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September 2012 Glymm Bag

I went and checked, and this is officially the 12th month I’ve paid for a Glymm box. I did get another one because I won a contest, but I didn’t pay for that. At this rate, I would have been better off to buy the whole year at once way back then, but, of course, I didn’t know I’d stick with it this long. Anyways, on to this month’s stuff.

The bag this month was a white/cream version of last month’s fab black plasticy/pleathery bag. Not nearly as happy with this one, but might give it to my sister. Also, the packing box was a plain black, instead of the ugly white of the last few months:


And here’s the first peek inside:


LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover cloths:



Full Size: $9.99 for 24 (Approx. uses: 24)
Sample Size: 2 cloths
Approx. Sample Value: $0.83

I wasn’t super excited about these, since the acetone-free nail polish remover pads a few months ago were a complete waste of space, though I thought these might be okay, and at least smell good. I just tried one out, and they definitely smell nice! Very lavender-y and calming. However, they are as miraculous as the description makes them sound. You still do have to rub to get the makeup off, though it will remove all of your waterproof mascara with a little work and patience. (So will other products, though)

They also leave a fair bit of oil on your skin, so you probably do want to remove that, though the package says you don’t have to. I don’t think it would be fun to break out because you took off your makeup, though! I will use the other one, but I wouldn’t purchase this. Maybe if I could get the remover in liquid form?

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Shampoo:



Full Size: $24.00 for 8.5 oz (approx. uses: 59)
Sample Size: 2 oz
Approx. Sample Value: $5.65

I wish this was something I had heard of before, but even so, this is a really nice size sample for shampoo. So glad this isn’t a few foil packets! Also this smells pretty good, is organic, paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan. A few of those are more than I really care about (specifically the organic and vegan parts), but I’m sure that means that most people would be happy to try this stuff out.

It claims to be super moisturizing, though I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, I am looking forward to it, so I’ll probably bring this and the conditioner below with me to the gym tomorrow.

Evolvh UltraShine Moisture Conditioner:



Full Size: $25.00 for 8.5 oz (approx. uses: 59)
Sample Size: 2 oz
Approx. Sample Value: $5.88

I probably could have done the shampoo and conditioner as one thing, but they are worth so much separately, and I took the pictures separately, so there we are. Anyways, everything applicable I had to say was above, so let’s move on…

Bentaberry Super Moisturizing Face Cream for Girls:


Full Size: $19.00 for 30 ml (approx. uses: 70)
Sample Size: 3 ml
Approx. Sample Value: $1.90

When I first pulled this out, I was disappointed because it looks exactly like the sample from this company from last month. Even now, aside from the scent, I don’t understand the difference. I’m also pretty sure my sample is half empty, because I had a hell of a time getting any out to try it out just now. Not impressed. For such a tiny sample, the least they could do is make sure it’s full! I seriously doubt this will last the 7 uses predicted on the product card (see below).

It doesn’t even smell all that great, though apparently the fragrance was specially formulated by a perfumer, or whatever. Meh, it smells like a blah soap. It’s all natural, though, so if that floats your boat, maybe you’ll be more impressed than I am.

Villainess Dulce En Fuego Whipped Body Crème:



Full Size: $15.75 for 177 ml (approx. uses: 35)
Sample Size: 15 ml (?? I hate when these packages don’t have sizes printed on them)
Approx. Sample Value: $1.33

Finally, this is probably my favourite product from this month. Its a tiny little sample (with no size on it, so annoying!), but it smells bloody amazing! My first thought was that it smells like vanilla and cinnamon glazed donuts! Yum!!

This thick, creamy body creme is really nice and moisturizing as well, and absorbs really fast! I will probably just use this for my hands, because I’m not really a body lotion person, but even so, I’m considering getting this instead of the Cake hand cream with my points. (It smells so good I just keep opening the little pot and sniffing it!)

And here’s a screen cap of the “product card” (click for large view):

sept2012 glymm

Approximate Total Value: $15.59

I either tweeted or said in last month’s Glymm post that I would be deciding after this month whether I would unsubscribe or not, and to be honest, this month wasn’t really convincing. I like the big, luxury shampoo and conditioner samples, and the body creme smells fantastic, but the other two samples aren’t great. I’m so sick of getting itty bitty face creams, when I have a relatively cheap one I already love. Also, while shampoo samples are cool, I will never buy the full size. If this bag had been full of full sizes and/or makeup samples, I would probably have said, “Ok, one more month!”… but this just doesn’t warrant that. I’ve been unhappy too many months in a row now. Sorry, Glymm!

I’m hesitant to unsubscribe, because if I ever change my mind, I won’t be able to go back to my $10/month price that I’m paying now, I’ll have to start paying $12/month like other new subscribers. So basically, if I do unsubscribe, I won’t be restarting; I’m much more likely to start another box, either TopBox (if I ever get to the top of the waitlist) or Glossy Box. I do think I’ll unsubscribe though, because that’ll free up $11 bucks a month for products I actually want (nail polish and makeup), instead of random shampoo, perfume, lotion, and skincare samples. I will have one more box, though, since I’ve already paid for October’s box.

If you have different tastes than me, and love the idea of a monthly box full of skincare product samples like the ones I’ve been constantly receiving, please consider using my referral link (I’ll get 50 points for each person who signs up through it):

Also, until the end of September, Glymm is donating $1 to Breast Cancer research for each box sold.

Did you get a Glymm box this month? If so lemme know what you got (or link me to your blog post or video if you have one!), I always love seeing people’s boxes, though I think they may all have been the same this month!

Thanks for reading!

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