Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review/First Impression: Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

I came across this the other day while I was looking at other makeup, and I realised I hadn’t heard anything about it yet from the various bloggers and Youtubers I follow, which is really unusual for a new product, which made me curious, so I picked up a tube in Blackest Black (also available in Black and Black Brown) for $10.

A little Googling when I got home found some reviews as far back as April, so this was probably released a few months ago in the US, which makes it even odder that I haven’t heard anything about it.

Anyway, the packaging alone was enough to draw me in: so many pretty shiny colours! Also, it claims to be lengthening, volumizing, waterproof, and to strengthen and grow your lashes… which is a lot of claims for a single mascara to make.



The brush is pretty cool; it’s a good size, not massive like Essence or the original UD Big Fatty brush, but not super skinny, either, which I really can’t stand. It has regular brush bristles, some of which are shorter, and some longer, which is apparently supposed to help pack on the volume while getting rid of clumps.



I think the formula is pretty nice, as far as I’ve tried so far. I’ve only worn it once, but it’s stayed on all day long, and it was a pretty warm day. I didn’t notice any flaking or smudging, so I’m pretty happy. It also isn’t too wet of a formula, which I really dislike, but it isn’t dried out either. It’s like a happy middle-ground, in my opinion.

Here’s a glimpse at how it works for me. Me with no mascara:


One coat:


It gives my lashes good separation and length, and no clumps, with one coat.

Two coats:


There’s a tiny bit of clumping at the ends of the lashes, but I feel like my lashes overall look well-defined, volumized, and pretty awesome in general.

As I mentioned before, I’ve only worn this the one day, so I don’t know yet if I like it as much as—or more than?!—my Maybelline Turbo Volume Express mascara, which is my current HG, but I’ll keep trying it out. Maybe we’ll see if it ends up in my favourites at the end of the month.

Be sure to let me know if you’ve tried this product, and your thoughts on it! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day!

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