Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games -- Colours of the Capitol by China Glaze Polish Haul and Swatches!

Alright, I’m finally going to show off and brag about these beautiful polishes! I got these on the 16th, and that’s what I want to talk about first.

First of all, the site I bought them at said that they wouldn’t ship until the 21st, but they actually shipped the very next day after I bought them, and I was really surprised when I checked my tracking number and noticed that they were already in Richmond, which is generally the last place Canada Post registers the day before it arrives at my house, and beside that CP estimated it would arrive on the 16th, which it did! I was shocked so I did a little searching on their site and found out it was so quick because ships from Vancouver! So I was really pleased, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone on the West Coast of Canada, since you don’t pay any customs or duties since its a Canadian company, fast shipping, and shipping is either $5 or free if you spend more than $29, which really isn’t hard.

Anyways, on to the polishes! I got:

100_0753From right to left: Fast Track (District 6), Stone Cold (District 2), Harvest Moon (District 9), and Smoke and Ashes (District 12).





And, since it’s my absolute favourite, I wanted to try and show off the glitter in Smoke and Ashes, which is so bloody hard to photograph:


And nail wheel swatches! Fast Track and Harvest Moon, both two coats:


I’m completely in love with Harvest Moon, which is on my toes right now, and Fast Track looks like a perfect match for my skin! I can’t wait to try out the gold glittery mannequin hands this will surely give me! I’ve also seen swatches on other blogs where Fast Track makes a great glittery top coat.

Smoke and Ashes and Stone Cold, also both two coats:


These two are completely opaque with two coats, and about the same opacity as my other polishes are with two coats after only one! Stone Cold is beautiful, and I am currently in love with Smoke and Ashes, which is on my fingers now, and has been since the 17th!

The glitter doesn’t show up well in any of these pictures, but I swear it’s there in the sun! Sorry about the messy cuticles, I was a little too excited to get pictures…




Finally, I wanted to include this picture to show you the colours in the glitter, since the unfocused light picks it up a lot better for the camera:


Have you tried any of the Hunger Games polishes? Dying to get your hands on some? Too excited to express about the movie about to come out? I want to hear about it!

Thanks for reading! <3

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  1. I am thrilled with this collection! I bought Dress me up, Harvest Moon, Argo and Electricity. I also wanted Stone Cold and Riviting, but Riviting was all sold out, and I decided I wore pink way more often than gray! Hopefully I made the right choices!


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