Saturday, July 9, 2016

REVIEW || Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste

You may be looking at this post asking yourself "Why would this mainly beauty blogger be reviewing some random toothpaste?" And that's a good question. To be honest, I don't really remember signing up for this campaign, but I don't want to make anyone mad by backing out... so here's my review.

As you can imagine, this was sent to me for review, but as always, that does not bias my opinions of the product in any way, and this review is completely honest.

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Maybe I've used a lot of different toothpastes over the years, but all the claims always sound pretty much the same to me. This Arm & Hammer toothpaste promises deep cleaning and lasting freshness and claims to contain "4 Cleaning & Whitening Agents, 3 Breath Freshening Agents, [and] 1 Unique Enamel Strengthening Agent." But it doesn't label itself as a whitening toothpaste, or a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, so maybe it doesn't expect to be especially good at either of those things? Obviously, the biggest claim, and the way this toothpaste sells itself the most is with the "Clean & Fresh" title... am who doesn't want to have a clean mouth and fresh breath?

Overall, while I didn't notice any shocking whitening or strengthening of my own teeth (thankfully, I don't have very sensitive teeth!), this toothpaste did do pretty much everything I want a toothpaste to do. I hate gel toothpastes, and this one is a white paste, which is my favourite, so one point there. It also smells and tastes great, definitely a fresh, minty flavour, but not too overpowering, and it doesn't taste particularly chemically either, which is another perk.


The only thing that really stands out about this toothpaste to me is the texture. It is a pretty standard white paste format, like lots of other toothpastes (including my usual Colgate toothpaste), but it does seem to have a very slight grainy-ness to it. Not in the same way as Crest toothpaste (which I hate with a fiery passion, but let's not go there), which feels like it's full of sugar crystals. I think what I'm feeling is the soft powdery baking soda, which is obviously an ingredient in an Arm & Hammer toothpaste! But these particles don't feel bad or scratchy, instead they feel like they're delicately super cleaning my mouth and teeth... like a gentle tooth exfoliator! I actually quite like it.

Overall, I do still think writing a whole review of this toothpaste was a bit odd, but I also know that after now testing out this toothpaste, I do quite like it! Although I had never reached for or tried out an Arm & Hammer toothpaste before, after trying this, I do think I would purchase this product again on my own. It does a good job, doesn't make claims it can't live up to, and tastes good!

Have you tried this toothpaste? What's your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading!

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