Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WISHLIST: Current Wants & Spring/Summer Stuff

A post without a video!? Shocking, I know. However, wishlist posts don’t really seem as conducive to a video format as posts where I actually have the things I want to talk about.

Anyways, there is a bunch of stuff I want right now, but I’ll try not to let this get too long. I do want to share a few beauty wants, a few fashion ones, and a couple of random things. So let’s just get into that.


1. MAC Cyber

Image from missdelirium.com

Not exactly a spring/summer colour, but I’ve been wanting it for months now… I will own it eventually >_>

2. xoBeauty lashes in The Romantic

Image from eleseaesthete.com

Soft and pretty, but also slightly intense. Also, made by my favourite YouTuber of all time, so why wouldn’t I want to give her my money?

3. xoBeauty brushes

Image from themoderngirl.com

Like above, made by Shaaanxo on YouTube, who I adore. Plus, these are supposed to be Sigma quality, are slightly cheaper, and I’ll be giving Shannon my money instead of someone else. And I’d like some really good brushes!

4. Dove GoFresh Spray in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena

Image from polyvore.com

This smells amazing, and my tester is almost completely gone! I was looking at it in Target the other day, and the same scented body wash smells amazing too. Mmm…

5. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Image from us.rimmellondon.com

I think I’ll actually be getting this from my little sister soon because she somewhat recently got a job, and years ago she used up a whole tube of my foundation on a doll’s face, and ever since she’s realised how mean what she did was, she’s promised she would buy me a foundation when she could. It was just a drugstore one, so of course I’m only asking for drugstore in return =P

6. Essie Millionails

Image from essie.com

My nails are just not the same without this stuff, and I wants it in my life again…

7. NARS Habanera

I would not likely have picked this out myself, but I had it put on me by a NARS makeup artist, and it is just gorgeous! I am so in love, and I wants it even though it's ridiculously priced at $39.


1. New Vans

Image from zappos.com

My Vans are my all time favourite shoes, and the soles are dying both inide and out. I’ll wear them as long as possible, of course, but they are desperately in need of replacement, as they are less waterproof than ever…

2. Peplum shirt

Image from asos.com

Asos especially has some really cute, not stupidly short peplum tops that look so cute and comfy. And I’d really like to get one or two, because they’re basically just fancier t-shirts. Yay comfy/fancy!

3. Green army jacket thing

Image from thestylishpony.blogspot.ca

I think these are cute, and comfy looking, and I have for a while. One day…

4. Maxi skirt(?)

Image from glamourtalkz.blogspot.ca

I’m not sure about this, because it probably isn’t a trend that would work on me, but I think they are so cute and comfy looking. Maybe.

5. Another kimono

Image from garageclothing.com

These are literally the best things ever. I need at least one more, probably in a lighter colour, though the one above is really cute.

6. New Flats

 Image from aldoshoes.com

Black, technically. More of a need than a want. I’d rather have some fun, cute, coloured flats, but I don’t really have black flats, so I kinda need some.

Random (apparently tea wants):

1. Buddha’s Blend tea from DavidsTea

Image from pinterest.com

This tea is just soooo delicious! My friend has it, and it just smells like fuzzy peaches, or peach juice, but it’s not sweet at all, and it’s sooo mmmmm!

3. Grape Expectations tea from DavidsTea

Image from steepster.com

This was DavidsTea’s tea of the day on St. Patrick’s day, when they were giving away cups of tea to people wearing green, and this tea is sooooo good just very slightly sweetened. It’s like grape koolaid with out as much calories, and with antioxidants!


And so that’s everything for right now. I think these posts are fun, so I hope you enjoyed this one as well. Let me know in the comments what kinds of things you’re wanting to purchase lately!

Thanks for reading!

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