Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Nails!

I almost didn’t bother doing these, but after my last manicure chipped after only one day, last night I decided to go ahead with these, instead of doing nail art for my Halloween costume, which wouldn’t have made much sense anyways!

These are very simple, and nothing spectacular, but I really like how they are almost entirely monochromatic. My left hand turned out pretty good, I think, and it looks like I managed to escape streaking for once!

I used Sephora by OPI in Caliente Coral for the orange, Revlon in Posh for the pumpkin stems, and China Glaze in Smoke and Ashes for the black details. (Which I think makes it look just a little cooler, since it gives the designs a little sparkle, even if that didn’t come out in the pictures).

100_1695In case it isn’t clear… Thumb to pinkie: Spider web, web and dangling spider, kitty and the moon, jack-o'-lantern, and bats.


100_1698Those are all spider webs, minus, of course, the jack-o'-lantern. Excuse the shrinkage on the tip of my thumb-nail… Stupid Seche… -_-

I hope you like these! Maybe they can be inspiration for some last minute Halloween nails of your own? I’d love to hear what you’ve done to your nails for the holiday, and if you have pictures or a blog post about them, feel free to send me a link in the comments. I also love seeing or hearing about your costumes, plans, or make-up… Basically, I just love Halloween!

I hope everyone has a fun, candy-filled, and safe time this Halloween! =)

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