Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FPP #4: Poorly Fitting Bras

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is so late. These posts are a little more work for me than my other favourites, haul, review, or nail posts, so I hope you like reading them! But that’s why this got pushed back a little, since I had a bunch of reading and such for school. Anyways, this month’s fashion pet peeve is:

Poorly fitting bras!

I was originally going to write about one way that people wear their bras wrong that bugs me, then I realised that there are so many things women do wrong when buying and wearing their bras, so I thought I’d address a few of those issues.

Before we even get to stuff that looks bad, though, I want to point out something I’ve seen mentioned on plenty of sites, including Reddit, which I agree with, and that is that if your bra is really uncomfortable or hurts you, then you are probably wearing the wrong size for you. Don’t be too embarrassed, way too many people don’t know their own size.

1. The back of your bra band should sit under your shoulder blades, and never like this:

Image taken from Blogs.VancouverSun.com

If you wear your bras high on your back like in this picture, then it probably doesn’t fit you. Maybe you’re wearing the straps too tight, but most likely your band is too big. You should be able to wear the band under your shoulder blades without it riding up if it fits you properly, preferably on the middle set of hooks. If your band is too big, but the cups fit, next time you try on bras, try a band size down, and one cup size up. For example, if you are wearing a 36C, maybe try a 34D. Cup sizes change with the band size, so a 38D will look nothing like a 42D or a 32D. If you go down in your band size, and don’t change the cup as well, then the bra will be much smaller.

2. Your straps should be able to stay on your shoulders. If they are constantly falling down, then you need to tighten them, or else risk looking a little trashy and sloppy.

Image taken from Fropki.com

It may just be that your straps are too loose, if they can be tightened, do it! Not only will it keep your straps from slipping, but it will also improve the shape and look of your bra and cleavage. If your straps are already as tight as they will go, it’s possible that you’re wearing too big a cup size, or maybe that your bra has stretched and needs replacing. If you aren’t sure which of these options applies to you, then when you go to replace your bra, try on some the same size, and some with the same band, but down a cup size (or go down one band and keep the same cup size, if it makes you feel better. Often something like a 36C will fit as well as a 34D).

One more option might be the first one I mentioned. If you are wearing the back of the bra too high, then your straps would need to be much shorter to stay put!

3. Finally, your bra’s cups should not bite into you, and you shouldn’t bubble over the edge.

Image taken from Montware.Tumblr.com

This does not look good. If you do this on purpose to make our boobs look bigger, this is not what you are doing, you just make yourself look like you don’t know how to buy a bra that fits. If your bra does this, then you need bigger cups or a bigger band, or maybe both. Go get fitted, or else grab a bunch of sizes and try on until something holds you properly if you don’t like the idea of someone sizing you.

Alternately, there is the possibility that you are wearing the bad style or bra shape for your body type. For example, balconet or demi cup bras can be difficult for bustier girls. It’s possible to get your size in one of those and still be popping out. Also some push up bras have so much padding, like the double push-up ones at Victoria’s Secret or La Senza, that you need to go up one cup size if you really want to fit into one.

There are, of course, lots of other signs and ways that a bra could fit you incorrectly, but for the purposes of this post, I wanted to stick to problems that other people can see even if you’re fully clothed. If you want more information about finding a bra that is the right size for you, I would suggest checking out Reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits.

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And make sure to let me know what you thought of this post in the comments! Also, as my list for these is growing short, let me know any fashion pet peeves of your own that you might want me to write about. I can’t guarantee I’ll agree with you, but you might remind me of something I’d forgotten about, and either way I love to hear other people’s opinions!

Once again, thanks for reading! I hope you have an awesome rest of your day!

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