Saturday, May 3, 2014

March/April 2014 Favourites!

Hello again, lovely readers!

You may have noticed that last month I didn’t post a favourites post or video for March, which was because I didn’t really have much to share. However, I wanted to make sure that I did one this month, so I’m combining my favourites from the past two months for this post. I don’t have a lot to share, but let’s just get into it.

I did also film a video, if you’re intersted, so as always, click here to watch in HD, or below I’ll embed a lower-quality version of the video.

That said, here were my beauty favourites from the past two months:

1. Make Up Forever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

This stuff if my new god. I’d been wanting to try this forever, but it was really Urban Decay coming out with all their new eyeliners that pushed me to try this one. Which sounds weird, but I realised that though I wanted to try the UD cream liner, this one was older, better established, I’d heard great things about it, plus it is cheaper and larger… So I went for this one. And I love it.

I’m terrible with liquid liner, even though I’ve gotten tons better over the years, but this is a hundred times easier. Where with liquid, I always would not want to mess up my nice eye makeup with a messed up line, with this, I’m confident that I can get it thin and opaque right at the lash line. And I love the look it gives, and it is perfectly waterproof and oil-proof in my experience. Love.

2. Forever 21 Sock Bun

I know I am so late to this party, but these things are fantastic. I picked this up because it was only a dollar at Forever 21, and it is just so easy and pretty! It doesn’t really take much longer than a messy bun once you get your method figured out, and it lasts so much longer, and looks so much classier! There is nothing wrong with this, and I’m completely in love. The only thing I find is that it can be very hard to use on perfectly clean hair, but it is perfect for second- or third-day hair.

3. Maybelline The Rocket Volum’Express Waterproof

This is the mascara I bought in hopes of finding a new Maybelline Turbo Volum’Express… and I can’t believe it worked out! I usually hate rubbery brushes, but this one is fantastic! It’s not too spiky and prickly, so I don’t feel like it scratches as my lash line when I get in really close to the base, and one coat is great for black, defined lashes, and it really makes you look like you have a ton of individual lashes. With a second coat, the volume really builds up, but without clumping up. Definitely a new favourite!

4. ELF Eyebrow Kit in Light

I first bought this because my favourite YouTuber, shaaanxo, uses this product all the time, and her brows are fantastic. Granted, part of that is that she just has naturally gorgeous brows, but this product certainly doesn’t hurt! It’s super easy to get a really well-defined, bold brow by using these two products together, and I find it a lot more precise, and also a better colour, than my past favourite brow product: the NYX auto brow pencil in taupe. . . though I’m still faster with a pencil. Also, the gel/wax side of this really helps to hold your brows in place, while the powder sets it for crazy staying power.

Non-beauty Favourites:

1. Floral Kimono from Forever 21

The picture above doesn’t really tell you much, but this is just a pretty, floral kimono from Forever 21. I bought this as a replacement for my hoodies and sweaters, as I overheat easily, so I don’t want anything too heavy, but I like stuff to cover my arms and shoulders most of the time. Kimonos are also a lot prettier and more fashionable than hoodies, which I feel like make me look like a highschooler. They only have it in plus-size on their site, but this is what it looks like on. I’ve been wearing it with everything, and I would love to have a few more!

2. Fly Catbug Fly! (cellphone game)

This game is available on both Android and iOS for $0.99, I think. It’s simple and fun, and completely adorable. If you’ve ever seen Bravest Warriors, then you’ll have some idea what to expect from this, maybe. If you haven’t, Bravest Warriors is an online, animated series of short 2-10 minute episodes. It’s goofy, sometimes a little weird, and from time to time just stupid, but Catbug is completely adorable, and makes it all worthwhile! Now you can play with him and make him pick stuff up, collect money, and dress him in weird clothes. <3

3. A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin


I absolutely love this show, which you might already know if you’ve been reading a while, but I finally started in on the first book a little while ago, and it’s phenomenal! Its very close to the show, though long as hell, but it has tons of extra stuff that never made it into the show, which is super fun to read. I also love being able to experience such a cool and well-designed world in a new way. Though that may just be my love of reading. Although I’m more than half-way through this book, I won’t be hurrying through all of them any time soon, as I love the show too much to spoil it by reading ahead. As such, please do not leave any spoilers in comments or anything. Spoilers are just mean, and your God(s) will hate you if you spread them.
And that’s everything for the past two months! I hope you found that interesting or useful in some way. My next two videos will be a Spring-y Green Eye GRWM and a Sick-Day Makeup Tutorial (basically a no-makeup makeup look), so those will be up May 10th and May 17th respectively. I also hope to finish up my Spring Fashion/Makeup Wishlist post and have that up in the next couple weeks, so make sure to check back for those posts, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get my videos as soon as they are posted!
I would love to hear about your favourites recently, so make sure to tell me in the comments.
Thanks for reading!

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