Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Favourites

Alright, I want to get this up before the end of the first week, so although I have some more posts waiting to go up, but I thought I’d push this one to the front. So, what were my favourite products in March?

  1. China Glaze Hunger Games polishes, especially Harvest Moon.


  2. Feather extensions (From my March Glymm box)

  3. M.Asam Magic Fini

  4. Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact


As for my non-cosmetic favourites, I guess I’d have to say:

  1. Reading on the bus… I’ve read so much more this year, because I’ve made a point of almost always reading while I'm on the bus to and from school everyday!
  2. I had to find a way to work it in, so: my new Hunger Games pin!!


    I’m also finally going to see the movie Monday, and I am stupidly excited…!
  3. My most recent diary/journal.


    Not sure if its because I’ve learned to write not only when I’m upset, or because this notebook looks so sophisticated that it begs you to write in it, but I’ve been pulling it out more than my last one, just to jot down ideas or little reminders of stuff that’s happened and I want to remember. Also, the very cute French pen I got to go with it:


Also, just wanted to mention a recent product I’ve been lusting over just a little: the NARS lipstick in Roman Holiday.


I think I described it well to my mom earlier when I called it a “neutral Barbie pink,” since it manages to have both the brightness of Barbie and the softness of a neutral. I’m bloody in love, but its $29 at Sephora. However, my aunt says she can try to find it for cheap on eBay, which I would be very happy about if she did!

What were your favourites last month?

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  1. The feather extension are cool, but my favorite would have to be the hunger game collection, I really loved the colour Riveting!


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