Saturday, April 26, 2014

JustFab Review! (+Video)

Hello there! You may have already guessed because of the title, but guess what I got?


Yeeeah =P… Who doesn’t love some new shoes? I’ve been wanted to try out JustFab for a long time, and honestly, I was expecting on some level to be disappointed by their shoes, but I totally wasn’t. However, before I show off the two pairs I got as my first order, I just want to tell you a little about the service in case you aren’t familiar with JustFab (If you would like to see my video review, it will be linked and embedded at the bottom of this post):

  1. Intro:
    JustFab is a monthly shoe subscription service for $39.95/month.
    You can skip any month for any reason just by clicking the “Skip The Month” button on your member profile, as long as you skip before the 5th of the month.
    On the 6th, JustFab takes your money and gives you one credit, good for anything on the site.
  2. Shipping:
    For Americans, shipping is free.
    For Canadians (I don’t know if they do international), shipping is $6.95, flat-rate. However, they do ship to Canadians from Canada, so there are no extra duty or import fees, and shipping is really fast.
  3. Returns/Exchanges:
    For Americans, returns and exchanges are free.
    For Canadians, returns and exchanges are $9. Not great, but not awful.
  4. Promotions:
    JustFab is constantly holding sales and promotions, so sometimes it’s best to pick your moments to buy from them to get the best deal. $47 for a pair of shoes is still a pretty nice deal, but if you can get two for that price, or one more pair for only $15, why not take advantage.
    Also, you can get $10 towards your next purchase for referring new people, and anyone you refer with your link get’s 50% off their first purchase.
  5. Rewards:
    One thing that I forgot to mention in my video is that JustFab also has a rewards program. With every dollar you spend, you receive 25 points, plus an extra 20 points for every review you submit. So make sure to review your purchases! Starting at 2500 points you can redeem for cool add-ons like nail polishes, at 4500 points they have some fun jewellery, and at 6000 points they have some other accessories, mostly watches at the moment. I’m personally most interested in the nail polishes, because who doesn’t want free nail polish? xD

If you’re already interested and want to get 50% off your first purchase, you can use my referral code to get 50% off your first purchase. That can be one pair of shoes or multiples, so it’s a great deal. As mentioned above, I do get $10 for anyone who signs up and purchases from my link, but you also get a great deal to start off with! Here’s my link:

And now, on to the shoes I bought:





I had one pair of sneaker wedges already, but I really wanted another pair. I loved these ones when I saw them, because I have a weird love of grey lately, and also these have really fun pink laces. The site did mention that they came with second laces but didn’t mention the colour or show them, so it was a pleasant surprise to find those pretty mint green laces in the box.

Anyways, these shoes are not only extremely cute, but they’re really comfortable as well. They have a three-inch wedge, so nothing too crazy, but still a good lift. So yeah, I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for some fun, comfy sneaker wedges. I have absolutely no complaints.





So as mentioned before, if you want to give JustFab a try at 50% off the regular price, then just click on the link below:

If you have tried JustFab, or if you have any questions, make sure to leave me a comment! Thanks for reading!

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