Sunday, October 27, 2013

Test-Running my Halloween Makeup!

I’m doing a rainbow-y version of Cyberpunk for halloween (just google Cyberpunk Fashion if you don’t know what I mean), so I wanted to make sure that what I had pictured in my head would be a possibility before the day dawned. Here’s a quick look at the various parts of my makeup for this Halloween!

Rainbow eyes. Sorry for the blur on the first picture:

2013-10-26 23.10.28

Looks much cooler once you get the black liner and mascara on to make the colours pop:

2013-10-26 23.13.33

These eyes are really easy if you already have the makeup necessary. I used my BH Cosmetics palette colours over my Nyx Milk pencil. Then I used my brushes to pat on the colour stripes. I didn’t even blend the colours together, just overlapped them slightly, and I really love the look. If you wanted, obviously you could blend the edges and make this more of a gradient and less of a harsh rainbow!

And then, neon pink brows:

2013-10-27 01.02.23

2013-10-26 23.23.14

2013-10-26 23.58.48

The brows are another thing that I think look more impressive than they are. All you need to do is use the Milk pencil like on the eyes, fill in your brows with the white. Then, I used a slanted liner brush to smooth the white into the hairs, cleaned the brush, and used a hot pink shadow and patted it onto the base until I liked the saturation. This is really easy to do with any colour you want, though a matte shadow will work better than a shimmer.

And finally, my lips:

2013-10-26 23.58.13

2013-10-26 23.58.48

I was just planning to use my MAC Hang-up for the look, but it didn’t seem dark enough. So what I did was I used my Nyx jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean (I think), lined the outter edge, and used a lip brush to smudge the colour towards the center of my lips for a slight gradient effect. Then, I redefined the outer edges with a black eyeliner pencil. These look a little rough and patchy, but as I wore the look, the colours ended up blending together and looking cooler.

And finally, here’s the makeup with my rainbow wig:

2013-10-27 00.34.45

I’ll most likely make sure to post my costume pictures here either a little before or after Halloween. If I don’t post before then, I hope you all have a fantastic time at whatever you plan to do on Halloween, be it parties, clubbing, or sitting home with your cat and some pizza! I suggest putting on a costume no matter what you’re doing, though! =P

Thanks for reading!

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