Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Glymm Box Haul!

Hello again!

I received my November Glymm box forever ago now, and I figured I should get this post done and on my blog before my next box arrives! I’ve been kinda busy, which is why I’ve taken so long to post, what with the end of the semester and all. Anyways, his month’s box was fantastic, and I was really happy with my products!
IMAG2061I completely love the pink outer box this month!
IMAG2062Slightly creepy pictures of faces on this month’s card, instead of a bright colour.
IMAG2063I was so happy opening this box! I was having a terrible day, and it was so full of awesome stuff!
IMAG2077Jelly Bellies as always. This month cherry and coffee… Yum!
Ruhua shampoo and conditioner; supposed to be super-hydrating and Gwenyth Paltrow’s favourite… Am I supposed to want my hair to look like Paltrow’s? I haven’t tried this one out yet, but my best friend loved it! Unfortunately, this particular product is $32 for the shampoo, and $34 for the conditioner, which is a little out of my (and most other people’s) spending range! I’ll probably tell you what I thought about it when I finally get around to trying this one out!
I also got another Lise Watier Flash Lift Vial, which I got from my Luxe Box in October. If you want to see what I thought of it, just go check out my Luxe Box review! Anyways, this product is $27 dollars for 7 vials like this sample one.
I also got the Orlane Paris Light Smoothing Cream, which retails for $80 for 50 ml of product (ouch!). Its supposed to be a morning face cream, and its alright, but I preferred the Caudalie one that I received in last month’s box, as this one has a bit of an old woman scent, and feels a little thicker. Also, it’s really expensive, but it’s cool to get to try out such expensive products for almost nothing! In case you were wondering, this sample was 3.5 ml., or 7% of a full size.
This Annabelle Smudge Paint is probably one of the best things in this month’s box. It’s a full size, which retails for $10.95, which is great on it’s own. I got the colour Muddy, which is actually a sort of brown/bronze colour, and much nicer than the name suggests. What’s really cool about this product is the packaging; it’s in a little jar, and the lid screws off and then the skinny part pops out into a brush. Very cute and practical!
I actually like this colour on my skin a lot more than I was expecting to, as browns aren’t really the sort of colour that I generally pick out for myself. I prefer to stick to blues, greens, greys, and blacks. I really like this though, and its also super long-lasting, and goes on beautifully! I might even consider re-purchasing this if I ran out.

Finally, I got this RGB nail polish in Oxblood. This is another full-size product, and I probably love this one even more than the smudge paint! It retails for $18, which is really way more than I could ever justify spending on a polish, which is part of why I love so much that I received it in my Glymm box! The colour’s name is really fitting, because this is a super-deep red, just like blood. I pretty much painted my nails with it immediately after opening my box, I was so in love with the colour! It lasted really well, no chips, and just a little bit of wear at the tips, which is pretty much impossible to prevent anyways, if you don’t wrap the tips. (Which I don’t, by the way, because my nails are usually too short, and it feels really weird and gross.)


     Click to see the pictures bigger. Left is with flash, and right is with the crappy interior lighting in my room.
I also got a card for for $10 any purchase, but I checked out the site, and everything on there is super expensive, so it was kind of useless to me!

Again, I apologize for the delay in getting this post up for you guys. I hope you still enjoyed it, even if you’ve already seen a bunch of other bloggers’ boxes for this month. I have a few post ideas coming up, including pictures of my latest nails, my Christmas wish list, the nail wheels I’ve ordered, my November favourites, and maybe even a Togepi nail art tutorial now that I have my white polish! My semester is just about over, so I should be blogging a lot more very soon, so remember to check back!

Did you get Glymm box this month? What did you love most? I also love hearing about any of  the other subscription boxes, so leave me your comments!


  1. I love the Glymm box, it's funny because I thought the Orlane Paris Light Smoothing Cream smelled good, but a lot of bloggers agreed with you about the old lady smell, I wonder what that says about me... Also, I am excited to see your November favorites!

  2. These boxes look like so much fun!! :D

  3. @Brittany: Haha, I guess that just means you have different/odd taste!

    @Ashesela: They are! I love getting them, especially on a crappy day!


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