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My November Favourites

Hey all! As you may have realised, November is over, and, since I love reading posts and watching videos about other people’s monthly favourite products, I thought I would start writing my own such posts! This month’s post will probably be a little bit longer than most months, as I’m including a few of my absolute staples, which aren’t likely to change month to month, but I think you guys should know about them, since they are great products! In the future I’ll try to keep it to less than 10 things.
So anyways, here are a few of the products (cosmetic and otherwise) that I have been loving this month (in no particular order):
  1. My Guess wallet:

    is the first expensive wallet I have ever bought. I decided that I wanted a designer wallet, and that that would be my Christmas gift to myself. As it is, this wasn’t really very expensive, but it did cost a lot more than I would usually spend on a wallet. Guess wallets usually cost $45, at least here in Canada, but I got mine for 25% off, which was basically the deal-sealer on whether or not I was going to purchase this wallet. I love it, though I’ve had to cut down a little on what I carry, as I used to have this massive, ugly guy’s wallet, and I carried a lot of unnecessary cards and paper.

  2. L’oreal Million Lashes

    You’ve probably already heard me talk about this if you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, but this is actually a really nice drugstore mascara that I tried after hearing good things about it from stylishandliterate on YouTube. Way better than the Tarte I had before, and only about $11… depending where you buy it!

  3. UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero

    This has been my favourite liner ever since I discovered it a couple of years ago. I’m only on my second pencil, which makes the $22 price tag a little more bearable. It stays put really well, and goes on beautifully! No complaints… I love Urban Decay!

  4. Starbucks (especially eggnog lattes)

    Starbucks is always a favourite of mine, and that won’t change, but my favourite drink right now is definitely the Eggnog Latte, which is just fantastic!

    This is obviously a picture of my Starbucks card, on which I have 16 of the 30 stars I need to get to the Gold Level. If you haven’t heard about the Starbucks Rewards program and want to learn more about it, instead of rambling at you, I’ll link you to their site, where they describe it quite well. If you have questions, I might be able to answer them.

  5. Elf mineral eye shadow primer

    I’ll admit that when I decided to try this out, I wasn’t expecting too much from it, however, its a really good deal for the $3 price tag! This won’t make your eye shadow last all day, but it definitely will make it last at least twice as long as it would without any primer at all. I really like this, and also how it makes my shadows look: a little brighter and more pigmented!

  6. ELF complexion brush

    Again, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this $3 ELF brush, however, it’s super soft and fluffy, and I absolutely adore it! I know now that I never need to spend more than $3 on a brush, because ELF has beautiful ones, whereas I would be paying closer to $20 each for a cheap brush at Sephora.

  7. Bath and Body Works sanitizers (specifically the choco mint one)

    I got this one from a giveaway on YouTube, along with a bunch of other stuff, and I’m absolutely in love! The Chocolate Mint scent is so much nicer than the strong citrus scents of most sanitizers, and unlike lots of other ones, this doesn’t leave a putrid taste in my mouth if I use the sanitizer and proceed to eat something with my fingers! I’ve checked these out in store since I received this one, and found out they are $2 each, which is a little more than I want to spend on sanitizers, but after using up almost half of this one already, I’m down to spend that much each to get myself a couple more. Plus some of the other scents smell really good too!!

  8. Neutrogena Lip balm

    No other lip balm or chapstick I have tried before or since purchasing Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer has made my lips feel so nice. I tried this originally because I was sick of balms that tasted good but didn't do much for my lips, or sticks that made my lips really sticky. I have a hand lotion from the same formula, which I also adore (and need to replace soon), and so I was completely down to try this the moment I saw it. I can’t remember the price, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been more than $3.

  9. “The Wee Free Men” by Terry Pratchett

    This was actually one of the required textbooks for my Children’s Lit class this semester, and though I’ve been a little slow working my way through it, I’m absolutely in love! I’ve read a couple other Pratchett books, and that was actually the main reason for my choosing this class. This is one of his books aimed at children, rather than adults, but his writing is so funny and so intelligent that the book doesn’t feel like reading a kid’s book. (This cost me about $3 plus shipping online, but I’m sure you can find it in a library, if you want to read it. Which you should.)

  10. OPI Original Nail EnvyIMAG2182
    This cost me about $20 at London Drugs, but it was completely necessary. My nails have always been a little dry and prone to peeling, but it was getting even worse, so I decided I had to try something. I wanted to pick up the one specifically formulated for Peeling nails, but they didn’t have it in store, and I was pretty desperate at the time, so I picked up the original. It’s been working wonders on my nails, but I find if I skip it a couple of manicures, then my nails go straight back to peeling like idiots. Still, definitely a must for me!

  11. My Burton Crystal File.

    I’ve had this thing for years, and I’m absolutely in love. I got it from the PNE one year (the BC version of the CNE, if you’re from eastern Canada. It’s basically a fair, if you aren’t Canadian at all.) and I haven’t used a cardboard or metal file since. This one doesn’t tear your nails, but is actually supposed to help seal together the layers of your nail. Which is great for my poor, peeling nails. Also, they are easy to clean and can’t become infected! There’s nothing bad about this file. It was a little pricey, if I remember correctly, but so worth it. According to their site, one of these is worth $9.99 right now (or $14.99 regular). Here’s the link if you want to check them out:

  12. 7-year pen

    This was just a random that I picked up at Chapters one day, but then I fell in love with it. It writes really nice, and its super cute. (I got the black one first.) When I saw more styles in the Chapters in Richmond, I didn’t hesitate long before grabbing another one. I love writing with these. And, if their claim is true, I now have about 14 years worth of ink! Each one cost me $10, which I think is a great deal for a pen with 7 years worth of writing hidden inside it!

  13. My Kinies Grey EZTote Canvas Bag


    Above are the product photos from Kinies’s Etsy shop. As you can see, its a largish, cute, simple, casual bag, with tons of room inside, and lots pockets! Below is a picture of what my bag looks like at the time of posting this, and I bought it about a year ago. Its holding up pretty good, apart from the tiniest bit of wear on one corner that is just beginning to show. And I use this every single day! I love how the grey has got a little discoloured, I think it give it character. And of course I love my buttons, most of which I got at PAX Prime this past summer. The bag cost me $46 CAD, plus $15 shipping, which seems like a lot for a canvas bag, but I completely don’t regret it! Here’s the shop if you wanna check out what else they have:


  14. “Ever After” by Marianas Trench

    This is the new Marianas Trench album. If you haven’t heard about Marianas Trench, because you’ve been living under a rock, immediately go download their three albums. They are fantastic! And when you fall in love with them, please give them your money and buy their albums!! Cost me ~$13 at HMV.


    Finally, DAVIDsTEA is a tea shop that recently opened up in my mall, and I’ve completely fallen in love with them! They have the most amazing and inventive tea blends, and sell not only loose leaf teas, but also hot tea, iced tea, and tea lattes, as well as all sorts of cups, steepers, and thermoses! I’ve already spent way too much there, and I’m really hoping to get some of their teas for Christmas this year!
What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Terry Prachett, eyeliner, teas, and pens! I love this list!


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