Saturday, December 15, 2012

My first (real) Bath & Body Works haul!

So, if you’re Canadian (I don’t think they’ve expanded to the US yet), you might know about the SPC card. It’s a student pricing card you can get each year, I think it’s 9 bucks now, and it gets you a discount at a whole bunch of stores for the entire year. Usually the discount is only 10%, but with stores like American Eagle, Aldo, and Spring included, that can pile up pretty quickly, and it easily pays for itself by the end of the year. Anyways, this post isn’t to sell you an SPC card, so let’s move on…

This year, they were giving out $10 off coupons for a variety of stores with your SPC purchase online, so I did that, even though it added 2 bucks for shipping to the price of the card, and I got the $10 off a purchase of $30 or more at Bath and Body Works. The coupon was going to expire the end of the month, so I had to use it up, hence this haul. (Also, I was so happy when they told me I could use the coupon on sale prices, since it’s value would have gone way down otherwise!)


I’m sure you also noticed the DavidsTea bag in the above picture. Apparently my boyfriend is counting this as one of my Christmas presents, but I’ll present it here, rather than in my Christmas presents haul post later this month, since I have pictures already taken, and it may well be gone by Christmas =P. I got the Red Velvet Cake tea, which smells amazing, and tastes just as good. Not sure it tastes like cake, it probably tastes better. You can read the ingredients and description below, but it basically smells like frosting:


And a look inside:


It looks so cute with the sprinkles and white chocolate bits!

Now on to Bath & Body Works…: I walked around the store several times before figuring out how I could get as close to $30 as possible without being under. I knew I wanted candles, and I almost bought more sanitizers, but in the end, I found this lotion for $12.50. It smells so amazing, and also filled up quite a chunk of my $30 budget. It’s the Pink Chiffon Triple Moisture Body Cream:


I didn’t think I’d like it, since it looks from the packaging to be really floral, but it actually smells kinda more like candy than flowers! It is so nice, and feels so nice on the skin, too. Definitely a good buy!

Next, the mini candles were on for 3 for $6, so I definitely wanted to get some of those. Unfortunately, the scent selection was rather limited at my location:


I did, however, manage to find the fantastic French Baguette scent. It. Smells. Exactly. Like. Bread. Oh my god! I love it, so I got two of these little ones:


I’m also a massive lover of vanilla scents, so for my third mini, I got the Merry Cookie scent, which smells just like a vanilla cookie. Maybe a sugar cookie? It’s lovely, and the only vanilla candle I got, since I already have a few random vanilla scented candles at home:

100_1942Finally, the small candles were on buy one, get one free:


You might be able to tell what kind of scents I go for by now, but I fell in love with this sweet, caramel scented Toffee Crunch candle! Mmm… it smells amazing:


I definitely thought, when I picked it up, that this was going to be my favourite of the haul… Until I met the next candle:


First of all, just look at this bloody adorable box!


Of course I picked up the London candle to smell it, but oh my god it is like heaven in a little glass jar! It claims to be smell like tea, sugar, and lemon, and dear god, that is exactly what it smells like! I’m almost afraid to burn it, because then it will disappear! Mmm… It seriously smells like actual happiness!


And the inside of the box and the candle itself are also bloody adorable!:


I also got two coupons tucked into my bag… Bath & Body Works is definitely the kind of store you should probably never buy anything full-price at… it just seems so unnecessary!


And finally, a shot of the first candle I had to try out:


You also get a slightly blurry glimpse of two of my favourite things right now in the background of this picture: PC Cranberry Ginger Ale from the Great Canadian Superstore (I think Canada Dry also has a version of this, but I found this one first), and my little robot tea-ball guy… I’ve named him Earl. (Let me know if you get why, though I think it’s pretty obvious…). In other news, this candle makes me hungry.

Anyways, that’s my whole little haul from this past Thursday. I said in the title that it’s my first real B&BW haul, because I have bought tons of sanitizers there, and a little lotion or two, but that’s it.

What are your favourite B&BW candles right now? Have you smelled the London one? (OMG go smell it!)

Thanks for reading!


I love reading your comments, and I really do read them all! So let me know what your thoughts are!


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