Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Haul from a week and a half ago:

I took all these pictures but forgot to post them. I spent so much money that day I felt I should share my acquisitions with everyone! =) So, here they are:


I got:

  1. A neon green hoodie from Urban Behaviour for $15
  2. Lindor White chocolates from Sears for $6
  3. My best friend and I got 2 of the grab bags from Ardene, so $2.50 each. These are a bit of a nostalgic tradition for the two of us, since we used to get them when we had next to no money, just so we could get something! They’re super fun, too, because you never know what you’ll get, but there’s usually at least one thing you really like. This is probably why I love Glymm boxes so much! Inside mine I got:
    • matching necklace and earrings
    • dangly gold earrings
    • star fabric headband
    • red heart plastic headband
    • diamond bobby pins
    • shimmery pink nail polish
  4. An Ultra Ball (Pok√©mon) from Toys’R’Us Express for less than $2. This was a complete impulse buy. Basically, I saw these and decided I couldn’t live without my very own Pokeball. I regret nothing.
  5. A lime green tin and 50 grams of tea from David’sTea; I got the Earl’s Garden, which is basically Earl Grey with strawberries, and is soooo good! I also got a hot tea, so my total was about $12
  6. And finally, I got a Sephora Mineral powder foundation, since I was looking for a new powder to replace my Almay one I mentioned getting not too long ago. I’ve almost used it up, plus I don’t think it likes my skin, so I decided to try something a little pricier. I almost got one from Mac, which was pretty nice, but $33. This one was only $26 and the same size. It has pretty nice coverage, comes with a mirror and an applicator sponge, and I got my Sephora points for buying it, so it seemed like the better deal to me! I’m pretty happy with it so far. I like the amount of coverage it provides!
    They also gave me a sample of (I think) an anti-aging moisturizer.

So that’s everything. If you ignore that I also had to get dinner and then bought a Frappuccino from Starbucks, I spent about $65. And I’m completely in love with that hoodie…!

Have you bought anything you’ve been loving recently? Let me know!

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