Tuesday, December 4, 2012

October and November Empties

Hello again! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’m back today with an empties post for you! I said I would only be doing these every few months, but in the last two I’ve used up 9 products!
My thoughts:
Vitamine & Sea Perfect Skin Solution (face oil):
I got this as a sample in a Glymm bag, and was super sceptical about smearing any kind of oil all over my face. After trying it out though, this stuff is amazing! It goes on oily, as one would expect from something entirely made of oils, but I put this on at night after washing my face, and by the morning, it had completely absorbed and had done wonderful things for my skin! It smooths, it shrinks zits and blemishes, and it super-hydrates! I also didn’t use this more than once a week, and since you use so little, even the tiny vial we got as a sample (about the size of a free perfume sample) lasted me about 4 uses. Also, if you’re hesitant because you have oily skin, you should know that oils don’t necessarily make skin oily, and some of the ones in this mixture help to combat oily skin! I think the idea is that your skin doesn’t need to produce more oils if you are using one to moisturize.
Would I repurchase? Possibly; though it is $68 for 45ml… so it’s quite pricey. Still, that’s probably more than more than 80 applications so I’d probably consider it if I had the money.
LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover:
These are great, way better than the LA Fresh non-acetone polish removing pads. They smell great, make your skin feel nice, and get off all your makeup.
Would I repurchase? Probably not. I think a regular remover is much cheaper than a pack of one-use remover sheets.
Truly Cosmetic Pads:
I honestly don’t think I need to tell you much about these. They’re cotton pads that I used for toner and nail polish remover, and they were cheap. I had no problems with them separating, which is really my only complaint with any cotton pads. However, you probably can’t get more unless Truly is sold somewhere that isn’t a Zellers, or unless your Zellers hasn’t closed yet.
Would I repurchase? Definitely, but Zellers is closed now, so I’ve had to find something else. Currently using ones from Dollarama, so we’ll see how they hold up.
Secret Va-Va Vanilla Anti-Perspirant:
I mentioned another of these in my last Empties. Why? Cuz I usually have two on the go: one in my room and one in my gym bag. This is just a great, cheap deodorant in my opinion, and it smells like vanilla!
Would I repurchase? Already have.
Bath & Body Works Wildberry Hibiscus sanitizer:
I think this is one of the 10 for a penny sanitizers I got probably end of last year, if you recall that post (if you’ve been reading that long!). My friend and I got $10 coupons handed to us for B&BW one day at the mall, and there were no rules, so we used them to get a bunch of sanitizers, which I think were 5 for $5. So awesome. This one smelled so good. Like juice or candy or something!
Would I repurchase? Definitely, if I ever run out of the ones I have already! I probably still have at least 10 more!
The Body Shop travel-size Satsuma Shower Gel:
This stuff is most certainly my favourite shower gel, and it has been for a long time. I love the strong, simple orange scent; it’s so refreshing! This is just one of the mini’s that I got for Christmas, but I do have a large one waiting as well! I'll probably also keep this bottle and refill it so I don’t have to lug the full-size bottle in my gym bag!
Would I repurchase? Definitely, once the ones I have are done. Though I would like to clean out my shower gel stash first, which is pretty large to tell the truth…
Evolvh UltraShine Shampoo and Conditioner:
I got these as samples in a Glymm box, and thought I was going to like them. I definitely didn’t, after finishing them! Ugh. These are supposed to be moisturizing, as you can see from the bottles’ claims. However, I found that the shampoo completely stripped my hair of any moisture, and the conditioner barely helped to restore any of the damage the shampoo did. It took me a long time to finally use these up because I didn’t like to use the terrible shampoo more than once a week.
Would I repurchase? Never. Not even if these were the same price as an Herbal Essences or Aussie or something. I’ve overall come to the conclusion that, for shampoos, I prefer drugstore by far!
Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe:
This was another Glymm sample. This one I really loved! It smells great and it’s super moisturizing, even if you don’t leave it in for the full recommended 5 minutes.
Would I repurchase? Maybe. This is another expensive product, though, like the Vitamine and Sea oil, plus it’s more work than a leave-in treatment like argan oil or the Buttercreme product from my last Glymm bag, and I’m lazy. So probably not, but I wouldn’t say no if someone handed me a new bottle!
And that’s everything I’ve used up since my last Empties post. What products have you completely used up recently? Have you used any of the products I’ve finished? Let me know your thoughts!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great reviews! Found your blog through Elle & Blair Forum! New follower:)

    1. Awesome, thanks! (I'm checking your blog now!)

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by the Vitamin and Sea stuff too! I also used up the sample that we got and it lasted me almost a week! The smell was not the best though...

    1. That's true, but I don't think it lingers too long. I can't really remember smelling it still in the morning when I used it. And I'd put up for a "meh" scent for the formula.

  3. I love these posts!!! :D I am so bad at using stuff up completely >.<

  4. I have almost finished off the shampoo from the November glymm box the Moisturizing Shampoo & Moisturizing Balm (which originally I was like, really, more shampoo?) but I am really loving it! I am thinking about getting the full size on the site with my points and xmas money XD!

  5. new follower!



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