Sunday, February 26, 2012

Togepi Nails!

This has been on my list of nail art to try for a long time, and so tonight I finally did it, with the addition of pokeball nails on each of my pointer fingers, since those nails are both oddly rounded anyways. I’m pretty happy with them, but in case any of you don’t know what a Togepi is, though I hope you’ve seen Pokémon before, here’s a great picture:


This is Togepi, my favourite ever Pokémon. Even in the game I use him most, I think my Togepi on HeartGold is currently a level 60 or something, while the rest are around 40… >_>

But anyways… here’s how I did my nails! I hope you like them, since I’m pretty proud of them despite the messiness!

100_0677Left hand

100_0680Left thumb

100_0682My right hand… a bit messier, but I am right-handed, so I think it can be forgiven…

If you’re wondering, this was almost entirely done with OPI polishes, including:

  • Original Nail Envy (base)
  • Sephora by OPI in A-ha! Moment (white)
  • Sephora by OPI in Blue Grotto (blue, of course)
  • OPI in Keys to my Karma (red)
  • L.A. Colors black nail striper
  • Seche Vite

I’d love to see more awesome Pokémon nail art, or any other nerd-related nails! Thanks for reading!


I love reading your comments, and I really do read them all! So let me know what your thoughts are!


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