Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Present Nails (My NailPolishCanada week 2 contest entry design!)

For some reason my nail art brushes have vanished, so these aren’t what I originally planned for the to be. I wanted to line them with silver and draw a bow on each one, but I opted for a black striper after almost destroying two nails trying to draw lines with my silver and a dotting tool.

But anyways… Here’s a look at my entry into week two of NailPolishCanada’s nail art contest. This week’s theme is “Gifts,” and you can see the entries and vote (for me?) here. And here’s how I did mine:





I used so many polishes I won’t list them here, but if there is one you want to know about, just ask, I’ll remember.

Also, I would be so thankful, once again if you would vote for me this week. Just click here to go vote! Thanks to everyone who voted last week and to anyone who votes again for me this week!

Stay tuned for my October/November empties post in a couple of days!



  1. Love the nails!! ♥
    New follower here!

  2. lovely manicure :) would you like to follow each other :) xx


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