Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Glymm Box Review

I hope everyone’s holidays have been—and continue to be—awesome! Mine’s been going pretty well, and I have tons of things to update you on in the next little while, but I thought I would start with my December Glymm box before the month ends.
As you may know (or maybe not), a lot of people’s Glymm boxes went out and arrived a lot later than usual, and I was glad to get mine the day before Christmas Eve! However, while I wasn’t terribly disappointed, this box wasn’t as great as I had been hoping for. Maybe this is just because I was hoping Glymm would throw in or do something super special for the holidays. (They did add a little something, but look for that later in this post.)
Anyways, this month’s box looked the same as every month, and came in the same pink packing box as last month. Inside was the usual tissue, crinkled paper, beauty boutique advertisement, and a product listing card. One difference this month was that there was no note on the flip side of the product card, which is a little disappointing, as I thought the notes were a cute touch. Definitely not a deal breaker, though.
As always, there was a tiny jar of jelly bellies in the box. This month’s were red and white, which I’m pretty sure are cherry and coconut (I’m eating them as I type…):

Next, there was this Caudalie Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask. The full size is $40 for 40ml of product, which means this 3ml sample size is worth about $3.
I have not yet tried this out, but I’m pretty sure there’s only about one, maybe two, uses in this sample size.
Next, there was the Ahava Mineral Hand Cream. The full size, 3.4oz (or 100ml) is worth $20, so this 20ml sample size is worth about $4.
I’ve used this cream a couple of times since receiving it in my box, but I’m worried that the scent, which I happen to really like, might contain rose. This wouldn’t be a problem except that my mom is allergic to roses, so I make sure never to use it if I’m going to be with her. I find that the formula, though, is really nice, it’s not greasy or super heavy, and is quite hydrating. I also really like the size of this sample, as its a great size for tossing in your bag.
The next sample was the Sula Beauty Natural Lip Gloss. This is a full size product at .5 fl oz, and is worth $8. I received this gloss in the colour Come Find Me.
Although I’m not always big on super bright lip glosses, I do prefer glosses that have some hint of colour to them, so in that way, I was disappointed with the sample that Glymm selected for me, which is a nude colour, which almost takes away colour from my lips. Apart from that, though, this gloss is pretty nice. I find its slightly sweet and not too sticky, though I don’t think it smells very good.
The final product that I received was the Yves Saint Laurent La Parisienne eau de parfum. The full size product is 3oz, and retails for $85, which means that this .25oz sample is worth about $7. IMAG2255IMAG2256
Not only do I think that the packaging on this is really cute, but I actually really love the delicate fragrance. Before I had subscribed to Glymm or tried Luxe Box, I thought there weren’t any expensive perfumes that I actually liked, but after several fantastic perfume samples in different boxes, I’ve definitely changed my mind. If someone got me a full sized bottle of this perfume (or of Chloe, which I got in my one and only Luxe Box), I would be really pleased.
In a couple videos, I heard that there was some problem this month where not everyone who received this fragrance got this size sample, and ended up with one of those little bottles you can get at any beauty counter. While that is really disappointing for those people, I’m glad I didn’t experience this and it doesn’t affect my opinion of Glymm at all.
Finally, and this is by far my favourite thing in this month’s box, Glymm sent out a $10 gift card for their beauty boutique! I’ve been saving up the points I earned from surveys and from my best friend subscribing, and I’m at almost 200 points, so with this card, and my 200 points, I’m planning to try out some Butter London products! (Luckily, the card is good until the end of January, so I’ll have time to get the points from the surveys for the January box before I have to use this $10.)
Also, I probably mentioned in my first post about Glymm that each referral gets you 50 points towards purchases in the beauty boutique, but I have been neglecting to give my beautiful readers my referral link in case any of you want to sign up, and generously want to give me 50 points. So here’s my referral link:
And once again, thanks for reading! Check back later for more of the posts that have been piling up in my to do list, such as my Christmas themed nail art designs and my Christmas present haul!


  1. Yes! I was so exicted for my $10 off coupon, I bought Butter 'Dark Knight' ( I think it is) that is 17, but after all my points and this coupon all I paid was shipping, which is pretty awesome!

  2. There's a dark, glittery red I really want to try!

  3. Ooh, this box looks really cool!! :D


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