Wednesday, July 27, 2016

REVIEW + SWATCHES || Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Salvation Palette

In which I review the Unicorns Unite palette from Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution will soon be launching in London Drugs stores in Canada, so I was lucky enough to get this (and a couple more) Makeup Revolution palettes from the #LDBeauty event last month, so I wanted to review them for you and share my thoughts on whether these are worth trying when they do pop up in your local London Drugs. Or if you aren't in Canada, maybe you already have access to these palettes at Ulta, online, Superdrug, etc. =)

All the eyeshadow swatches are below the embedded video!

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:

In the following swatches, I tried to pick up about the same amount of product and use approximately the same effort into each swipe... I used no primer and didn't try to build up the colour's opacity, because I wanted to show what a normal swatch of each colour looks like. Hope these help! =)

The palette:

Unicorns Unite palette

Row 1:

First row

Row 2:


Row 3 (the mattes):

row 3, mates

As you can see, the pigmentation isn't bad, but isn't great. Some colours are certainly better and easier to work with than others, and two of the matte shades are very translucent and invisible on my skin! Some of the more metallic shades, and the darker mattes can be a bit powdery and fall out-y, but this is still a pretty good palette for those on a budget... Those colours are just so pretty!

Thanks for watching & reading!

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