Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Eyes

I should have posted this days ago, and if I had, I would be posting my Glymm box which I finally received tonight, however, when I realised that I hadn’t yet posted this look, I decided Glymm could wait, but it will be up tomorrow, I promise.

Anyway, you’ve probably seen tons of fun St. Patty’s makeup already, since that was several days ago, and if you frequent makeup blogs or the makeup subreddits, you might be tired of looking at green makeup, but I was very pleased with mine, so I’m still going to share =P.

I worked St. Patrick’s day 11-5, and didn’t have time before I left to do anything fun, but when I got home and my little sister was all decked out in green clothes and makeup, and my mom got us all Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s, and I was planning on dropping green food colouring into beers for us, I figured I had to do some makeup for the night, even though I wasn’t leaving the house again! (I know, I’m probably the only person of legal drinking age not out drinking/partying/at a pub, but it was after work and I was going out with my friend the next day, and shush you I can do what I want!). So below is the look I worked up:


You might notice I didn’t bother with foundation/concealer, but, like I said, I wasn’t going anywhere.







And, if you were wondering what products I used, they were:

  1. Sula Natural Crème Shadow in “Why Not?” as a base instead of primer:100_0748
  2. The Brightest green from my ELF 32-colour palette. Unfortunately these colours don’t have names. I used this from the middle to the outer corner of each eye:100_0746
  3. Ardene Eye Seductive Shadow in neon green. This is a really cheap shadow that my sister gave me, and its like a loose powder, which is the main reason that I used it over the crème shadow, since this tends to have some pretty crazy fallout. The colour, however, is great! I used this from the inner corners to the middle of each eye:100_0750
  4. Finally I used Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in “Graffiti” on my top lashline, and my bottom waterline:100_0749

Of course, I also used my L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara as the finishing touch. Hope you liked this look!

Did you do some special make-up or nails for St. Patrick’s Day? Even though it was several days ago, I’d love to see what you did, or hear about what you did to celebrate!

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is such a beautiful look!! :D I did my nails (and toenails!) and my makeup especially for St. Patrick's Day too. My nails were a green and gold chunky glitter gradient, and my eye makeup was all green! ^-^

    1. Awesome! I love having a holiday as a reason to play with colours!


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