Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Glymm Box!

Guess what I got today!


If you guessed my April Glymm box, you would be correct! It actually came two days before Canada Post’s prediction this week, though for some reason they didn’t leave it at my door like usual, so I had to wait an extra day and go pick it up. But anyways, let’s get right on to the box, shall we?


I’m not a big fan of the picture cards, but this month’s is very pretty. But it’s supposed to be April Showers, not flowers, please excuse me if that was meant to be a cute play on words, but to me it just sounds like they confused the line. …ANYWAYS… here’s the other side of the card:


As you can see, this box had four samples (depending how you count them) and a “Bonus.” I’ll show you the bonus first, because I am simply not impressed:


First thoughts after looking at the front: “Yeah, but how much do I have to spend?”


Technically, this is just a $100 to use on Nu Me products—or at least, on their hair extensions and styling tools—and you don’t need to spend anything to use it. However, what isn’t mentioned on this card, is that the feather hair extensions from last month DO NOT COUNT for this promotion, which made me sad, because my first thought was that I would be able to get a few different colours of extensions with this. Instead, the cheapest thing you can buy with this card is their Mini straightener, which is $115 (American, I think), and if you read the reviews, this is too small to be good for anything other than touch-ups. The next size up, the Petite straightener, is $125, and with the discount, plus shipping to Canada, this product will still cost you $40.

So, although this sounds like a great bonus on first glance, this is pretty much useless to me. However, go ahead and use the code if you are in need of a new straightener or some hair extensions… everyone got the same code. I know I won’t be using it.

And here’s the first look into my box:


You can’t see too much with that first sample on top, so we’ll start with that one:

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Fragrance:


Full size: 30 ml for $60 or 200 ml for $165
Sample size: ?? It doesn’t say, but I’d estimate 1.5 ml
Approx. value: $2.12
(I took an average of the prices; it could be valued anywhere from max: $3.00-min: $1.24)

I’m not exactly impressed by this sample, since it is annoyingly packaged and small. I don’t like this packaging, since it is hard to open without getting all over your hands when you take the lid off. Also, this is a very small sample, and Glymm is supposed to be supplying us deluxe samples not the same samples you can get for free from makeup counters. So I’m a little disappointed that this isn’t a little larger.

However, I do like the product itself. With the fancy French name, I was expecting an expensive, flowery fragrance, however this smells very strongly of oranges, like when you peel an orange and the zest gets everywhere. And I really like that. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this, though.

Lucia Soap No. 6 (Wild Ginger & Fresh Fig):




Full size: 8 soaps for $17.50
Sample size: 1 soap
Approx. value: $2.19

I’m not a big bar soap user, I prefer liquids, however, this smells really nice. I’ll probably take a long time to use this, though, since most of my showering happens at the gym, and it would be hard to pack a bar of soap there and back. I am very sure I wouldn’t repurchase this, though, since it’s very pricey for soap. I think the most expensive soap I’d ever buy would be a shower gel from the Body Shop.

Free Your Mane Sulfate-free Hydrating Shampoo & Daily Detangling Conditioner:



Full size: 300 ml for $16.00 (each, so $32 total)
Sample size: 7.4 ml each
Approx. value: ~$0.39 each (or $.079 total)

I haven’t used these yet, so I can’t tell you if I like them, and because of the stupid packaging, I can’t even open them up and tell you if they smell any good. You might be sensing another rant about bad packaging, and if so, you’re right. I know I’m not the only one, and I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I HATE THIS PACKAGING!! Why is it so hard to give us good sized samples? These packets cannot be closed, and there is no more than two uses in each packet. That is not enough to really try out a product, and if you want me to spend $16 a bottle on your shampoo, you better give me more to work with! I’ve gotten the same sized samples for free in the mail and in magazines, and since I’m paying for deluxe samples (I feel like I’m repeating myself), I expect to get them. Since this is worth less than a dollar for both samples, I’m sure it wouldn’t cost Glymm or the company much more to give us proper sized samples IN BOTTLES!

Sigh. That said, I’m also disappointed because this sample sounds promising, and I want to like it, but I’m sure, again, that I won’t be repurchasing, because this simply isn’t enough to get a feel for such an expensive product.

Mai Couture Social Gloss in G’Vinity:






Full size: 5 ml for $28.00
Sample size: full size; 5ml
Approx. value: $28.00

Finally, we come to what it pretty much my favourite thing in this box. This gloss looks a little scary in the tube, with its odd tan colour, but it goes on almost clear, and ends up looking basically like a shiny, glittery top coat for your lips! Also, it smells like chocolate cherries! Yum!

I really like this, and that its full size, but I probably would never purchase this, because it is very small, especially for the price! While it is a nice gloss, there are plenty of good glosses that won’t set you back thirty bucks.

One odd thing I noticed is that the prices on the card are not necessarily the same as the prices of these products if you want to buy them from the Glymm shop, which seems a little silly. For example, the shampoo and conditioner are $19.99 from Glymm…

Approx. Overall value of this month’s box: $33.10

Anyways, overall, I suppose I’m satisfied, but not actually impressed with this month’s box. However, if you have a use for the $100 gift card, I could see you being much more impressed with this month. I’m glad I got a full sized product, and that everything I received I can use quite happily, unlike some products, which I use just because I feel like I have to, since I technically paid for them. If you think about it, though, the lip gloss alone pays for this month almost three times. So, once again, I’ll be continuing my subscription at least one more month.

Did you get a Glymm box this month? Let me know what you thought, or if you want to share your experiences with any of the other monthly box programs, that’s great too.

Thanks for reading, have a great day =)

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  1. I am loving the orange scent! (which is a good thing since I got it all over my hands trying to close the bottle.) I am planning to put it in my sephora sample spritzer, to see how long it lasts. Although I would be surprise if I picked up the full size seeing as it would cost $60 and it would only be a good spring/summer scent. We'll see.


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