Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Mini-haul (or in other words: I shop too much!)

So I was at the mall earlier because Brit had said that Sephora was having some special Nars event, and they were doing mini makeovers, and if you bought two products, there was some kind of gift bag. However, Nars is expensive, and the gift bag was just a few deluxe samples, and they were all different. So we didn’t buy anything, but we got our makeup done, and the artist who did mine commented on my Ravenclaw necklace, and then I remembered she was the one who had also noticed my Gallifrey shirt a couple weeks ago, so we talked about Doctor Who for a while, which was pretty cool. =)

Anyways, then Brit and I walked around the mall a bit, and I found a couple of polishes at Icing, which I haven’t been to in a long time, and their polishes have gotten so much more interesting! I fell in love with about 10 different glitters, but I picked two (since it was a buy one get one 50% off deal). I got:

Radio Super Star, which, as you can see is blue mini glitter, pink hex, and big silver stars! So cute!100_0947



And I also got What Planet Are You On?, which is this gorgeous neon green full of glitter, which gives is a really cool quality and depth!




Here’s swatches of these two polishes. I think you can tell which is which:


Icing also has this glitter nail polish remover thing, which is a little tub I’m guessing is full of polish remover, and has a brush inside that is supposed to help scrub off glitter, but I decided I wasn’t allowed three things, though its a great idea if it would work…

Then, in The Body Shop, another place I haven’t shopped in a while, I picked up a couple things from the Chocomania line, which were on 2 for $10. I got the lip butter, which smells exactly like chocolate icing:



And a small (50ml) pot of the body butter, which smells exactly like the lip butter:



And here’s everything I purchased today all together:


Also, in the mail today, I finally got the stamper and scraper I ordered from eBay so I could use the stamping plate I won, what, a couple months ago?


It took a really long time… Also, I am currently pretty bad at this, here are my first attempts:




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  1. What a great haul!! :D Ooh, that chocolate body butter sounds fantastic. And ohmygosh, Icing polishes are sooo cool! :D


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