Thursday, February 7, 2013

My January 2013 Favourites!

So, I’m barely getting this to you by the end of the first week of the month, as I like to do, but honestly, I forgive myself…

Anyways, I only have a few favourites this last month. I’m not really sure why, since I’ve been able to buy myself more stuff than I have for the past few months, but I guess I just stuck to old favourites. I do have a couple of things to share with you for January though, and here they are:

Lipstick/lip products:


I don’t have any particular shades or products for you in this case, but more and more lately I’ve been loving lipsticks, lip balms, and lipstains. The only thing I’m still not very into is gloss. These are some of my favourite colours at the moment, and I love that NYC one more than it looks like I should. Once it’s on it has a really nice dark-ish berry colour!

Real Techniques flat top brush as foundation brush:


Most of the time, I apply foundation with my fingers. I’ve tried using my ELF brushes, but they just don’t really seem to spread the product very well or evenly. However, when I tried this brush, it worked beautifully! I haven’t used my hands alone to apply my foundation since! It really blends the foundation in naturally, even my LancĂ´me, which I usually have found looks a bit cakey on my skin.

OPI’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service:


I’ve been loving this colour so much. I’ve worn it several weeks in a row, on it’s own, or layering it over other polishes to play with how best to wear it. It’s just so shimmery and gorgeous, especially under natural light!

Non-Cosmetic Favourites:

Greek yogurt:

Image from

I posted this in my last haul post, so this might not be a shock. Astro is definitely my favourite of the three brands that I’ve tried. I love how thick and creamy Greek yogurt is. I wouldn’t say its all that healthy, though, if you think that. All the one’s that I have found have had very high fat contents, about as much as cream in some cases. It also has lots of protein, making this a very high-calorie food. It is delicious though. I think it makes a great treat, and I like to eat it as a dessert type food. =)

Vanilla Spice Lattes:

Image from

I’m very much hoping that these, and the Vanilla Spice syrup, are permanent additions to the Starbucks menu, because I am completely in love! It tastes so much less sweet than the plain vanilla, and the cardamom (which is the “spice” in vanilla spice, and also one of the dominant flavours in chai tea) is so smooth and soothing! So delicious!

And that’s all for January. I hope to have more posts up soon, including some Valentine’s Day nails. I apologize again for my slow posting lately.

Anyways, let me know what your favourites were in the comments! I love to here from you, as always. And don’t forget to follow on GFC if you aren’t already; I plan to start my first giveaway when I finally get to 50 followers! =)

Thanks for reading <3

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