Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fashion Pet Peeves #1 (and intro)

As I mentioned briefly in one of my earlier posts, I want to do a little series of posts about fashion trends and products that I can’t stand. I know this is supposed to be a makeup blog, but I think if you call it a beauty blog instead, the fashion fits in just fine! I have a fairly long list waiting in the back of this semester’s notebook of ideas for posts for this series. I think I’ll try to post one a week. I hope you enjoy these, feel free to disagree, and let me know what you think in the comments!

I though I would start with one of my oldest and strongest hates. Thus, this week’s topic is…

Ugg Boots:

This probably isn’t a huge surprise if you follow any fashion blogs at all, but at the same time, this seems to be an excessively controversial stance, since so many girls still wear them or some kind of cheaper imitation, including my younger sister. I care a little less about the cheaper ones, but they are still just as ugly and only acceptable if it’s really cold out and you aren’t in a skirt or tucking baggy pants into them. Or if you don’t plan to leave the house.

Example of baggy pants in Uggs

My big annoyance is the expensive ones (regular, name-brand Uggs cost at least $200), or any imitation costing more than $20. These do not look good and should never be worn as fashion. There are lots of good quality, attractive boots out there, there is no excuse for Uggs as fashion. They really aren’t even practical!

I don’t understand why so many girls wear them in the rain, either! You can see that the water has soaked in and I can’t imagine how squishy and uncomfortable that makes these atrocious boots!

Wet Uggs…

Honestly, I’m going to link you to my favourite fashion blogger, also a teacher at VCAD for fashion here in Vancouver. She has brilliant rants about Uggs:

I also hate when people wear these with skirts or shorts; this looks bad, and besides, if you’re cold, you should put on some bloody pants or tights or something!

Another thing, Uggs on GUYS?!

Why, God, why?

I don’t know why this fashion disaster has been spreading to men, mainly asian men, but I’ve seen it on white guys too… This is not okay. These boots look just as bad, if not worse, on you! Stop. Please just stop.

Oh, and one more thing, which I actually have on my list for a post of it’s own:


Anyways, that’s my rant for the week. I currently have a list of pet peeves waiting, so I might make these posts a weekly thing. Please let me know if you are interested in reading more of them! Also, please let me know what you think, and whether you agree or disagree with my hatred of Ugg boots and all of their various imitations.

Thanks for reading! <3

(All pictures were found at random on Google Images)


  1. I remember when Uggs were the newest thing out there, and I wanted a pair so bad. Oh man, that was a mistake. It takes a lot to pull them off. When I see Uggs + Daisy Dukes + California beaches... that's kinda crazy. Just my personal opinion.

    1. If you have the money for them, they have their time and place, I suppose, but you also have to know how to dress them, since there are very few ways to pull them off. They're not worth the effort in my opinion, when you could get yourself a good practical pair of boots, that do more than just act like ugly slippers!

  2. They look comfy to me but not very practical if they aren't waterproof. And for $200? That seems a bit ridiculous to me.

    1. Agreed, the authentic ones aren't worth it, and the cheap ones probably aren't either, since they are made with cheap, crappy materials.

  3. I hate it when girls where them with shorts. Or when it's raining and I especially hate it when the bottom is all crooked and your feet aren't in the right place. Uggs are good for when it is windy or when you where them with sweats and you are just chilling at home. I own a pair that are dark brown and I wear them with jeans and sometimes tights. I have had them for a couple of years now and they are still good as new. No point in buying a fake pair because the material is horrible and sooner or later the bottom will become crooked and your feet won't be in the correct spot. Real Uggs are really nice and furry in the inside so I always where them when it's windy but definitely NOT when it is raining or snowing. All in all, buy them if they are your style and if they're not, there are MANY boots out there!

  4. I am sorry buti have to disagrre with u. I own two pairs of no name ugg boots and have had them for two years. They are still in great condition and i wead them in winter probably 4 to 5 times a week. I love your blog butthis post really got on my nerves. Sorryz!

    1. That's great, and everyone is entitled to your opinion. Thanks for the compliment on the rest of the blog, and I hope this post doesn't taint your opinion of me too much, but as I said, I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion. Also, if they were cheap boots, and you don't walk on the edges of them, you might not even be the type of girl I'm mad at! =) Thanks for reading!

  5. Thanks for your post! I though I'm the only one who hates those ugly boots. To me, they resemble "valenki", Russian traditional boots that had been worn by peasants. You can see valenki's picture here.

    Besides, UGGs are very dangerous from orthopedic point of view. Just do a little research and you'll see. It's a shame they cost $200 (I even didn't suspect they were so expensive!) For this amount of money I'd buy a pair of great designer shoes... The world goes crazy...

    1. Wow, those kinda do look the same! And I agree, there are so many better things you could do with $200 bucks! I can see how Uggs would be bad for your feet and body, since they don't have any support inside. Almost as bad as wearing flipflops every day!


I love reading your comments, and I really do read them all! So let me know what your thoughts are!


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