Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vancouver IMATS this weekend!

Maybe I should have made this announcement a while ago, since either online sales or discounted tickets end today, but Vancouver IMATS is going to be held this Saturday and Sunday!

**EDIT: Tickets will still be on sale until 5 pm today (July 25th). $35 for one day, or $60 for both. =)**

I’m so insanely excited! I should be writing an essay today, and really all this weekend, but I will be at IMATS on Saturday. This is my first trip to IMATS, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. That said, I have done an unbelievable amount of research, watched videos of past Vancouver IMATS, hauls from last year, and looked up blog posts talking about the discounts given at the different vendors! I think I’m looking forward most to heavily discounted Make Up Forever products, as well as getting my hands on a bunch of Red Cherry lashes. Also, one of my absolute favourite youtubers—Karissa of SaturdayNightsAlrite—will be there as well, so I’m hoping to run into her as well!

Also, as you might guess, I should have a few posts up after Saturday about my experience including probably a review of the event, my FOTD for the show, an OOTD, and haul. I may also do more in-depth reviews of some of the products I pick up later on, especially if anyone is interested.

Let me know if you’ll be at IMATS or if you’ve ever been to one before in any city. I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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