Saturday, December 17, 2011

Uber Haul, aka: Recent Purchases

Ahh! Okay! I have to get this posted now, before I buy more stuff and make this post even longer! I’ve been trying to finish it up ever since exams ended, and I still feel so busy. I blame Christmas shopping.

Also, no, I didn’t buy these all at once, but I think it looks more impressive to post them all in one big post. So here’s everything cosmetic-related that I’ve bought since my last haul post:

Sephora by OPI purple glitter polish (in It’s Bouquet with Me) and white polish (in A-ha! Moment):

IMAG2186Sorry for the blurry picture on this one :(


I got the white to use as a base for when I do nail art. In particular, I bought it so I could do my Togepi nails that I have been dying to try, but so far I’ve used it to make the snowflake nails I did last weekend. The glitter was because of a craving I had a couple weeks ago for crazy glittery nails (you can have cravings for nail polish, right?) I wanted a more pink colour, but this was the prettiest one I found, and its actually not that purple on the nail.

Clinique acne solutions:

I decided to buy this because the only zit treatment I had was the Clinique acne fighting concealer, and one doesn’t always need concealer when one has a zit. I feel so silly putting on concealer before I go to bed, so I grabbed this one for when I don’t need the makeup. I think it was about $18 at Sephora.

False Lashes:


My boyfriend actually bought these for me from one of the little cart shops in the mall. They were 3 for $10, plus the glue (which I don’t remember the price of). They’re really pretty, and I haven’t actually got around to trying these ones yet, partly because they are so much work to put on, and I’m not very good at them, so I need a lot of time. I’m planning to try probably the ones on the bottom on Tuesday night, when my friends and I are dressing up a bit and going to the casino.
One thing I’m a little disappointed about is the glue. I don’t know if it’s good, as I haven’t tried it, but this must be a cheap/ghetto brand or something because, although it says clear, the glue is actually black. Which means if it smudges, it’s going to show. That’s a bit of a problem for me, as I tend to take a couple tries to get the lashes on perfect, so I’m probably going to end up with black glue all over me…

Almay powder:


This is the new powder I bought to replace my ELF powder, which caused my skin to breakout almost as much as working at New York Fries did, years ago. I almost repurchased my Rimmel Mineral Powder, which I’ve bought a couple times and really do like, but I found this for a couple dollars more, and it sounded like a brilliant idea, if it worked. And it does seem to have helped a bit, at the very least, the breaking out has settled down, and my skin is going back to normal.

Nail wheels:


You might be able to guess, from how obviously this is a picture from eBay, that these haven’t arrived yet. I ordered them about a month ago, but I think they’re coming in from Hong Kong, and they were only about $3, so I forgive them. I’m kind of excited for them, in a silly sort of way.

Revlon Lipbutter in Strawberry Shortcake:


This is another picture of a product I don’t currently have in my possession. I googled the colour I bought for this picture. This should arrive next week. I’m never allowed to spend money on makeup again… maybe until January. However, a few of my favourite bloggers have been talking about this, so I wanted to try them out.

Zoya polish:


I noticed a couple days ago that one of the carts in my mall (that used to be a a real store), Escents, was selling Zoya polishes. Today, I decided to get one, since I’d been looking at Zoya online and considering buying a colour or two to try it out for a while. This one is a olive-y green with gold flecks, which I really like. I’ll probably use this as the base for my next Christmas mani.

Cherimoya 2012 polish in Trinity and Extraterrestrial:


I found these ones at my dollar store the other day for only $2.00 each. I’d seen them mentioned on Reddit, and they had some awesome colours, so I grabbed the neon green and a pink.

So yeah, that’s everything (at least everything cosmetics related). I really am going to try to be better about getting my posts up! I have a few sitting, waiting to be completed and posted for your viewing pleasure. As always, I love getting your comments! Tell me about some of your recent purchases, or what you think about any of the products above!

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