Thursday, April 21, 2016

REVIEW + SWATCHES || Shaaanxo 18 Colour Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette by BH Cosmetics

Hi guys!

Sorry if I seem a little scattered in this video, I was feeling really not great—sniffles, stuffed up sinuses, headache, and my right eye had been watering for 4 days straight, plus I didn't sleep well—but I wanted to get my review up on this palette as quickly as possible so that maybe I can help those of you who may be on the fence about this one decide if this is for you or not, before the introductory sale price ends! Right now, this palette is only $14.50 USD, but the full price will be $22 USD, so best to buy soon if you want it!

I've also included some things I should have mentioned in the video to this post, so make sure to check out the pictures below, as well as a short breakdown of how I like each of the colours in terms of blendability and pigmentation. Spoilers: I really love the whole palette, as I'm sure you'll see from the video.

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:


The packaging on this palette is gorgeous, including the box, which they basically made to look exactly like the palette inside. It's this prety pastel pink inpired by the lights in Shannon's background in her videos, and I really like the look, though I'm worried the palette is going to get dirty, so I keep putting it back in it's box so far!

front of package

back of package

So first, let's take a look at the lipstick side of this clever little two-sided palette:

lipstick lid

lipstick pans

I love the range of colours in here; you've got some pretty, nearly universally flattering nudes, some brights, including the orange-y red type of shade Shannon seems to have loved lately, a gorgeous bright pink, a coral, and a couple lovely berry shades! Maybe not everyone will love every shade, but I think they're all really wearable. Take a look at the swatches: (swatched from left to right, top to bottom. Click to see a larger image!)

lipstick swatches

The colours are all pigmented, and don't apply streaky (except that I'm shitty with a lip brush, but everything I've ever applied with a lipbrush applied streaky, so I think that's just my technique!), especially when applied with your finger! They can be applied both more heavily for a full-colour, opaque look, or sheered out for more of a stain-like finish. And of course, you can get adventurous and mix colours to create even more shades.

While the lipsticks are great, however, I was totally in it for the shadows when lusting after and finally purchasing this palette!

eyeshadow lid

eyeshadow pans

My picture above makes the shadows seem a little more neutral or cool-toned, but in reality they are all quite warm, and so so pretty! I'm glad that the picture seems to have caught the blue and the brown tones in the middle of the bottom row, however! Such a fun, duochromatic shadow! Here's some swatches: (again, left to right, top to bottom, and click to view larger.)

eyeshadow swatches

The first shade in the top row basically is my skin colour, so it doesn't show up in the swatches, unfortunately, but just imagine it in there before the pretty metallic highlight shade! All the shadows, though, are really great. I haven't had any problems with fallout, there's no chunky glitters, and both the mattes and the shimmers are very blendable and pigmented! I do wish there was a medium toned matte brown for a crease colour, but those two mid-toned matte shades (the yellow and rust) are really nice crease colours alone, or paired together like the look I'm wearing in the above video. And I have browns in other palettes if I really decide I need one.

Of course, if you don't feel you need a matte shadow for the crease (I don't always!), then you can pull in one of the more mid-toned shimmery browns for your crease shade. Overall, I think there is a lot of versatility and room to play around with this palette, and I think it is a fun addition to any eyeshadow lover's collection. Especially if you're a Shaaanxo fangirl like me!


Let me know your thoughts, if you're getting this one, or if you've already tired it! And have yourself an awesome day =)

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