Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Giveaway prize from GretalRabbit’s blog arrived!

I’m sorry this took so long to post, since I got this around the middle of last week! I don’t know what I’ve been so busy with, but here it finally is now!
(Most of this post was written soon after receiving this package)

Just thought I’d show off a little! In case you don’t follow her, the lovely Louise over at GretalRabbit Writes held a giveaway after reaching 100 followers! Her’s is definitely one of my favourite blogs, since she writes about not only cool make-up and nail polish stuff, but she also posts some pretty great recipes from time to time! Also, she’s British, and loves Doctor Who. So yeah…

Here’s what I got:



  • MUA Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette. This is almost a UD Naked Palette dupe, and has some really nice, neutral shades, and are pretty well pigmented!
  • Carmex Cherry Lip Balm. This stuff smells really good and is really moisturizing.
  • 2000 Collection Glitter Top Coat. I put this on pretty much immediately on my ring fingers over my China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, and it is just so gorgeous! You can’t see it as well in the bottle, but on the nail the glitter sparkles a pretty pink and blue!
  • Hello Kitty nail stamping plate. This is my first stamping plate, and since I don’t have any others, I also don’t have the tools to use it, but I did purchase them from eBay for only a couple bucks after winning, so I’ll have to wait for those to arrive before I can test this out!
  • That little tub with the heart on top is actually a little pot of lip scrub that Louise made herself. I’m not entirely sure what’s in it, but I’m pretty sure the scrub bit is sugar! Which is kind of awesome =P
  • And, she threw in a bonus little surprise: Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bunnies! So awesome! If you have never had British chocolate before, you are really missing out. Somehow it manages to be completely different from American Chocolate. Also, this is closest to a Caramilk bar, only so much better. I had to force myself not to scarf these down the moment I noticed them!

And that’s everything! I’m already pretty much in love with all of it, and I’m really glad Louise decided to do this giveaway and that I won! Thanks again! =)

Just as an update, since I’ve taken so long to post, I’m really in love with the palette, and would go so far as to say its a good dupe or replacement for the original Naked palette, since it’s such a great set of neutral colours! I haven’t tried much else out too extensively, but the bunnies were all gone by the day after I got this in the mail! =P I also tried out the polish over China Glaze Smoke and Ashes, which I was wearing at the time (just my ring fingers):




Thanks for reading! I have more Hunger Games polish swatches to come soon, and I will also probably be posting my birthday haul after my party this Sunday!

Oh! And I’m considering doing a series of posts about my fashion dislikes and pet peeves, and I’m just wondering if anyone would be interested in reading that, even though this is supposed to be a beauty blog, not fashion! Lemme know!



  1. Oh what a wonderful prize!! :D

  2. Yay I'm really glad you like everything! The lip scrub is mainly sugar and oil (you can see my recipe here:

    Haha I feel so sorry for people who can't eat British chocolate- it's yummy!



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