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Two Tags “40 Beauty Questions” and “Hunger Games”

So, I found both of these tags on GretalRabbit Writes, and I’m posting them together, because technically the Hunger Games one isn’t relevant to my blog, but I love surveys and wanted to do it anyways!

40 Beauty Questions:

1) How many times do you wash your face daily?
Once at night if I remember… I’m really bad…

2) What skin type do you have?
Combination; usually greasy chin and forehead and dry cheeks and nose.

3) What is your current facial wash?
Sephora Supreme Cleansing Foam. Or the Ole Henriksen Turth to Go face wipes if I’m lazy…

4) Do you exfoliate?
Sometimes. Usually just with a little sample product from a Glymm box, or I’ll count lightly scrubbing my face with a washcloth. Though I also like to use my mom’s St. Ives apricot face scrub sometimes.

5) What moisturiser do you use?
Aside from testing out various samples, my usual is the Sephora Instant Moisturizer.

6) Do you have freckles?

7) Do you use an eye cream?
Not usually, again, I just try out samples.

8) Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I do. My chin especially is bad.

9) Did you ever have to use Proactiv?
Nope. Never tried it

10) What foundation do you use?
When I use foundation, I have my Lancôme Colour Ideal foundation. However, I’m also quickly falling in love with the M.Asam Magic Fini from this last Glymm box. It blends really beautifully and stays on all day!

11) How about concealer?
I don’t like using concealers on zits, and I have nothing else to use them for, so the only one I have is the Clinique Acne Solutions clearing concealer.

12) Do you know your undertone colour?
I think I must be warm toned.. I’m very pink

13) What do you think of false eyelashes?
I love them, but they are so hard to put on, I think.

14) Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yeah, I know… I don’t bother with that, I just use my mascara until its done, but I do know that fact. I’ve also read that that isn’t important and as long as it doesn’t smell funky its fine to use!

15) What brand of mascara do you use?
I'm currently using 17 Va Va Voom mascara- I can't decide yet if I'll repurchase or pick out a new mascara; I love this one but I don't know if there's anything better out there :p

16) Sephora or MAC?

17) Do you have a MAC Pro Card?
No, I don’t like MAC and only own one liquid liner from there.

18) What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
Fingers mostly, but I have a few regular ELF shadow brushes, an ELF Mineral Blending Brush that I use for blush, and my ELF Studio Complexion Brush for powder. I also have eyelash curlers, and the shadow brush out of the Naked Palette.

19) Do you use an eye primer?
Yeah, when I want or need to make sure my shadow stays on all night. I have the ELF mineral one, which I rarely ever use, and the mini Urban Decay Primer Potion which I love.

20) Do you use a face primer?
No, I’ve never used one.

21) What's your favourite eyeshadow?
That’s pretty tough, but I guess for a good, everyday colour, I really like the Urban Decay Sin.

22) Liquid or pencil eyeliner?
Pencil, by far! I couldn’t live without my UD 24/7 Zero pencil!

23) How often do you poke yourself in the eye with eyeliner?
Pretty much never, actually. I have a bit of a phobia about stuff in my eye, so I’m pretty good.

24) What do you think of mineral pigments?
I’ve never tried them.

25) Do you use mineral makeup?
Yeah, I mean, I don’t search it out, but my powders usually end up being mineral, like my current: Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact.

26) What is your favourite lipstick?
I’m not a big lipstick person, so this is a little difficult. If we pretend I own it: NARS Roman Holiday… but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to spend $29 on lippy.

27) How about lip gloss?
Again, not really my thing. If we pretend lip balm is gloss, the I guess the Fresh non-tinted one?

29) Do you buy your makeup on eBay?
No, that scares me a little

30) Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yeah, its alright. I prefer to purchase my lipsticks, glosses, and mascaras from the drugstore, at any rate. Mascaras because all brands seem too similar, and lip stuff because it always comes off so fast!

31) Do you go to CCO’s (Cosmetic Company Outlets)?
I don’t even know what that is!

32) Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
No, I have too much fun playing with it myself!

33) Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Not really… maybe with liquid liner, but I’m usually pretty good.

34) What's your make up pet peeve?
-Lining the bottom lashes but not the waterline
-wearing the wrong colour foundation
-not blending foundation
-blush as a block
-any other lacking of blending…

35) Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
Both! Natural is easier for day to day, but its so much fun to play with colours!

36) Which celebrity always has great makeup?
I don’t know really. Olivia Wilde, not that she wears a ton, but she always looks fantastic. Also, maybe Blake Lively? Probably Anne Hathaway… I honestly don’t pay that much attention to makeup on celebrities.

37) If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?
Mascara! Its a must with my blonde lashes…

38) Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? Do you think you look good even without makeup on?
No, I don’t leave without at least mascara. Preferably more if I’m doing anything besides class and the gym.

39) In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
I have to pick Urban Decay. I own so much UD, and I want even more!

40) What do you think of makeup?
I love it, can’t you tell? =)

Hunger Games Tag:


Now onto the questions:

1) What is your favourite book in The Hunger Games trilogy?
Hard to say. I have to love the first for starting it all, for laying the groundwork and explaining how this dystopian world functions. However, the second book, Catching Fire, just expands so much. You thought that the first was emotional, but in Catching Fire you dive even more deeply into the lives and emotions of the characters and really get to know them like you hadn’t before! Then there’s the final one, where it all gets worked out. It isn’t my favourite, because like Harry Potter was weird without Quidditch, the Hunger Games is a little lacking, to me, without a Hunger Games… but there is lots of action and emotion otherwise to keep someone occupied. I think my favourite is probably the second one, then. Because you’re right in the middle of everything.

2) How long would you last in the games?
Probably not very long. I’m not mean, and I have big issues with violence (its like I get phantom pains wherever a character gets injured in a movie, I just can’t see it without feeling it…). However, I also think that if threatened, I might get meaner. Plus, I wouldn’t be trying to hold back. But I wouldn’t be one of the people who hunts the others down. I’d be the one running and hiding.

3) What the strangest thing you thought would happen in the book, but didn't?
…I was scared Katniss would end up with Gale….
I thought maybe Peeta would be lost forever…
I thought maybe Katniss would take over for President Snow…
Lots really, but I didn’t think they’d bloody kill Prim… >_<

4) How were you introduced to The Hunger Games?
My sister. She was SO IN LOVE with these books. It sounded ok, but my best friend hadn’t loved them (wtf?!), but my sister insisted that I see the movie with her when it came out, and also that I would read the books before seeing the movie… so it was not really an option =P

5) What's your favourite moment in the books?
Hard to say, really… there’s so much pain and sadness… I loved that she killed Coin. I loved Peeta, but not at first. I liked finally finding out how Haymitch had won. I adored the prep team. And I loved when Katniss outsmarted them all and saved Peeta and herself!

6) Who is your favourite villain?
I don’t know… I don’t think I have one, particularly… the villains are honestly scary in this one… Do the other contestants count? Maybe Foxface, then, for being so clever.

7) Who is your favourite character?
Prim. Peeta. I have to admit I hated Katniss at first, but I grew to respect, if not love her. I can’t relate to her, since she’s so so different from me. Oh, and Finnick. And Beetee. And Rue…

8) What district would you live in?
I think I’d be good in District 3 (technology), possibly 8 (textiles).

9) What was the most emotional moment for you?
Oh god, this series had me crying pathetically, and it would have been worse if I’d read it only at home! When Katniss volunteered for Prim, when Rue died, when Gale almost said I love you but had to leave her after the reaping, when Peeta found out Katniss had been acting. When I though Gale was dead in Catching Fire for hunting. When Prim died. When the cat showed up and Katniss yelled and yelled until she realised it wasn’t leaving. When peeta was brainwashed and almost killed Katniss. so so so many times…

10) What item from home would you bring into the arena with you?
Probably the necklace my bf bought me, since it would be easy to carry and hard to lose.

11) What was the most evil plan in the books?
Definitely the rules of the Quarter Quell in book 2…

12) What are you looking forward to most in the films?
Everything. Just seeing it. Seeing how the movie makers envisioned it. The capitol. The clothes. The drama. Everything.

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