Thursday, February 23, 2012

Small, but proper Haul!

So I spent a fair bit of money on beauty products last weekend, though definitely less than buying, say, a Naked palette… Anyways, here are my collected acquisitions from last Saturday and Sunday:


I got the two polishes and remover pen from Trade Secret after work on Saturday, because I didn’t feel like going home just yet, and was cruising around the mall. I thought I’d check in at this store and see if it carried the Seche Vite and if it was the same price as at London Drugs, where I usually buy my Essie polishes and where I’ve seen Seche before.

I didn’t actually intend to purchase anything, but then I found this refillable remover pen, which is great, because you don’t just toss it because it’s empty and it also comes with a second tip. Plus, I have such a hard time cleaning up my nails after polishing them that I thought this would come in handy.




Then I noticed the neon green polish which is from OPI’s Nicki Minaj line and is called “Did It On ‘Em”, which I mentioned to my boyfriend when he called while I was in the store, and he told me I had to get it. Obviously this didn’t help me at all… I already really wanted a neon green polish and no one is telling me not to! What was I supposed to do? So I followed my devil-boyfriend’s advice and got the polish (haha, I’m kidding, he obviously understands my needs, telling me to get this polish, though he did make me spend more money). I really love the colour, and just wish my camera picked up the colour better. Especially in natural light, it’s much more of a neon green and doesn’t have nearly as much green in it!


Then, obviously, Trade Secret also had the Seche, which I think was about the same price, and so I got that too, since I’ve been dying for it for so long! I really like it. It dries nice and fast, and is super shiny! The only thing I’ve noticed, is that it can peel independently of the nail colour, which is a little weird, but it’s great unless your polish starts to peel! I also did my sister’s nails with it, and the Seche seems to cover the texture of glitter a lot better than other topcoats!

100_0660Did It On ‘Em on the nail wheel, two coats


100_0626And on my nails

Then, Sunday, I went downtown, and there was a special thing on at Kiehl’s, I’m not sure why, but the deal was that if you bought two products, you got a $15 gift certificate, which can be used instantly. Oddly enough this counted even for the lip balms, which are $11 each, so I grabbed two for only $7 plus tax, which is a pretty great deal. I’ve wanted to try these balms for a while, since I’ve read great things about them in several places, and they definitely are really nice. I got the coconut and cranberry flavours/scents, and the cranberry is definitely my favourite, though they are both great.


Have you made any good purchases lately? Love these lip balms, or maybe prefer something else? Let me know what you think! =)


  1. Yes, I got the Kiehl's lip balm in Pear, it's really great! Also, I liked your group on Facebook! It's really cool you have a page now :D!

    1. Yeah, if I ever start doing giveaways, which I want to eventually, everyone else gets people to like their fb pages for an extra entry, so I thought I'd get mine started so I can do that too!


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