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REVIEW || BVSpa by Bon Vital Body Scrubs and Moisturizers

Hello again! Today I have a review for you of a few really nice products from BVSpa! These products were sent to me for review, but this post isn't sponsored and all my opinions are completely honest. And I'm so glad I got the chance to test these out because I am really liking them a lot!

So I was sent one each of their Sugar Body Scrub and Salt Body Scrub, as well as each two of their body moisturizers: one Body Butter and one Body Lotion. Between the four products, I'm also had a chance to test out all three of the scents they offer... and they're all fantastic!

The BV Spa line is meant to be the at-home line of spa-quality products from Bon Vital, which is used by some massage therapists. The line is now available at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada for $11.99 each, which I'm pretty sure applies to both the scrubs and the lotions. All the products are full of good ingredients, and free of any parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, as well, so no worries there!

The Scrubs


As I said, I received two scrubs from BV Spa, one sugar scrub in the Pomegranate & Acai scent, and one salt scrub in the Lavender & Rosemary. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the texture of the scrubs, because I think most of the scrubs I have used have used things like seeds and sand(?) as the exfoliators, stuff that doesn't dissolve in water, which can frequently be quite harsh if you aren't careful.

The description of the products I received from their PR was that the salt is harsher, better for one-a-week use, and good at removing dry skin from tough places like elbows and knees, while the sugar is gentle enough for daily use and on more delicate skin, including your neck and chest (which has skin about as delicate as your face). Both scrubs also contain Jojoba, Olive, and Safflower oils to help moisturize while you scrub away dead skin.

After using both scrubs a couple times, I really like them both! I'm not sure I can notice a difference between the two in terms of the harshness of the salt versus the sugar, and I find that both dissolve in the hot water in the shower quite quickly, which is great because you aren't left with pieces of tiny scrubby bits after you get out, which I seem to get from pretty much every other type of scrub... I have used the salt scrub on my chest, and while the sugar is a slightly finer texture, I don't think there is a drastic difference. I wouldn't say that either of these is a harsh product, and I have pretty delicate skin.

Also, the hydration from the oils helps to replenish your skin before it can ever feel dried out or sad from the scrub. But I also find there is no oily residue, so you're left feeling clean, refreshed, soft, moisturized, and smelling fantastic!

And again, as I said above, these smell amazing! The pomegranate & acai is really fruity and summery, and reminds me of a Bath & Body Works scent, but more real, if that makes sense! The Lavender & rosemary I was really excited to try out, and it did not disappoint! I love herbal scents, and mixed with the lavender, the rosemary smells fantastic. But you don't smell like food, just fresh and clean and a tiny bit essential oil-ish, which I love! Also, the rosemary helps to tone down the lavender scent, which on its own can be way too overpowering for me. Both are great options. The grapefruit would probably also smell fantastic, since I'm sure it smells just like the lotion, which I'll talk more about in a bit.

The Moisturizers

lotion and butter

Just like the scrubs, I received one each of the lotion and body butter in different scents: the Body Butter in Pomegranate & Acai, and the Body Lotion in Pink Grapefruit. Sometimes I feel like lotions are body butters from the same brand are a little too similar for there to be a point, but these two products have quite different textures, and I like them both (But I think I like the lotion the most!).

body butter

The body butter is obviously a thicker, creamier product, and it contains cocoa and shea butters to deeply moisturize dry skin. I find this body butter really lovely, its definitely more intense than the lotion, but it still manages to absorb into the skin quickly, with very little left on your skin even a minute later. It leaves skin feeling more soft and supple, and, again, it smells fantastic!

body butter texture

The pomegranate & acai scent comes through in this butter just as well as in the scrub, which is great, since sometimes different formulas can change the way a scent smells on your skin, but these match perfectly, which is great if you want to pair and layer the scents!


While I do love the formula on the body butter, I love the lotion even more! The texture is much thinner (as you can see in a picture below; the body butter is at the top, and the lotion at the bottom), and it absorbs even more quickly!

compare textures

This lotion contains sunflower oil, jojoba oil, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and aloe, so it's still really moisturizing, despite it's thinner consistency. While the body butter is great for really dry areas or as a nighttime treatment, I think this lotion is great for any time, because it soaks into the skin so quickly and feels so nice.

I also wanted to point out that this bottle's pump twists open and closed easily, so if you want to take this with you on a trip, or need it sealed again for whatever reason, this is way easier than most other body lotion pumps to reclose, which is so super convenient! I know this is a tiny thing that won't matter to most people, but I think it's a great little additional feature. =P

lotion pump

Finally, the grapefruit scent might be my favourite, or at least it's battling for first place with the lavender rosemary scent! It's not a sickly sweet, candy scent... it smells more like fresh, ripe grapefruit: it's sweet, citrus-y, and just a little bitter or sharp, like a grapefruit, and it just smells so clean and fresh! I kind of want to smell like this all the time! I've also tried mixing this with the body butter, and the grapefruit plus the pomegranate acai just smells like the best, most summery fruit salad. So great!


So overall, there wasn't anything about these products that I disliked, and I would definitely recommend them! I think they would work well for most people and most skin-types. I suppose if your skin is really sensitive to scented products, maybe this wouldn't work great for you, but I had no problems with any of the scents. I think the scrubs are both not too harsh for dry or sensitive skin, and quite hydrating, while also not being too oily for people with oily skin!

Like I said, these should now be available for purchase at your local Shoppers Drug Mart for $11.99 each.

Have you ever tried any products from this brand? Let me know your thoughts, or let me know your favourite body scrubs and lotions!

Thanks for reading!

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