Monday, September 3, 2012

My PAX Prime 2012 Nails

I wanted to post this before going, or at least write it and have it scheduled to be up while I was away, but I was just so tired the night before leaving, and I had so much to do, that it never got done. I also apologize for the lack of clean-up, but I knew if I didn’t take the pictures right away, I’d never have time to take them.

Anyway, here are my 2012 PAX nails. Just a random assortment of logos from nerdy things I enjoy. Some of them are pretty weak, but I still like them:


Batman! Again. I found out after my last Batman nails that I do have a weird shimmery yellow polish that, if painted over white, can be a passable yellow. Also, I was lazy and less true to the logo on this nail.


Left to right: DFTBA (which means “Don’t forget to be awesome”, this is basically a nerdfighter slogan. Nerdfighters are people who watch the Vlogbrother’s videos, and a nerdy online community. If you don’t know John and Hank Green, I suggest you check out Vlogbrothers on YouTube!), the Assassin’s Creed III logo, the “X” from the PAX logo.


The series 6/7 Doctor Who logo




Left to right: TF2 (Team Fortress 2) logo, a Portal 2 logo, Avengers, and Halflife!

And here are all the polishes I had to use, minus base and topcoat:



Left to right: Sephora by OPI in “A-ha! Moment,” Icing in “Metal Head,” Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in “Cherry Red,” Sephora by OPI in “Blue Grotto.”


Left to right: Jordana in “Neon Nite Lites,” Rimmel in “Black Satin,” Sephora by OPI in “Caliente Coral,” and Essie in “Power Clutch.”

Did you go to PAX? In love with any of the same nerdy things as I am? Let me know in the comments! My PAX Haul and Free Swag post will be up in a couple of days, probably after my August favourites post. Thanks for reading! =)

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