Friday, February 3, 2012

Naked Palette!!

Hello again everyone! So, right now, I shouldn’t be writing a blog post, and I should be working on the essay that I have due this Sunday night, however I have something that I just HAVE to share with you guys, because I am still so excited about it!

I finally got my Urban Decay Naked palette!

I’m sure lots, if not all, of you guys have seen posts and tutorials about and using this palette, but in case you haven’t seen all the swatches (or if you just like seeing them), those are all below.

One thing I was really disappointed to find out, however, was that my deal with myself to wait until February to get this palette sort of backfired on me! Although I was really good in January and didn’t get any new products (the Butter polishes don’t count, I got them with points, so I wasn’t spending money!), Sephora raised the price of the Naked palette at the same time that they started carrying the Naked 2. Luckily, I wasn’t finding this out for the first time when I went in yesterday to buy it, because that would have been a sad surprise! However, I suppose a $2 price raise isn’t  too much to complain about when buying a $60 palette, but definitely still a bit of downer.

But anyways, let’s continue to the pictures!

100_0358In the packaging

100_0359The back of the package

100_0360The front, out of the plastic

100_0361The mini Primer Potion that comes with the palette

100_0367Primer Potion applicator

Although I surely would have got this palette without the Primer Potion, I am really glad that it was included in this package, because I’ve actually never tried it! I have an ELF primer, I think from the Mineral line, which is alright, but I’m excited to try out this one, and see how well it works. I know that people had problems with this packaging, since it can be hard to get the product out after a certain amount has been used, but even so, there are also tons of videos and posts about getting product out of these old bottles!

I’m not sure yet if I would buy this if I happen to fall in love with it, since it’s a pretty pricey product. My guess is it would have to be pretty spectacular in order for me to spend my money on a full-sized tube.

100_0370So pretty!

100_0373Not sure why this sticker on the back was necessary, it peeled off really easy to reveal:

100_0374The exact same information printed onto the box..!

100_0375Inside. So gorgeous!

100_0378Different angle

100_0379The first six colours.
I think they’re readable, but they are Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, and Half Baked

100_0382The other six.
Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal.

100_0386The brush that’s included with the palette

I’ll get back to the colours in a minute, but I just wanted to mention that I’m not all that happy about this brush. In some ways, it’s better than the sponge applicators that come with cheaper makeup palettes, however these bristles are quite stiff, and I don’t like this brush for putting shadow on my whole lid, for that I much prefer my ELF brushes or my finger tips. This brush is good, though, as a liner brush, since it’s pretty flat and stiff, it’s not hard to get a good line if you use just the tip.

100_0387Left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal.

100_0391Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked.

100_0390Smog, Dark Horse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.

All of these colours are just so gorgeous and so pigmented. I’m really glad I got this already, and I’ve only used it once. However, instead of trying to talk about all the shadows at once, I think it makes more sense to look at them a little closer:

  • Virgin and Sin are really close to my skin tone, with Sin being quite a bit more shimmery. Both could be nice neutral nude colours or highlighters
  • Naked and Buck are the matte shades in this palette, and are quite a bit harder shadows than the rest, Buck would probably be a good colour for shading on me, and Naked too, but its a bit darker. Maybe also liner colours?
  • Sidecar is a super shimmery bronze, and looks a little to me like Toasted.
  • My favourite colours in the palette look like Half Baked and Smog, which are both brilliantly shimmery gold-ish colours, though I think Half Baked is a little more copper, or maybe just darker, than Smog.
  • Dark Horse and Hustle are probably two colours I know the least what to do with, except using them as liner colours. Dark Horse is a dark bronze colour, almost a burnt bronze, if that makes sense, and is quite shimmery. Hustle is similar but quite a bit less shimmery and more of an earthy brown.
  • The final colours are Creep and Gunmetal, which aren’t exactly neutrals. Creep is a shimmery black shadow, and almost looks like it has super-fine glitter, a little bigger than regular shimmer powders. Gunmetal is a very pretty grey shimmer, with a little bit of a blue undertone. Both of these would be great liners or for doing a smoky-eye.

If I was to guess the colours least likely to get used in this palette, I would predict they would be Naked, Buck, and Hustle. All of the colours are great, though, and I’m sure I’ll get some use out of every single one. All in all, I think this was an excellent use for $67.20 (the Canadian price with BC taxes).

Also, thought I’d share with you the simple look I did earlier when I got home from the gym with no makeup on. Nothing too exciting. I used Sin as the base, Toasted in the crease, an Creep as a little bit of a liner, all on top of the Primer Potion, of course, with my L’Oreal Million Lashes mascara.


Do you have the Naked palette? Are you as impressed with it as I am? What are your favourite looks to do using these shadows, or do you have a favourite YouTube tutorial I can watch? Tell me, please! I want to make sure I get the most out of this fantastic palette!

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