Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avengers Nail Art (Very picture heavy)

So I went to see the Avengers tonight, for which I was very excited! It was awesome!! To prove my excitement, here’s my Avengers nail art. I’m very pleased with some of them:

Left Hand (and thus with the better art):


And cleaned up:



And my right hand:


And here are single shots of each nail, even though this way you can see all of my messiness:

100_1019Captain America

100_1020S.H.I.E.L.D. Logo

100_1021Ironman’s glowy chest thing.
Tony Stark, otherwise known as Ironman, by the way, is my absolute favourite of the Avengers.

100_1022Avengers Logo

100_1023Thor’s Hammer and lightening bolt

100_1024Hulk DNA

100_1028Black Widow

100_1027Second Avengers Logo

100_1029Bow and Arrow for Hawkeye

100_1030And an eye patch for Nick Fury

So that’s all of my nail art in it’s messy, imperfect glory. I’m probably most impressed with the Avenger logos and with the SHIELD logo.

Have you seen the Avengers yet? Let me know that you thought!

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