Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Haul!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but things have been busy! However, I’m back now, and I have a whole bunch of Christmas presents to show you! I remember feeling weird about this post last year, but this year a ton of the Youtubers I follow have done these, so it seems like it’s become a thing… Though, to be honest, I’d be posting this either way.

I’m not going to list or describe everything I got, unless I was really excited about it or if it’s somewhat relevant to this blog, but there are pictures of pretty much anything. If you want reviews of anything, let me know, and I can do that in another post =)

Finally, before we get to the pictures, I apologize of the quality is a little low on some of the pictures. I didn’t use my good camera Christmas morning, so those pictures are from my cell phone.

Christmas morning/family presents:

2012-12-25 12.26.33

Stuff I don’t have better pictures of:

  • Harry Potter Calendar
  • slippers
  • Soft Kitty t-shirt (like from The Big Bang Theory)

2012-12-25 12.27.03

  • Rose scented soap
  • fruity marshmallows
  • Mint Chocolate chip lip gloss
  • Raffaellos, Ferrero Rochers, Peppermint Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate lindors, toothpaste

2012-12-25 12.27.35

  • Blue Henley shirt (which you can barely see)
  • Vanilla Latte Tassimo discs
  • deodorant
  • slippers
  • sticky lint rollers
  • Brita filters

2012-12-25 12.27.56

  • Candy Cane coffee
  • Candy Cane hot chocolate
  • snowman mug


  • Shortbread
  • chocolate Santa-pop
  • mini bubble gum dispenser
  • gum
  • mint chocolates
  • Zero chocolate bar
  • and other chocolate I mentioned earlier


  • Leopard umbrella
  • itty bitty flashlight
  • pink change purse
  • Hard Candy makeup bag (I’ll show you what came inside later)
  • Hard Candy heart shaped lip gloss
  • 3 pack of gloves
  • Fuzzy socks


  • Earrings: rainbow K’s, dangly purple things, hearts, “I <3 London”, double decker buses, pink Statue of Liberties, golden Eiffel Towers, bows


  • Sinful Colors polish in Dream On (a matte colour)
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Sunny Side

A swatch of Dream On:



  • be Sweet Vanilla Flower scented antibacterial gel, body lotion, and body mist from Upper Canada Soaps. These smell so so good!
  • Hard Candy Cream Bath, Body Mist, and Body Lotion (from inside the makeup bag), in the scent Mango Coconut Kiss. Also smells so nice! I didn’t even know we had Hard Candy in Canada…!


  • Tea! Stash Cinnamon Vanilla, Holiday Chai (which is wonderful, by the way), and decaf Pumpkin Spice. And the David’sTea Red Velvet Cake I mentioned in my last haul post, from my boyfriend.


  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (which is funny, because I think it’s my sister who owns Part 1)
  • The King’s Speech
  • A cool Chinese panda metal bookmark thing (from my boyfriend)


  • J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy
  • George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones (From my best friend, Brit, not from my family.)

Other stuff from my boyfriend:


The bhCosmetics First Edition 120 Eyeshadow Colour Palette!



So gorgeous. I have tons more pictures, which I intend to show you in my review of this palette, which I intend to do a little later, once I’ve played with this a bunch more!

A faux leather, studded backpack from Spring:



And it came with the British pin! So cute. I absolutely love it. I’d been wanting something classier and more waterproof than my childish Jansport backpack for a while. And I love that this is small and cute enough to use as a purse, and big enough for all my gym stuff, plus a notebook, and a textbook on days I have class!

There was also some stuff I didn’t take pictures of that I got from my boyfriend, including the exact boots I showed in my Fall Wishlist post (thought I technically paid half), and also a t-shirt with a Union Jack on it made out of mini TARDISes, like this:

Image from

And I think that’s everything, though I do have a couple presents I still haven’t received yet! =)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoyed seeing what I got this year. Please let me know in the comments what you got, and also if there’s anything you want to hear more about! I definitely plan to do a review of the eyeshadow palette, but you’ll have to let me know if anything else interested you. =)

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have an awesome New Year’s as well, if I don’t post again before 2013!



  1. OMG!!! This is AMAZING!!! Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, candy, socks, tea, makeup and nail polish... you sound like me!!!!! What an incredibly awesome haul!!

    1. Haha, thanks! I got a lot of awesome stuff, for sure =)

      Have you read the Game of Thrones books? I've only seen the show so far, but I'm excited to start reading them!


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