Saturday, October 20, 2012

The New Influenster

Just a quick—and possibly uninteresting—post for today!

If you’ve been following beauty blogs or vlogs for a while, you may already have heard of Influenster and their VoxBoxes, which they send out free to people who qualify for their themed boxes.

They’ve recently redone the site, and it’s a little more straightforward than it used to be. However, even now it’s very hard to tell what boxes you might qualify for. For upcoming boxes you might qualify for, there are tasks given to you on your profile page, however, ultimately it’s very hard to tell how they will decide who they send the boxes to.

For example, I did everything that was asked of me for the Beauty Blogger boxes they recently sent out, but they decided that I didn’t qualify for that one. You might be able to tell I’m a little bitter. I’ll stop ranting now.

Anyways, you basically choose things you’re interested in and do tasks connected to them to earn badges, which should earn you opportunities to receive cool free product boxes. Great in theory, but it will be way cooler (and I’ll be happier to recommend them) if I ever receive a box!

Still, free stuff is always cool, so I’d still encourage you to sign up! =)

I’ll try to post something with more content and pictures soon! As always, thanks for reading! <3

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  1. I was a little bitter too that I didnt get the beauty blogger box


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