Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Glymm Box

Hello again everyone, sorry this is a little late, though I didn’t even get my box until this past Monday…
Anyways, I’ve had it now for about a week, and taken all my pictures and even tried out all the products, so I guess this post might be a little more informative than my other Glymm box posts?
As you probably know, Glymm stopped putting the adorable jars of jelly beans in their boxes last month, and although I was expecting a replacement treat this month, I was mislead, it seems, and when I tweeted Glymm they said they were still working on it. Hopefully the March box, I suppose.
I was disappointed with this month’s box before I even got it, since they were about two weeks late sending them out, to the point where I barely even received mine before the end of the month. Like people were saying about last month’s Luxe Box, when it was late, this box didn’t feel much like a February box as there was so little opportunity to try it during February! I had actually been hoping for the boxes to arrive around Valentine’s and have some kind of Valentine’s theme, maybe a chocolate… but no. At any rate, when I found out they were being delayed, I was very much hoping they would be doing something special to make up for it, so I’ll admit my expectations may have been set a little high.
The only real difference in the box this month is that the website on the side of the outer box was black, rather than white, but the box itself was the same as ever:
Inside was the same product card as always, it looks like Glymm has given up on the little notes on the back of product list in favour of these model pictures. Not that it matters too much. Below is the picture of the product list, which I never look at until after I open the box. As you can see, there was only 4 products this month. Which was a little disappointing, but two of them were full-size, so that’s okay.
Included was also this card with an offer for $28 dollars off the full size of one of the products in this box: the GlamGlow mud mask. Not a bad deal if you really like the product.
And, finally, here’s the inside of the box:
It still looks so empty without that cute little jar of jellybeans! Anyways, let’s start with my least favourite product:
Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier:
Full size: 100 sheets for $24.00
Sample Size: 2 sheets
Approx. Value: $0.48
These are supposed to be blotting sheets that also apply a small amount of shimmery bronzer to freshen up your makeup. However, when I tried them, first I didn’t see any difference inside when I put it on. Then, later when I was out in the sun with my boyfriend, he mentioned how glittery I was. I checked in the mirror, and I swear it looked like a glitter factory had puked glitter all over my face. I’ll never touch these again. Also, the shimmer gets everywhere when you try to pull a sheet out of the packet! I gave these to my little sister, who has a weird love of anything glittery, including herself… she’ll enjoy them.
However, I don’t see how these could ever be worth as much as they cost. I’m also disappointed in the size of this sample. Only two sheets? I’d be more angry, though, if I liked the product. But I don’t, this is probably the worst thing I’ve received in a Glymm box to date.
GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask:
Full size: 50ml for $78.00
Sample size: 7g
Approx. value: $10.92
Here’s the sample of the mud mask that Glymm gave everyone a coupon for this month, which I showed you earlier. This tube looks like a pretty good size from the outside, and it smells nice and fresh. I also really liked that it was sealed, since most of these little samples aren’t. However, when I tried this out tonight, I discovered that this tube isn’t actually full, and there was only about enough product inside for one application. That’s pretty lame for a product you’re asking people to spend $50 on with a coupon, or $78 without! I don’t think one application is enough to make a judgement on the product’s quality, but that said, it did leave my face soft and smoothing looking. Still, I don’t think it’s worth the very high price tag.
Sula Natural Eye Shadow in “Why Not?”:
Full size: 0.15oz for $8.00
Sample size: full size
Approx. value: $8.00
This is one of the two full sized products in this month’s box. I’ve received a Sula product before, a lip-gloss, which I wasn’t very happy with, and because of that, and since I haven’t ever heard of Sula outside of Glymm, I’ve come to think I don’t like getting stuff from this brand. It doesn’t seem high enough quality to be in this box.
However, I quite like the colour of this shadow, and I don’t have much in the way of cream shadows, so something different is cool. The biggest problem with this is how lightly pigmented this shadow is. It leaves very little colour on the lid, and because of that it doesn’t last very long either. When I tried it out, it was long gone by the end of the day. This might be better used as an eye shadow base for another green shadow, but I haven’t tested that out.
Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in “Tiger Lily”:
Full size: 4.25g for $7.99
Sample size: full size
Approx. value: $7.99
Finally, this is by far my favourite product in this box. I’ve actually never tried a Burt’s Bees lip balm, though I know my friend loves them. However, I did really like the Milk and Honey body lotion samples that came in last month’s box. One thing though, is I’m not sure Burt’s Bees is really the high quality of brand that Glymm is supposed to be including in their boxes, but I’m also not going to complain too much, especially if they are going to include the full-sized products, since I’ve loved both of the BB items I’ve received in my boxes.
As you can see from the last picture, the pigment in this balm is very faint, however, unlike the Sula shadow, I’m glad that this is only slightly pigmented, since I’m not big on lip glosses or lipsticks with too much colour. This balm is very moisturizing and adds just a healthy hint of colour to your lips. I really love this and I’m pretty sure that I will either repurchase this when it’s gone, or else I’ll get one of the non-tinted lip balms from this brand, since I’m really loving the formula!
Approx. Overall Value of this month’s box: $27.39
So this month’s box was, again, well over the $10 price tag per month, though it was less than some previous months. Still, once I got over the shock and disappointment of finding no jelly beans, or any other candy or special treat, I am pretty happy with the box.
I hope that March’s box is on time, and get’s shipped out sometime in the next week, though it likely won’t be out until the week after next. I’m looking forward to whatever new treat they have for us, and I hope I won’t have to get over the disappointment of no treat all over again with this new box!
Also, I know most people got the same products this month, but I’d love to hear your opinions on these products if you’ve used them as well, whether you got them in a subscription box or not!
Thanks for reading!

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