely like, I just wish it was more opaque. I will probably purchase this brand again.

Now go vote on the poll! I’m off to do some Canada Day nails on myself for tomorrow. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian followers!


  1. I loved the smell of the La Fresh wipes, but like you, I really had to work hard to get the nail polish off the last 5 fingers. I eventually caved and used nail polish remover!

    1. Exactly, acetone may be drying, and the smell may not be great (though, I like it, which probably isn't a goo thing), but there's nothing like good old acetone to take off polish!


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